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Divorce, Estate Planning and Administration, Probate, Real Estate
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Lincoln A Underwood

    - Jun 23 2022 Except for a few delays, over-all I was pleased with the experience. Thank You!
  • TE

    - May 05 2022 Alan took my divorce case pro-bono when I had to leave an unstable husband and ensured I had a good result. He later helped me out with a sudden, ugent legal issue even though it was a weekend. Alan is smart, knowledgeable, dedicated - a good man.
  • william Coots

    - Feb 22 2022 Had a very good conversation with Alan Pransky. He listened carefully and gave me good advice. He said to call him back if I had any other questions or to pursue the matter further.
  • Jeff DeForest

    - Oct 16 2021 Alan was simply great from the first call. I have kind weird case and spoke to several attorneys and I will tell you Alan is the best .From the first call he had deep knowledge and took the time to explain things gave me options and follows thru on what he says .My only regret I did not meet Alan sooner.Peace Jeff
  • Reba Dookie

    - Jul 20 2021 Mr Pransky is very knowledgeable and I trust his guidance. Every time I have used his services, I am always pleased with the outcome.
  • Ellen Frank

    - Jun 25 2021 Mr. Pransky gave me invaluable information.
  • Susan R Jones

    - Oct 22 2020 I could not get my landlord begin repairs to the water damage in our unit. So, I contacted Attorney Pransky. And what a amazing consultation, first impression and good advise! Alan not only answered the telephone personally, we played phone tag and he returned all of my calls to personally discuss our apartment issues. It was a joy working talking to Alan because he explained everything so well, so thoroughly and I did not feel rushed at all. This was a very nice experience, I felt that he truly cared about our situation. Thank you Alan, again for all of your help!! I highly recommend Aland for all of your real estate woes. I wish I could give more stars! Sincerely, Susan J.
  • Dennis Lonigro

    - Sep 21 2020 I had a preliminary visit with Alan regarding an issue I thought might soon require his full time services. He was pleasant and attentive and clearly knowledgeable and fully versed on the subject. His subsequent advice was accurate and helped avert a potentially worsening situation. My gratitude for his insightful and helpful assistance.
  • John Whalen

    - Sep 08 2020 Alan is the best lawyer.
  • Merrill Indeck

    - Sep 08 2020 Alan did a fantastic job helping me through a very stressful divorce. He made sure that my representation and results were top notch and successful. I thank him for his professional and excellent legal capabilities.
  • WJL

    - Sep 07 2020 I am happy to recommend Alan. He did a
  • Gerard

    - Sep 07 2020 It was long but I got the results I was seeking You kept me informed at every turn Thank you Alan
  • Constantine Lambrenos

    - Sep 07 2020 Alan helped us immensely winning a very difficult and personally upsetting family case. He guided us with care through a very uncomfortable family dispute. So happy we had him on our side. Would not go to court without him.
  • Jennifer Newell

    - Sep 04 2020 Atty Pransky has been wonderful to work with these last few months. At the start, I was confident in his knowledge and experience as I was referred to him by a family friend who is also an attorney. Atty Pransky is very responsive to my inquiries and takes time to talk through all angles pertaining to my case. He is always very receptive to my feedback, respectful of my position. I'm very satisfied with his efforts to keep me notified of all correspondence regarding my case. I have and will continue to recommend Atty Pransky's law practice based on my own positive experience.
  • Wendy Fitzhenry

    - Sep 02 2020 I was very fortunate to be referred to Alan. He has given me sound advice and direction and is incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend Alan for anyone in need of an Attorney. He is a pleasure to work with.
  • Karen M.

    - Aug 30 2020 Attorney Pransky went above and beyond during a contentious divorce matter. He always took time to answer even the most basic of questions concerning several other matters and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
  • MWC in Weston

    - Aug 27 2020 Attorney Pransky gave us terrific advice and we are very fortunate to have connected with him. He was everything we would want in a lawyer: a great listener, he explained all of our options in an understandable way, he walked us through the next steps with the pros and cons, and he gave specific examples of his own direct real-world experience in several topics I raised. If we could give six stars we would, but this ranking only goes as high as five. Thank you very much!
  • Harry

    - Aug 22 2020 Well. Done
  • TE

    - Aug 22 2020 Alan took me on as pro-bono client when I had to leave my abusive husband and was jobless and penniless. He represented me with fierce zeal, fought for measures to protect my safety and looked out for my best interests by refusing to agree to any unfair settlement proposed by me ex-husband's attorneys. Fortunately the courts at the end required my ex-husband to pay a portion of his legal fees but there was a significant amount left and he waived it even though I was already working by that time and offered to pay in installments. Alan is a kind, generous man, a highly-skilled and exceptionally dedicated attorney and is always responsive when I have questions regarding any legal issues. I have used his services since for other matters and his fees have always been fair and manageable. Thank you so very much Alan - I am very fortunate that you took me on as a client and very grateful. I would highly recommend Alan for anyone in need of a family lawyer - you will receive excellent service and very fair rates.
  • Eugene Norman

    - Aug 21 2020 Alan is professional, knowledgeable, and competent. He is strategic and provided valuable counsel throughout our case. We continue to work with Alan on additional legal matters, and would recommend him to others who need family law help.
  • KV

    - Aug 14 2020 Alan truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to help them with their legal needs. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, dedicated, honest, and prompt in his communication. Over the years he has helped me with a variety of legal matters and he always seems to know what is best!
  • Frederick Leona

    - Aug 11 2020 Alan Pransky is a great lawyer. He took us on with short notice and was very honest and to the point. He helped us get the results we were hoping for while keeping us a straight and narrow course. I would recommend him to friends and family and if I ever need help again, he will be my first call.
  • David Thomas

    - Aug 10 2020 Alan handled a modification action for me and obtained a practical result that I am more than happy with. As an attorney myself, I was and am very impressed with his legal acumen and adroit handling of my matter.
  • John Whalen

    - Aug 09 2020 Attorney Pransky is dedicated and dependable. He is experienced, professional and a pleasure to work with! I totally recommend him!
  • Richard

    - Aug 09 2020 Alan has handled real estate transactions for us with care and efficiency. His experience and sound judgement are real assets in keeping deals on track and on time.
  • tom narekian

    - Aug 09 2020 Always informative, very responsive, to the point, no gilding the lilly, and reasonable fees. Has it been 50 years??? Regards
  • John DeVito

    - Aug 09 2020 Worked with Alan for 20 plus years. Highly intelligent and thorough in his analysis and review of all matters he handles. He works hard and uncovers all the necessary details to help resolve a matter. Alan also has good incite into people, which is why he can help neutralize serious and complicated domestic matters. He should be on anyones short list when considering an attorney.
  • Mileda Golloshi

    - Aug 02 2020 Alan has been my attorney for many years and he has helped me with me find resolution to some of my legal issues. Always responding in time and always there to listen to you not as an attorney but as a family member.
  • Dana Chenevert

    - Jul 28 2020 I recently consulted Attorney Pransky on a case involving a de facto parent. Drawing upon his experience in this area, he easily (and efficiently) offered insight and explained the nuisances of the the law, how it might play out in the Probate and Family Courts, and recommended a the body of case law that turned out to be very helpful. He is always a pleasure to speak with, competent, knowledgeable.
  • Thi Khanh Nhat Nguyen

    - Jul 25 2020 Alan is technically competent, professional and client oriented. Throughout my case, he demonstrated deep knowledge in the rule of law and how the court system operates. His strategic counsel was imperative in securing the desired legal outcome. I continue to use Alan as my family law attorney.
  • Joanne

    - Jul 23 2020 I have known Alan for many years. I met him when I was going for my paralegal degree, he was one of the professors. He was an excellent teacher very knowledgeable, informative and patient. Knowing his great demeanor.....when needing an attorney on several occasions, I would contact him. I have and will always highly refer him.
  • Kimeo

    - Jul 14 2020 A no nonsense, hands on attorney. Very analytical and to the point, looking at all the options available.
  • NJ

    - Jul 10 2020 Great relationship over a long time, thank you!
  • Merrill Indeck

    - Jul 10 2020 I went through a difficult divorce and Alan was highly knowledgeable, easily available and the results were excellent and he resolved any matters of conflict. Excellent attorney. Recommended to a friend and she was happy with results in an expedient manner!!Thank you !
  • Jordan

    - Jul 03 2020 L
  • Lois Baho

    - Jul 02 2020 Alan is not only my Attorney, but I have recommended him to clients and friends. Alan took the extra time and effort to assist my client who was selling her home, while she is in assisted living. He is very patient with seniors, helping them through the process. Some other friends have engaged his legal service for Estate planning and wills. And they are very pleased . Alan is knowledgeable, professional and cares about his clients.
  • Ellen Schorr

    - Jul 02 2020 You have done everything. I need for my issue and we are still working together To finish the issues .
  • Lana Lopez

    - Jul 02 2020 Attorney Pransky is dedicated and dependable. He is experienced, professional and a pleasure to work with! I totally recommend him!
  • EB

    - Jul 01 2020 I highly recommend Alan for residential real estate transactions, including the buying or selling of a home or refinancing. Alan is knowledgeable, diligent, trustworthy, and timely.
  • KS

    - Jun 30 2020 Attorney Pransky is very patient and fair. He always took the time to explain, in detail the process. He is not only an incredible seasoned attorney, he is a person who is beyond understanding and compassionate - never once passed judgment. I am beyond thankful for all he has done for myself and my family.
  • Gregory LeBlanc

    - Jun 30 2020 Alan Pransky has helped my wife on several occasions. When I needed help with my mothers property after she passed Alan stepped up and helped me through a very difficult and complex probate case. Alan was there to answer every question and talk me down off the cliff when I was overwhelmed. I truly appreciate all you have done for me and my family. Thanks Alan, Greg
  • oj

    - Jun 25 2020 Alan takes the time to speak with you, never rushes and is very considerate of any and all situations that you may be going through. Explains everything in detail and makes sure that you understand. Simply a pleasure to work with and does a great job.
  • SJ

    - Jun 24 2020 Very happy! I have a situation that I could not find any straight answers to, until I met Attorney Pransky-who gave me the time, the solution, with honesty and heart. He is kind, fair, smart and I am so glad that I found him (and his wonderful staff!). Thank you!!!!
  • Ralph Lindsey

    - Jun 23 2020 Alan listens carefully to what’s being said and acts swiftly to get good results. He also keeps you informed every step of the way so you stay informed. .
  • David Johnson

    - Jun 23 2020 He has done some great work on all My business. ! Thanks again!
  • Barry

    - Jun 23 2020 We have used Alan for years in all our real estate dealings. He is incredibly thorough, timely, and professional and has always been a pleasure to work with.
  • Sharon Jones

    Jun 24 2020
  • David Johnson

    Jun 23 2020 Alan has been great in all of my business Dealings I have given him! Thanks Again Alan!
  • Gab Marquez

    Jul 20 2017 I found a honest man. Alan Pransky thank you very much. So many people just tried to take my money ...all about money...this man saved me years and years of time. It is a blessing on me and my child. Thank you sir.
  • Gail Boucher

    May 29 2013 Attorney Pransky willingly listened to me and addressed my concerns, He reminded me of my father who had sound reasoning. He is well acquainted with land lord tenant rights and is able to provide wise counsel from both points of view. Thank you for advise that I did not want to hear but I know it the best to have in a court of law says:

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