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15 Garrett Street
Warrenton, Virginia 20186
Ann M. Callaway has practiced law in Warrenton, Virginia for more than thirty years. From divorce to bankruptcy to civil litigation, she’s an experienced attorney with a stellar reputation in Fauquier County, Virginia and surrounding areas.

Ms. Callaway is a solo attorney, handling all of her cases herself. From the initial consultation to the final gavel stroke in a case, she walks clients through the complex maze of our legal system with personal, one-on-one service.

Her principal service areas include:
  • Family law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Real estate law
  • Civil litigation
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • FMK

    - Jan 22 2020 I don’t care for surveys but have faith in Ann’s professionalism and expertise that I have recommended her to several close friends. I can only add that I wish I could chat with her one on one more rather than leave messages but that is par for the course when consulting with someone in such demand. Ann’s staff is exceptional and together they make a great team for legal representation.
  • Wanda mallaburn

    - Jan 22 2020 Always great for 20 years
  • Darrel Sigler

    - Dec 26 2019 Having Ann beside you in court is like having your very own super hero. Her super powers are extensive research and professionalism. She provided me with top notch legal advise and guided me through a few intense trials. I'll have the opportunity to work with her in at least one more case and I know with Ann it will be a fair and positive experience.
  • Roger Mercier Jr

    - Nov 25 2019 Ann was really supportive in my divorce. She gave great guidance in what can be expected and which battles could be won or not. I do wish I could have afforded to go to trial for a better settlement, but that was not Ann's fault, just a greedy ex wife trying to milk me for all she could. I would highly recommend Ann to any male going through a divorce.

    - Oct 26 2019 Over the last 25 years, Ann helped our family with personal problems, business, real estate, always with the best advices.
  • Ronald Allend

    - Oct 25 2019 Over the past several years, Ann Callaway has provided legal counsel and documentation, to me and my wife, on a number of very important matters. In all cases they were of the highest quality. I highly recommended her.
  • Melanie Anderson

    - Oct 25 2019 Ann is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I'm grateful for her help during my difficult case. I've recommended her to friends.
  • Darrel Dickenson

    - Oct 24 2019 Thanks Ann you did a fantastic job thanks for all you did I would use you again for sure thanks again
  • Rick Aldridge

    - Sep 30 2019 So Far everything has been Great!
  • CM

    - Sep 25 2019 Very professional and a strong advocate.
  • Edward & Becky Shelton

    - Sep 24 2019 Ann has managed to get us out of trouble, retrieve funds we handled carelessly, !!develop ideas for a secure future and just plain dazzle us in and out of court!
  • RZ

    - Sep 24 2019 Ms. Callaway has provided outstanding legal services on several real estate matters for my family. She has been an unwavering advocate on our behalf who has repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to helping us reach the best possible outcome for our situation. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone in need of legal services seek out Ms. Callaway’s judicious, honest, and valuable counsel.
  • Julia Savage

    - Sep 24 2019 As an attorney in the same locality, I have worked with Ann for over 20 years both on the same side of a case and on opposite sides. Ann Callaway is well versed in the law, level headed, experienced, and a very capable advocate on behalf of her clients. She represents the challenges, aspirations and needs specific to each client understanding that all cases are different. She capably negotiates those cases that can be resolved out of court, and successfully litigates those cases that require a Court hearing.
  • Paul Morrison

    - Sep 24 2019 I have had cases both with and against Ann for years and she is the consummate professional.
  • Dani Hearrell

    Oct 08 2017 She neatly and professionally guided my family through an adult adoption process. Answered all of our questions, was available by phone or email (which was wonderful!), and got us copies of everything. Thank you!
  • Ashley Corrado

    Sep 08 2017 You couldn't hire a better attorney! I have known Ann Callaway since I was 8 years old. She helped my father regain custody of me in one of the most hopeless situations my dad has probably ever faced. 20 years later, she helped do the same for me. I had a very complicated and unusual custody case and Ann helped and supported me the entire way through. My case lasted an entire 18 months and at a moment's notice she was there to answer my emails, phone calls, and my endless and redundant questions and concerns. She even stayed up until midnight correlating between attorneys and clients a custody order that needed to be prepared and finalized the very next day for court. I would recommend Ann Callaway to anyone! She has been the most trusted attorney and legal advisor our family could have ever asked for. She has genuinely changed my life for the better more than once, and for that I owe her everything! says:

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