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Employment, Sexual Harassment, Unemployment, Wage and Hour, Wrongful Termination
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • BV

    Sep 08 2020 Everything worked smoothly. Mr. Dansicker brought to my attention a weakness in my employment contract that gave me an edge in dealing with a hostile employer. The consultation was absolutely worth it. I would consult with him again without hesitation.
  • Andrew Norris

    Sep 07 2020 Awesome!
  • Andrew J. Norris

    Sep 07 2020 Awesome! Everything about these folks is awesome!
  • Matthew Wolin

    Sep 05 2020 Definitely a good experience and extremely fast resolution.
  • Justin Zenker

    Aug 06 2020 My experience with Dansicker Law was phenomenal. From the intake process, to the initial meeting, to following through until the case was done. Andreas Lundstedt handled my case. Not only did he help me feel comfortable during the entire process, but brought a level of expertise and knowledge to the hearings that honestly I could not have done myself. If you are having unemployment issues, look no further. These are the guys.
  • RG

    Jul 07 2020 Andrew was very helpful and was able to negotiate a much higher settlement than was originally offered by my former employer. I would highly recommend him.
  • Tiffany Jones

    Jul 07 2020 My experience with Andrew and Andreas was great, they made me feel comfortable and made me feel like they had my back and we were a team the whole way, I most definitely recommend to hire this passionate law firm I’m a loyal client
  • stella M

    Mar 08 2020 I am highly satisfied with Mr.Dansicker. I am also very pleased with the results/outcome of my case. Mr.Dansicker changed me and my family’s life. I am so thankful i found him. He is very knowledgeable in what he does, Ive never felt nervous when it came to the numbers. He knew exactly what I wanted and what I deserved and that’s exactly what I got ?. Mr.Dansicker has always responded to my emails and calls, even on weekends. I’ve dealt with many attorneys, but this one is truly one of a KIND. Hopefully I will never need to go through what I went through but if be it, he will always be the number 1 go to guy! Thanks again Mr.Dansicker!
  • Carolyn Kehl

    Feb 10 2020 My fiance and I contacted Andrew after he was treated unfairly by his employer. We had a phone appointment a couple days before Christmas 2019. He told us we had a case and gave us realistic expectations of what type of settlement we could receive. He worked on a holiday (NY day 2020) and sent the original draft regarding his case. By late January we reached an agreement with his former employer. Andrew fielded many email questions and phone calls throughout the ordeal. He did a great job for us in a troubling time. He treated us fairly and professionally and got the job done in short time. Great job Andrew!!
  • William Zeralsky

    Aug 29 2019 I cant say enough good things about the quality of service that Andrew provides. He is very timely, fair, and personable in his practice. His advice is always straight forward and measured. I highly recommend reaching out to Andrew's office.
  • Fahad Khan

    Aug 04 2019 Other than being highly knowledgeable in labor law, Andrew was able to guide me through the process of transitioning from one employer to the next. Andrew also familiarized me with what my rights are and what I’m entitled to when I left my employer. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for a serious lawyer that will get the job done.
  • Tony Frasca

    May 09 2019 From the moment I walked into Andrew's Office, I was prepared to face any outcome. He was transparent and guided me through my case, making explicit efforts to identify which parts of my case did/did not have validity as they related to my severance negotiations. While we didn't get everything we wanted, we were able to settle for more than if I didn't have him on my side. To me, it isn't about getting everything you demand because that's an unrealistic expectation -- instead, it's about the process and understanding the options we have. This experience was extremely valuable to me, and I sincerely appreciated everything Dan and his team did to help me when I needed them most. Thanks again! says:

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