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Beth Rogers founded Beth L. Rogers, L.L.C. to handle divorce or family law matters in a way that benefits both your individual rights and interests and those of your family. When two people decide to end a marriage, they need to make decisions regarding children, property and their future. Beth Rogers seeks to help you make informed decisions and minimize conflict. If your case does go to court, she will aggressively advocate for your rights.

Ms. Rogers has extensive experience assisting parties to settle disputes through mediation. During the mediation process, the parties negotiate the terms of their divorce, custody or property dispute in the hopes of reaching a separation agreement and/or a parenting plan. Mediation spares clients the associated court costs and the emotional angst of litigation.

Beth Rogers deeply cares about you. She is focused and devoted, providing one-on-one attention to each client. A child of divorced parents, she is determined to make the process easier for your family than it was for her family.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Melissa S

    - Aug 04 2022 I needed to have a QDRO done. My divorce attorney recommended a few attorneys who specialize in doing QDROs. Beth was the only lawyer who would actually speak with me in detail to explain the process and purpose of the QDRO (i.e. which assets are included, etc.). The others said they couldn't provide information unless I hired them. I hired Beth!
  • Elisabeth Holloway

    - Nov 17 2021 Beth is knowledgeable and very prepared!! She was very helpful getting me through the process and always made sure that I and my witnesses were prepared for any court appearance. She was always responsive when I had questions and concerns. I got exactly what I wanted from my divorce because Beth is strong and knows her stuff!! I recommend her to everyone I know dealing with divorce.
  • Elisabeth Holloway

    - Nov 17 2021 Beth is knowledgeable and very prepared. She handled everything and made sure that I and my witnesses were very prepared. She was always available when I need help and support and I got exactly what I wanted in my divorce. I recommend to everyone I know whose dealing with divorce !!
  • Maria

    - Jan 05 2021 Beth is very patient, kind, caring, and warm. She is incredible as a listener. Her professionalism is superb and it shows in her interactions. She is the best lawyer I’ve ever met and truly cares deeply about helping her clients. I could not recommend her more strongly or think more highly.
  • Robin Vincent

    - Dec 31 2020 My case was a difficult case that became even more difficult as time had passed on this particular issue. Beth never stopped fighting for me. She was diligent and indefatigable. She succeeded in helping me get done what I thought would never be finished with.
  • Robert Kevin Britton

    - Oct 26 2020 First and utmost I want to think Beth Rogers for being a GREAT LAWYER, PROFESSIONAL and PERSON who did my pension and 401k transfer after my divorce. She has just recently helped me with getting my marital home taken care of per the divorce decree and has taken the stress off my back. Beth is TOP NOTCH and with her attention to detail and professionalism I had no worries in my faith of letting her guide me thru the law and process of accomplishing my goal which she did . She is simply an AMAZING LAWYER. I thank you Beth, for all your hard work and effort you put in for me and getting the results i deserved.
  • BB

    - Mar 12 2019 Beth was very helpful and always available to answer questions.
  • Cynthia M Lifson

    - Mar 05 2019 I had the pleasure of working with Beth who was engaged to prepare a retirement order in a family law case. The opposing party was quite reluctant to provide appropriate information, but Beth persisted in a diligent and tactful manner to resolve the issue. I appreciated her work very much.
  • Saima Chaudhry

    - Sep 06 2018 Very Knowledgeable, Helpful and Professional.
  • Linda Scott

    - Sep 05 2018 Beth made this most horrible time in my life a little more bearable. She paid close attention and didn't proceed with anything if she did not think I was fully invested in the decision.
    • Beth Rogers

      Sep 05 2018Thank you for your kind review. Separation and divorce are a very challenging time for most people. I try my best to make the experience at least a little less painful if I can. I truly think mediation is the best way to handle things for most families and hope more people will try this process.
  • Sloane Franklin

    - Aug 29 2018 I have worked with Beth on a couple of cases. I have found her to be professional, intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate. She is a strong advocate for her clients. I look forward to other cases with her.
  • Craig J Little

    - Aug 06 2018 Beth drafted two QDROs in a contentious matter and was very professional and responsive! I look forward to working with her in the future.
  • Nancy S Caplan

    - Aug 03 2018 Beth Rogers, Esquire is a highly skilled and responsive attorney.
  • Amy M. Feldman

    - Aug 03 2018 I worked with Beth Rogers as an opposing counsel in a case and found her to be a zealous, yet reasonable, advocate for her client. After that case resolved, I started using Beth to prepare retirement orders for my clients. She is extraordinarily diligent, professional, and her work product is outstanding. Beth is responsive to my questions (and I often have many) and she takes great care in the quality of her work. All orders she has prepared for my cases have been approved by the plan administrators. I would highly recommend Beth Rogers to any attorney that needs retirement orders prepared in a divorce case.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Jul 27 2018 Beth is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend her services.
  • Adam Zellweger

    Feb 17 2020
  • Linda Hopkins

    May 15 2019 Excellent Attorney for Family Law & Protection Orders. Works well w/ children. Actually met in Court House when she was representing another client as my son & I were waiting for an extension of an after hours Order of Protection from my ex-husband. We were told by House of Ruth, Volunteers would be in the Court Room to help us. We kept asking anyone who was alone if they were w/House of Ruth Domestic Violence Program. Ms Rogers arrived prior to Client & was alone, we asked her. She told us process & really called my petrified child who had not only witnessed his father assault me sac trying to remove him from my home, he also disclosed ongoing physical abusive by his father on way to Court. My son was a mess, Beth calmed him almost instantly. We did what Police ???? told us to do to do:bring sonCourt as witness. Judge was annoyed I brought my son w/me. I explained I was told by Police ? as he was present & 14/15 (looked younger). Judge denied ? order saying was a Custody Issue not Protection Order. I was crying ? saying we are not safe to go home as he had been arrested & was even more angry than prior to assault. Judge ignored my plea & called next case. Ms Rogers quickly followed my son, my father & myself to hallway & sent us to Family Court & told use to ask to File an Emergency Protection Order in Family Court. We went to Family Court. As I was a wreck & my wrist was hurt, but no time to be seen to know I had a severe sprain & hairline fracture. The Sheriff in Family Court was amazing & filled out minimum information required for Protection Order Forms in Family Court & attached the Denial from General Court as well as Emergency Protection Order once he realized he had been Sheriff to serve Emergency Protection Order to my ex husband night before in the Jail. They had arrested him as he hit a high score on Police Assessment to return to inflict more damage within 24 hrs. They kept him in jail until I could get to 24 Magistrate & get Protection Order in place. Judge ???? in Family Court quickly saw Unscheduled Case. She Ordered 2 wk Order of Protection for myself & my son. Without Beth Rogers intervening, I would probably have walked away from 1st Court w/no Protection Order & both of us would have been assaulted. Arresting Officer ???? followed up w/us following day to tell us that my ex-husband admitted to entire situation & he saw no issues w/his actions! Beth Rogers arranged for another lawyer in Shared Office to cover 1 yr Protection Order Court Hearing Pro Bono. I am disabled l & was not yet approved Social Security Income. Lawyer she arranged for was calming & understanding for this overly anxious mom worried about her child more than herself. We had Medical Records of Injury & the Police Officer ???? who responded to our Home & Made Arrest was there on her day off to testify on our behalf. The lawyer kept me out of the Courtroom away from my ex husband with son and Police Officer ???? until we had Negotiated an uncontested Year Long Protection Order. My Pro Bono Lawyer had to deal w/ex’s 2 Criminal Lawyers who did not want any testimonials on Record of Protection Order Car that could be used against my ex in Criminal Proceedings, Plus my ex’s Family Law Lawyer who was helping to draft Protection Order Agreement. His dad still wanted non-visitation contact w/our son. Knowing, my ex-husband, I had to spell out specifically only contact allowed was through USPS, any other Contact, would be a violation. Otherwise, his dad would try to contact him on video games or other unusual electronic means. Police Officer & Family Friend stayed w/my son while I went into Court Room to testify w/Judge ???? that I understood the Voluntary Protection Order and I was waiving Right to a Hearing. Pro- Bono Lawyer did all follow up work needed for Protection Order Case. Later.we hired Beth Rogers to sue for Full Custody of my son. Needed Best Interest Attorney. She was able to negotiate agreement and kept out of Court. Recommend to 2 other moms for Divorce and Mediation. Both had great experiences.
  • Sloane Franklin

    Aug 29 2018
  • amy feldman

    Aug 03 2018 Beth is an outstanding attorney and a pleasure to deal with as an opposing counsel as well as an attorney to prepare retirement orders. I highly recommend Beth Rogers for your cases with complicated retirement issues and orders that need to be prepared in the divorce process. says:

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