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Amir Soleimanian, Mr. Ticket, has extensive experience in criminal defense. He has more than a decade of experience fighting for motorists in and out of the courtroom, and he knows what to do to protect your license and livelihood.
His areas of practice include DUI, Hit & Run, Reckless Driving, FTA/Warrants, DMV Hearings/Point Reduction, and All Traffic Violations.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Kevork Zanazanian

    Mar 17 2019 This attorney gets it done! If you have an issue,rest assure it’s taken care of!!!all my tickets will be handled by this firm!!!
  • joseph foreman

    Feb 07 2019 I got a ticket from Los Angeles International Airport and I asked the officer if he would show up to court and he replied if he gets a subpoena he has no choice so knowing that I had a ticket before and this would go on my record I called MR Amir Soleymani, he stated that I would have a 96% chance to win my case. I did give him my case and thank god my ticket got dismissed even that the officer showed up to court thank you so much for the hard work I truly appreciate all you have done.
  • Amanda Solomon

    Nov 19 2018 Really recommend them to anyone who needs to fight a traffic ticket!! They are the best at what they do and I have never been disappointed with them. Amir is SO helpful and easy to work with! He helped me get two speeding tickets taken off my record, and he is always very organized and responsible. He constantly updated me on the status of my tickets and was always very clear with what he told me. My cases all got dismissed! My insurance would have been very high if it wasn't for Amir and all his hard work. I know he has spent lots of hours working on my case and doing everything he can do to help me! I am so appreciative of him and his team. I can't thank you enough and I am so grateful to have found them all!! THANK YOU MR. TICKET!!!
  • Blake Thacker

    Nov 14 2018 Received a speeding ticket in a rural area far from where I lived. Saw that Mr.Ticket was a one time fee no matter how many times they'd have to travel or hours spent on the case. They took over the case and it lasted 5 months. It went through two trials until it was dismissed for lack of evidence. During that time I received periodic updates and was always informed about the strategies they were using to dismiss my ticket. Highly recommend this law firm for traffic infractions, will save you money in the long run from the points affecting your insurance.
  • Bobby Soleiman

    Nov 10 2018 Thank God I found this law firm. Between myself my wife and my 18-year-old teenager we’ve had 6 tickets in the past year and Mr. ticket office was able to get all 6 tickets off our record without any penalties and any points on our record. He save me thousands and thousands of dollars in insurance increase fees because a few sport cars we have. It was well worth the fee. Fast and effective. Hopefully I won’t need their service, but if I get any situations, I know who to call.
  • Sherly Soleiman

    Nov 10 2018 Best lawyer in town, actually in the entire United States! I got a few tickets back to back ( please don’t judge) and he helped me with all of them. Out of my three tickets, he got driving school for one, and got the other two dismissed. He really knows what he’s doing!!
  • Glut Sr

    Sep 21 2018 Amir is the best lawyer I have ever hired, period. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and my 92mph ticket was dismissed, I’m really blown away. He did an excellent job and he put my mind at ease. He is not the type of lawyer you need to contact continuously to ask how things are going. You can really trust him and know that he is on the case and handling it exactly to plan. If you need constant hand holding and instant results overnight you should probably just pay your ticket. Amir knows how to do it and your job is to let him do it unhindered with constant inquiries. For my money he’s one of the best the damn lawyers I’ve ever hired and worth every penny. Amir offers a top-shelf service. I can’t thank him enough.
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