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1301 W. Omaha Street #207
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701
Bankruptcy, Business Law, Criminal Defense, DUI and Criminal, Family Law, Personal Injury, Probate, Trusts and Estates, Wills
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Caroline Skromeda

    - Aug 15 2019 Very efficient & friendly service. All my questions are answered quickly by professional and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend this lawfirm to family and friends!!
    • Stanton Anker

      Aug 16 2019Thank you for the review. We enjoy working with you.
  • Glen Bauernfeind

    - Aug 15 2019 Your law group pulled me out of a huge hole that I had fallen into, and I am most appreciative of your caring, professional help to get me on the right track again to start clearing my name. My hat goes off to your team of professionals who are not just into it for the money, but actually care for their clients needs and get it done! Thank you once again to all of you! :)
    • Stanton Anker

      Aug 15 2019We are very glad we were able to help. We have enjoyed working with you.
  • Jamie

    - Aug 15 2019 Easy to understand and talk to about completing our estate planning for our future!
    • Stanton Anker

      Aug 15 2019Thank you. We are appreciate your trust in us.
  • Charles Youngren The Youngren Corp.

    - Aug 15 2019 Anker Law Group has represented my family and our company for tax preparation and legal counsel for the over 23 years. Their expertise and personal commitment to helping us with all the challenges of running our own business have been outstanding.
    • Stanton Anker

      Aug 15 2019It has been a pleasure working with you through the years and we look forward to 23 more!
  • Jacob Ames

    - Aug 15 2019 Stanton helped me even up with the IRS after a 10 year hiatus from filing for myself and my business. He did such a good job, I use him for all my business and personal related legal needs. He is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. I think his fee schedule is fair and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone for any legal services you may need. Thanks again, Stanton.
    • Stanton Anker

      Aug 15 2019Thank you for the kind words. It has been a pleasure working with you.
  • Dee

    Jul 20 2023 I have mixed feelings about Anker Law Group. Stan Anker was a great help and usually the secretaries were helpful, however, I am not impressed with Jordan. He does not follow up and after several calls for necessary information he made excuses and made me to feel as if he had done me such a great favor in assisting me with my case.
  • Larry Kay

    Apr 24 2023 Overall a positive experience. A little unclear on fees and what was covered.
  • chris smith

    Feb 21 2023 Wow, these guys are so awesome. Lisa Childs really provided me with a great resource that helped tremendously.
  • Jackie Singh

    Sep 14 2021 I called on a referral. Looking for a place that has a licensed lawyer in Minnesota. The receptionist ( sorry didnt get your name) said they didnt have anyone there licensed. She took my name and number and called this morning to give some information on who in South Dakota might be able to help me. That's above and beyond. Thank you!
  • Amber Martinez

    Aug 13 2021 This is the best law group that I've ever worked with. The team is quick, friendly, and professional. The process that I went through can be very overwhelming, but the team at Anker Law group, especially Jordan, made it as bearable and pleasant as it could be. Thanks to everyone, but a special thanks to Jordan. says:

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