Berrien Sutton at Law Office of Berrien L. Sutton, LLC

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172 West Dame Avenue
Homerville, GA 31634
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Berrien Sutton has practiced law in numerous areas including products liability, medical malpractice, real estate, commercial, environmental, criminal, agriculture, government, negligence, school, ad valorem tax, corporate, employment, contract, copyright, administrative, family and estate law. In addition to the practice of law, Mr. Sutton has been engaged in farming, timber management, commercial businesses and entertainment. Mr. Sutton has a wide range of experience, both legal and practical which serves him well in understanding the issues faced by parties as they seek to resolve disputes by mediation.
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  • Jeff Brown

    Oct 16 2018 Lutz, Brown, Peagler & Manley Insurance Agency has been advertising with CreekBox for several months. We have bee pleased with the response and the quality of our ad.
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