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Alimony, Asset Distribution, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Domestic Relations, Mediation, PostNuptials, PreNuptials, Same Sex Disputes
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • George

    Sep 05 2020 BJ Abbott and his team are God sends. They are my legal angels. Without them in my family's corner, we would be lost. He saved us. Thank you BJ and team.
  • George Emmanuel Yarbrough V

    Jul 14 2020 BJ is a legal warrior. Without BJ in my corner my family would have been totally lost. He is an absolute Godsend. I advise looking for a fighter to wage war for them then they need to choose BJ Abbott.

    Jul 07 2020 Mediated many cases with BJ and his firm.
  • Kristine E. Brown

    May 10 2020 BJ is one of the finest trial attorneys I know, particularly in family law. I often consult with him about unusual legal issues. In addition to knowing how to apply the law and rules of evidence to a solid legal strategy, BJ’s relationships with other colleagues confirms that he is well respected among other attorneys and judges. His demeanor with his clients shows control, confidence and competence, well balanced with compassion for the needs of an often vulnerable or anxious client.
  • Leah Culver

    May 09 2020 BJ is the best lawyer you are ever going to come across! He not only treats his clientele like family but he fights for them like they are family too. BJ is a shark in the court room and he will fight hard for you. He really cares about his clients and he is one of the most astounding human beings I’ve ever met. With everything in me I suggest BJ to be your lawyer he is the best guy around hands down!
  • Leah Culver

    May 09 2020 BJ is the best lawyer and is an incredible person! I would suggest anybody looking for a lawyer go to BJ! He really really cares! He treats his clients like family and will fight for you like family!
  • Bradley

    May 08 2020 Abbott and Abbott represented me during my divorce. Very professional and knowledgeable. Someone was always available to answer my questions and guided me through the whole process. 5 stars and highly recommended.
  • Rob Davis

    Apr 09 2020 Very Professional. Knows Divorce law like no other. Solutions to handle problems or roadblocks you never thought of.
  • Chris

    Apr 08 2020 My experience with BJ and his staff has been great. Although my case has been adjudicated, BJ and his staff have been exemplary in helping me with some ongoing issues my case. They are extremely helpful and willing to answer my questions. BJ is a man of principle who fights for your rights. I’d recommend BJ to anyone who needs his service. His personal approach and genuine personality is a rarity these days.
  • Christopher jourdan

    Apr 08 2020 Some of The Best People I have ever met. Professional Precise. Would recommend to anyone wanting to win.
  • JW

    Apr 08 2020 Mr. Abbott was a big help to me in my divorce case! He has been handling divorce cases for many years, so he knows the law. He was great at explaining my options every step of the way. I highly recommend him!
  • Kimberly Scott

    Apr 08 2020 Excellent attorney! A true professional.
  • Darrell Caudill

    Mar 17 2020 Over the past two decades of litigation with and against B. J. Abbott, I have come to know him as an exceptionally capable, intelligent and hard-working trial attorney. He routinely achieves excellent results for his clients. Mr. Abbott persuades using reason, evidence, and logical argument along with the full force of his excellent character, reputation and credibility.
  • Leah Culver

    Mar 09 2020 BJ is an absolutely incredible and remarkable attorney. There is nobody that I would rather turn to when seeking help with a case. He is an absolutely iconic enforcer of the law and there’s nobody that I would rather turn to when seeking help with a case. He is absolutely a shark when it comes to defending your rights and will do anything and everything to protect his clients and make sure that the right thing happens. After my experience with BJ I can say I know the difference between an average good lawyer and an absolutely priceless and incredible one. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience I had with BJ and I would recommend him endlessly to anybody who needs an attorney. Thank you BJ!
  • Patti Glover

    Mar 09 2020 I have had the pleasure of working with BJ Abbott for the past 16 years. I am a clerk of court and have seen BJ work close with his clients and with the judges. He is an extremely good attorney and fair and up-straight with the law and what he can do to help. I have also worked with him on a personal level and he and his wife are beyond humble when it comes to their convictions and beliefs and sharing with the people they work with directly. I have always highly recommended BJ for people when they needed assistance in the court system. If you are looking for representation in the legal field, BJ is the attorney for the job!!!!!!
  • Leah M.

    Mar 09 2020 Working with B.J. Abbott was the easiest, worry free experience of my lifetime. He and his staff are courteous, professional, understanding and do any and everything in their power to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Every step of the way, I knew I had their undivided attention and that they were doing everything in their power to help set me free after 13 years. You want an attorney who can do it all? Call Abbott.
  • Chris Jourdan

    Mar 09 2020 Awesome practice!! Great Service!! Would recommend to anyone
  • Peggy Young

    Mar 09 2020 I have known Mr. BJ Abbott from working here at Cobb County Superior Court, as I courtroom clerk since November 2000. His knowledgeably in the practice of civil litigation is superb and he goes up and beyond for his clients to ensure the best outcome weather its divorce, contempt, name change, legitimation or a simple modification. Mr. Abbott exemplifies courtesy dignity and respect. I always tell people who come to the courtroom without an attorney; “You don’t go to the Doctor for a dental issue you go to a Dentist.” You should never come to court without an attorney. “You don’t know what you don’t Know” and I highly recommend Mr. BJ Abbott.
  • Cathy S.

    Mar 09 2020 Have seen the successful results of BJ Abbott and the Firm’s skills, knowledge and diligence. Have also recommend BJ Abbott and the firm to close friends for Family Law.
  • JW

    Mar 09 2020 BJ represented me in a family law dispute, and I was very happy with his representation. He has been a lawyer a long time, and knows the law. He is well known and well respected in the legal community. And most importantly, BJ has a real passion for helping people and really cares about his clients. I highly recommend BJ Abbott.
  • paul melde

    Mar 09 2020 Outstanding work! Professional! Every thing was taken care of diligently and in the timely manner! I would recommend mr abbot to anyone seeking his profession!!!!!!
  • Kimberly B Scott

    Mar 09 2020 BJ is top notch!
  • Kristen

    Mar 09 2020 BJ represented me in my divorce and I couldn’t be more impressed. He was truly understanding and really paid attention to the details. I think a divorce is rarely easy, but having BJ really helped the process go as smoothly as possible - with the results I wanted. Thank you, BJ!
  • Jessica Ardron

    Mar 09 2020 Absolutely the best lawyers. Both BJ and Heather are compassionate and they will fight for your best better. Highly recommend.
  • Robert

    Mar 09 2020 Very detailed and got all the facts that I needed.
  • Andy Turner

    Mar 09 2020 BJ is great in the courtroom and out he and his team always takes the extra time to explain and make sure you completely understand everything going on with your case
  • Justin Wyatt

    Mar 09 2020 BJ is awesome !!! Great attorney for a complex divorce/family law case !!!
  • Minda Seagraves

    Jul 12 2019 I cannot day enough good things about this firm. They made a hard situation run smoothly and worked quicker that we knew possible to resolve our case. They are the best!
  • Craig Mathis

    Jun 14 2019 During an initial case review, H. Logan explained all options including good and bad outcomes. Her honesty and actual concern of mine and my family well being, made the situation much easier. I won’t hesitate to reach out for her guidance should the need arise in the future.
  • Griffin Nichols

    Mar 19 2019 They were incredible, they walked me through step by step of the divorce process. All the while keeping mine and my children’s best interests in the forefront. I can’t recommend Abbott and Abbott enough.
  • Kacey Cecil

    Nov 26 2018 I have known BJ for a number of years. He is very knowledgeable in his areas of practice, quick on his feet, and a down to earth guy making him a rarity in today’s legal field. Overall, someone always answers the phone. If he is in a meeting, he returns the call promptly. He is a brilliant attorney who always seems to have an easy solution for my major issues. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone in the Atlanta area.

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