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644 SE 5th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
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The Law Offices of Alyssa D. Honickman, P.A. focuses on Marital & Family Law, Child Support, Restraining Orders, and Domestic Violence cases. Alyssa D. Honickman is the owner and operator of this boutique law firm that focuses on meeting client's needs. Ms. Honickman is an experienced trial attorney and will fight for her clients' rights throughout the litigation process. She encourages settlement of her cases without court intervention but is prepared to litigate her cases at trial in the event settlement is impossible. Ms. Honickman's patience and ability to effectively communicate with her clients and opposing counsel put her clients at ease during the difficult process of family litigation.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Amanda Marley

    Oct 19 2019 I had an attorney prior to using Alyssa Honickman that didn’t perform and I ended up switching to Alyssa. I wished I used her from the beginning. She ended up getting me a larger settlement than was expected. She was also efficient and transparent with billing. I would use her again!
  • JeanPierre Bravo

    Sep 10 2019 I highly recommend Mrs. Honickman to anyone who is going through child support dispute. From the very beginning she explained and set realistic expectations for the outcome. Must say things were much better her knowledge of the judiciary system made all the difference. I can't thank her enough.
  • Rob Falk

    Jun 17 2019 From beginning to end , this was an awesome and painless experience. Very thorough and understanding and gets the jobs done. Thank god We found them to handle our case
  • Davina Tala

    Apr 29 2019 Alyssa "Lisa" Honickman is a wealth of knowledge in the area of family law and litigation in general. She is also extremely diligent and fights hard for each and every one of her clients. I definitely recommend Lisa.
  • Robert Falk

    Apr 26 2019 The Best!
  • christopher gauntlett

    Apr 10 2019 Alysaa was there for me throughout my entire ordeal. Handled my case with expertise and made what was a tough situation totally understandable to a lost client like myself Thank you
  • JeanPierre Bravo

    Oct 04 2018 Miss Honickman has been outstanding throughout every step of the process giving me the best advice and helping me navigate the system I could have not done it without her I believe that her knowledge and experience is the reason that I am being able to write this review
  • JM

    Oct 01 2018 Alyssa was highly professional during my child custody case. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my mediation. I would recommend Alyssa to others needing a family law attorney.
  • peter riedel

    Sep 14 2018 Clear, concise and professional in every way. I highly recommend her.
  • D

    Sep 04 2018 i have worked with Alyssa since she first opened her family law practice several years ago. i have worked with her on many family cases. She is a talented attorney who knows the law and cares about the client. She practiced with diligence and with a full heart. Highly recommend her services.
  • LJ

    Sep 04 2018 Amazing attorney. Dedicated and committed to her clients with vast knowledge of family law. She is definitely the attorney you need to represent you if you're going through a delicate divorce, custody, child support or other family law proceeding.
  • Fred Dedrick

    Aug 14 2018 I have litigated with Alyssa in the past and I have recently mediated for her on several cases. She is always well prepared, extremely knowledgeable about family law matters and reasonable in finding solutions for her clients that best meet their needs. I would highly recommend her services.
  • jj

    Aug 13 2018 Ms. Honickman is a very conscience attorney. She vigorously represents her clients interests.
  • SC

    Aug 13 2018 I recommended Alyssa to a family member of mine that was going through a separation. Alyssa was compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She kept my family member’s best interests in mind throughout the legal process. I would recommend Alyssa to anyone going through a separation or divorce.
  • Cheryl Bucker

    Aug 13 2018 Mrs. Honickman is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney.
  • CM

    Aug 13 2018 Alyssa cares about the greater good of her clients and is an excellent attorney!
  • Bob Levin

    Aug 01 2018 Alyssa is an excellent divorce attorney and I would highly recommend her.
  • Jen Sala

    Jul 15 2018 Alyssa Honickman was knowledgeable about the laws and was able to explain the process to me in detail. She did a good job of preparing me for mediation and helped me realize what was worth fighting for and what was not. Her choice of mediator was a great fit for me and my case. He had a no non-sense approach which helped close the deal. Her assistant, Haley, was always friendly and returned calls promptly. I would recommend Alyssa Honickman to anyone.
  • Luis

    Jun 25 2018 I contacted Mrs. Honickman regarding a legal matter, she invited me to her office. She spent a good amount of time with me and made me feel very comfortable. After our meeting, She explained that she could handle my case, but to my surprise, she referred me to someone she felt would better serve me with my legal matter and offered me to call her anytime. No pressure. I must say, not all attorneys are the same. I would refer Mrs Honickman to my friends and family. I am Happy with her referral to me. Thank you Alyssa
  • Paul

    Jun 25 2018 I have the great pleasure to have Alyssa Honickman represent me. She is a great Attorney and has continued to show me, that she is more than just my Attorney, She cares. She has taken time to help me understand the law and has continued to look out for my best interest. Her staff has been very helpful and courteous to me. I would recommend Alyssa and her firm to all. I know that there are people you can never satisfy during a Divorce. Emotions run high and we want everything done at the moment, I noticed a couple of complaints on Alyssa, What has been said, is untrue based on my experience and others. Easy to blame the person we hire to fix the problems we caused.
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