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1680 Duke Street, Floor 2
Alexandria, VA 22314
Business, Civil, Commercial, Construction, Contract, Land Use, Landlord/Tenant, Partnership Disputes, Real Estate, Trusts and Estates
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Mike

    Apr 19 2018 Excellent service and knowledge.
  • Sarah

    Mar 20 2018 Smooth
  • Dan Boughton

    Mar 20 2018 I have enjoyed working with Barry Kime and Mark Manoil. These two have the depth of knowledge that allows us to not spent hours of our time bring them up to speed each time. We appreciate the expertise and friendship that one develops over with working partners in this industry. Thank you to Mark and Barry for a job well done and for always being there.
  • James Inman

    Mar 20 2018 Attorney Kime is professional and very knowledgeable of business law. He was instrumental in helping me secure a management services agreement with a behavioral health practice.
  • PDS

    Mar 01 2018 I highly recommend attorney Barrett Kime. We had an impossible situation where the sale of our house was blocked by the refusal of the title company to issue title insurance. Barrett not only knew the law, but the title insurance company knew and respected him and respected his knowledge of the law, and so he was able to resolve the issue. The highest praise came from our very successful--and demanding--realtor, who had told me that we should not involve a lawyer because “they always cause problems.” At our closing (which he did not attend), she described another very difficult case and said: “what that woman needs is a Barry, someone who knows things and who knows everyone.”
  • Sherry Bouvet

    Feb 19 2018 Excellent experience they professional would highly recommending using Manoil Kime PLC
  • Gustavo&Perla Flores

    Feb 18 2018 Excellent
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