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912 Cole Street # 238
San Francisco, California 94117
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Alan has spent his entire career as a litigator, focused on zealously and practically advocating for his clients. His "matter of fact" demeanor helps him discuss the ups and downs of litigation with his clients, but he never loses sight of the fact that his clients are people and that each decision effects their lives.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Marilyn Yu

    Nov 27 2018 Dealing with legal issues that require lawyers is not fun. However, working with Alan made it much easier. He's knowledgeable, strategic, and communicates well. He worked with me on an employment case and a real estate case. I highly recommend Alan.
  • Aaron Goldsmid

    Nov 22 2018 Fantastic advocate. Constantly trying to get you the best outcome while being cost conscious.
  • Jen Kosek

    Nov 16 2018 Wonderful, compassionate and is by far the best attorneys I have hired in the past or currently. I would recommend Alan to anyone. Alan is awesome!
  • Lillian Chan

    Oct 24 2018 I consider Alan as one of the most knowledgeable labor lawyers who helped me with my case. And more importantly he has integrity. After a brief synopsis, Alan was able to point out the flaws in the separation agreement presented by my employer who forced me to retire earlier than the date on record. Alan is a good communicator. He explained what my rights were and asked what outcome I wish to see in conclusion without pressuring me to proceed with a lawsuit, although I would have won the case if I'd agreed to sue. Being in distraught I asked to be shielded from all communication with my Employer. Alan assumed the responsibility completely and submitted a counter to the outrageous demands, and at the end he was able to make the separation agreement equitable and close the case with no lingering issue. I am grateful for his effort.
  • Bob Weiss

    Oct 23 2018 Alan is a great attorney. He is an expert in all aspects of labor law in both the private and public sector. He keeps current on all statutory and case law developments and trends. Most of all he is a true professional, he cares deeply about his client’s and handles them as if it was his own.
  • Mark Fountain

    Oct 23 2018 Alan represented me in a wrongful termination case. I am very pleased with his work and impressed with the fact that he was able to depose the chief counsel for a major California corporation. It was amazing to hear that deposition. It was almost worth all the effort and time just for that.
  • Kelly

    Oct 23 2018 The best lawyer ever... Extremely smart and researches his clients cases to provide the best outcome Tells you exactly how it is, never sugarcoats... I would and do recommend him to everyone who asks for a legal referral and
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