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Any legal issue regarding family members can easily become emotional and contentious. Many family members in legal disputes believe that one side must “win” and the other must “lose.” However, there are many ways to reach a resolution to your dispute that is favorable for everyone involved. Seeking the most amicable resolution possible may not only you save you time, stress, and money, but can also work to preserve family relationships whenever possible.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • George Stuart

    - Jul 23 2019 Excellent work by Aubrey Ducker on an unusual case. Thanks.
  • Rob Boylan

    - Dec 03 2018 Emphatically satisfied with the outcome with my Divorce. My kids and I are Grateful for his skill. During the process of my divorce, I felt anxiety from the threats that I was recieving, I had a fear for what comes next, and a true lack of knowledge of my OWN LEGAL RIGHTS. Hiring Aubrey Ducker educated me about my actual position in the divorce situation.I instantly had the advantage once I went with the office of Aubrey Ducker PLLC. He is an intelligent and hard working lawyer that has valuable experience that will be applied for your own situation. Thank You Aubrey Ducker
  • David Ratusnik

    - Oct 16 2018 Mr. Irwin Sperling is a talented, seasoned attorney. He has handled several family law items for me in a first rate fashion. If I could I would rate him a 10 plus!!
  • Sal Cabibbo

    - Oct 01 2018 Help me when I needed it he is a smart attorney but fair I would recommend Irwin to help you
  • Amy Martinez

    - Aug 10 2018 My case is still ongoing, but Mr. Ducker has been very thorough, professional thus far and genuinely cares about his clients. His newest partner, Mr. Sperling is a great asset to his firm as well. I have always felt like my case is in good hands and that their firm has always had my best interest.
  • Nolene Thomas

    - Jul 28 2018 He listens to your needs and trys to help you get what you want and makes you feel like everything will be ok.
  • Curtis Azama

    - Jun 29 2018 Very knowledgeable in the practice area I assisted him with.
  • Thomas Mysinger

    - Jun 28 2018 I have had the pleasure to interact with Mr. Ducker and his staff on several occasions. They were very responsive and demonstrated a genuine concern for their clients.
  • Deborah McLaughlin

    - Jun 28 2018 We have not finished our case yet, but I am very pleased in the way Aubrey has been handling thing thus far. I have had much past experience with attorneys that I have hired, and most of them have not been pleasant. I feel more certain about Aubrey having my best interest than any attorney in the past.
  • Terry Moore

    - Jun 28 2018 Aubrey and his firm has helped me with many legal matters. He is a compassionate, brilliant, and great counselor. I am blessed and honored that he is my friend and brother.
  • Diane Halpin

    - Jun 23 2018 You were very generous with you time giving me valuable advise. Unfortunately you were not able to help me due to circumstances beyond our control. Should I council again I know who to contact.
  • MN

    - May 30 2018 I hired Mr. Ducker to obtain my divorce for me. As I had been married 37 years, it was an emotional time. Mr. Ducker was very professional. He was there every step of the way, and obtained my divorce in a very timely manner, which made the emotional side of it much easier to bear. I highly recommend Aubrey Ducker and this firm.
  • Dexter Richardson

    - May 29 2018 Aubry took very good care of me when I needed an attorney. He was always informative, attentive, and responsive.
  • David Harding

    - May 29 2018 I am very pleased with the service provided. Aubrey pays attention to the details and and anticipates what is needed to care for clients. I highly recommend his services to anyone.
  • Craig Russell

    - May 29 2018 He is the epitome of “family” law. Through the toughest times, he and his team were professional, thoughtful, thorough and efficient. So very grateful for his team.
  • hi

    - Apr 30 2018 Over 20 years as a lawyer
  • DV

    - Apr 29 2018 I have been working with Mr Ducker for many years now and and happy to say is nothing but the best Extremely satisfactory work
  • Allen Levin

    - Apr 12 2018 Great experience! Thank you for the help.
  • Mirta L Martinez

    - Apr 11 2018 Even though the process was long, slow, sometimes very frustrating I have placed my trust in GOD, you and your efficient staff. Thank you for your great concerns.
  • Leigh Salyzyn

    - Apr 02 2018 Aubrey is attentive and truthful about the situation. I will use his firm again if I need a family attorney.
  • BJS

    - Mar 30 2018 Best attorney in Orlando ! Excellent experience from start to finish in a very difficult case . Refer everyone to him No case to small or to big If you want it done right go here you won't be sorry .
  • Jessie B.

    - Mar 30 2018 Aubrey went above and beyond to assist me not only with the special needs educational issue I hired him for but also with something else that popped up unexpectedly. His turnaround response time, compared to other attorneys I have worked with, was superior. In regards to his office support staff, Tacey was amazing to work with as well. I highly recommend Aubrey and his team and will absolutely retain him in the future should the need arise.
  • Kevin Johnson

    - Mar 22 2018 My divorce was a very complicated process with my business involved in the middle of the divorce. Mr. Ducker did an outstanding job, he work hard on making the settlement fair for both sides, he understands the process very thoroughly. I would highly recommend Mr. Ducker and his staff.
  • Tom Gilmore, CPA

    - Mar 14 2018 Aubrey is a commendable litigator but more importantly a respected collaborative team member. I've enjoyed working with Aubrey over the last few years.
  • JAB

    - Mar 01 2018 I highly recommend Aubrey Ducker. He is a no nonsense, confident attorney that gets the job done, while minimizing wasteful (costly) billing.
  • TB

    - Mar 01 2018 Mr. Ducker was our grandchild's guardian ad litem. He was very professional, caring and did a great job representing his best interest in our son's family law case. I would highly recommend Mr. Ducker and his team if you have a family law case.
  • Allyson Rocci

    - Mar 01 2018 Aubrey Ducker was a dream come true! He did exactly what needed to be done for my family. He was there for me the whole way through. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer for the job! Best family lawyer by far!!!
  • Randel Crim

    - Mar 01 2018 My divorce was not an easy process but Mr. Decker and his staff were very thorough and helpful. I was completely satisfied with his hard work
  • JHB

    - Feb 28 2018 Mr. Ducker worked with our family on sensitive issues and we felt he did so professionally and resolved the issues satisfactorily.
  • rosemary naudascher

    Aug 28 2020 Awsome they care says:

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