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CROCKER LAW OFFICE ​​is a woman-owned neighborhood business specializing in providing quality legal assistance for those who cannot or choose not to hire large litigation firms. We specialize in probate, real estate, wills and trusts.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Jeff B.

    - Jan 06 2022 Billie Crocker's great responsiveness was a breath of fresh air, given how busy everyone is these days. She has been very professional, highly knowledgeable, and along with fantastic out-of-the box thinking. I am continuing to work with her on other legal matters, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for good sound legal advice. Thank you for your outstanding services.
  • Scott Miller

    - Jan 05 2022 Billie was great and easy to work with. Enjoyed it.
  • Michael

    - Jan 03 2022 Engaged Billie for a real estate ownership dispute, and did so more or less blindly, based on the recommendation of a friend's real estate agent. Turned out to be a good choice. The issue was resolved in probably the best way that could be reasonably hoped for. Only she would know, but I suspect that Billie charged something less than what her actual hours were.
  • Theresa Christensen

    - Sep 07 2020 I highly recommend Billie Crocker to friends and family who are in need of an attorney and anyone looking for an attorney, I would advise you to stop looking! if you are reading my review, give Billie Crocker a call right now. You will not find anyone easier to work with, she is readily available, and knowledgeable, she comes with my highest recommendations. She is simply the best! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.
  • CAS

    - Sep 06 2020 Billie Crocker at Crocker Law office did an excellent job creating a family Trust, new Wills and all other documents we needed for medical and financial security decisions. We met several times and she was very receptive and patient listening to all our concerns. We had several relatives die in the last few and their families were left with a mess. We feel confident that are affairs are in complete order now and highly recommend Crocker Law office.
  • Daren Olson

    - Sep 06 2020 Billy, always goes above and beond and has my best interest in mind
  • Susan Espinoza

    - Aug 13 2020 Billie was very helpful.
  • Daren Olson

    - Aug 08 2020 It is always a pleasure working with Billy !!!
  • Theresa Christensen

    - Jul 11 2020 I highly recommend Billie Crocker, she is a highly skilled lawyer. I am represented by the most professional and well-rounded attorney that anyone could ever ask for. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. She's a down to earth person and very easy to talk with. if you retain Billie for your legal needs, you have hired THE BEST!
  • Daren Olson

    - Jun 11 2020 My experience with Billy crocker, was easy and painless. She took care of me in a timely manner and was very fair with her billing! I would recommend her to anyone in need of counsel.
  • Susan Espinoza

    - Jun 09 2020 Billie was very helpful and professional.
  • Theresa Christensen

    - Jun 09 2020 Billie is extremely knowledgeable and she is honest in her work. She is patient with my questions and responds quickly with courtesy. She works hard and keeps us informed in our situation. Billie is very down to earth person and I would use her again and I highly recommend her!
  • Donald Braun

    - Jun 09 2020 It was amazing! I knew very little about probate. She handled everything. And it was completed about 2 weeks earlier than expected.
  • CAS and RAS

    - Jun 08 2020 Billie Crocker did a first rate job for us on our Wills, Trusts,and other medical and financial documents. She met with us several times and made sure we covered every possible "what if" scenario. We had other family members pass away and their affairs were a mess. We feel completely confident that all are affairs are in order and are exactly how we want. We highly recommend her services!
  • Gina Chavez

    - Jan 26 2020 Billie helped me with my divorce. She’s a no nonsense kind of lady and tells you like it is. I highly recommend her!
  • David Ho

    - Jan 10 2020 Billie was so patient with me and my lack of legal knowledge. She pushed me to get the things done that I needed to, and did her research to ensure the best outcome was reached in court. Very pleased! Billie knows what she is talking about and will tell it straight to you. Would certainly recommend to anyone who is dealing with divorce/real estate equity disputes.
  • Carol Miguez

    - May 25 2019 Excellent
  • Elke Brown

    - May 02 2019 Billy has helped me out in many different situations. I love the advice she gives based off of different situations. Any one considering working with Billy Should. Her professional advice and work is very much appreciated from David and Elke Brown
  • Peggy Knight

    - Apr 10 2019 We love Billie!!!! She s GREAT, very competent and knowledgeable, and we recommend her highly.
  • Norm Andrews

    - Nov 11 2018 Purchased a home with my girlfriend and we wanted to dot all the "I's" and cross all of the "T's" with the purchase. Billie was great in helping us anticipate possible issues and creating a trust that accomplished what we were looking to do. She also helped modify our Wills. Billie was readily available and flexible with our, quite often, changing needs.
  • Chris R

    - Nov 07 2018 I have known Billie for over 10 years. She has helped me on very many different legal issues. She is not only timely, effective, and efficient but also extremely fair priced. I can not say enough on how valuable her advice and representation has helped me and my family out time after time. She is my go to for all legal items. If she does not have the answers she knows someone to refer me to that does.
  • Michael McOmber

    - Oct 31 2018 Very professional and helpful Real Estate law advice. Quick to respond on several occasions. We trust Billie Crocker for all of McOmber Team Real Estate needs. Thank you, Mike and Michele McOmber
  • Layne & Pat Coon

    - Oct 25 2018 We were surprised with a totally unexpected and undeserved law suit. We knew nothing about the laws in regards to realtor or realty contracts and needed to rely on some one who did. Having had a pleasant experience with Billie Crocker taking care of another matter we turned to her for help with our suit. She dug in and took right over handling all of the communication and paperwork that had to be submitted to the opposing legal team. We relyed on Billie to take care of everything and she did. Along with handling everything quickly and efficiently she kept the fees reasonable. We appreciate everything Billie did for us and will, if the need arises rely upon her again. I would recommend Crocker Law Offfices to anyone, family, friends or acquaintances.
  • Noelle Woner

    - Oct 01 2018 Billie is very patient and answers all questions needed. She does everything she can on her part.
  • Dave Conrad

    - Sep 17 2018 Awesome!
  • jarid l green

    - Sep 01 2018 Very professional and prompt, highly recommended.
  • HS

    - Aug 03 2018 Billie has always been available And great to advise us of legal issues that may arise, her experience in the real estate industry is extraordinary! She gets results and is in it to really help her client. Very honest and professional.
  • Leslie Thorup

    - Aug 02 2018 I cannot say enough good things about Billie Crocker! I am a real estate agent and when I was looking for an attorney to help me with the probate of a home that I had listed, she was recommended to me by my title company. She was quick and so professional and easy to work with. Since that first time, I have referred her to at least 3 other clients and they have all been very pleased with her service. Billie is the Best!
  • Janet Spencer

    - Aug 02 2018 I have worked with Billie on numerous occasions, and she has always been detailed, professional, efficient and honest and direct!! It is so nice to have finally found a lawyer I can trust!
  • Eugene S. Polhamus, Jr.

    - Aug 02 2018 Billie provided the necessary guidance and assistance we needed to handle my wife's brother's estate. Very professional and efficient.
  • Robert & Bonnie Brennan (Arlington, Texas)

    - Jul 19 2018 .....unexpectedly put into position of family estate management in UTAH, I needed guidance to what was needed; Billie Crocker provided the necessary assistance to that end. She gave Bonnie & me the help we needed while being quite personable, friendly, caring, and of course very professional ..... we are and will be ever grateful to have worked with Billie Crocker; we highly recommend her. Thank you Billie .... Robert 'Bob' Brennan (Arlington, TX)
  • mat fhuere

    - Jun 21 2018 Very good at representing me, always available , very professional.
  • dale and rolene morris

    - May 03 2018 Billie Crocker has been so helpful to us. We could not have been able to get all the work done that needed to be done without her help. She has been available throughout this process at a moments notice and has kept us up to date on everything. We are very grateful for all she has done for us.
  • Chad Hulme

    - Mar 16 2018 Billie did a great job! Very happy with her professionalism
  • Betsy Bradley

    - Feb 13 2018 I’ve known Billie for over 20 years. She has closed real estate deals, formed LLC’s, and written my will. She is a trusted friend and legal professional.
  • Wane Workman

    - Feb 13 2018 Billie was very easy to work with and provided excellent service!
  • js

    - Jan 27 2018 Billie is exceptional, well versed, personable, honest, highly knowledgeable and very accommodating with different schedules. She has been extremely helpful in many different situations needing an Attorney that really listens and is client focused.
  • Judy Coon

    - Jan 16 2018 Great
  • Paul Silva

    - Jan 15 2018 Very nice and polite and quick at responding to my questions
  • Jim Hawkins

    - Dec 16 2017 I am very happy with the help I have been given from miss Crocker and she is very helpful with her vast knowledge of the law in many areas I would refer any one with a legal problems to her for help thank you
  • Larry Burton

    - Dec 15 2017 Very knowledgeable and prompt.
  • Sari Rigby

    - Nov 20 2017 Billie is a very professional and personable attorney. She is always available when needed. I recommend her. She will do her best for you.
  • Jarid Green

    - Nov 17 2017 Very personable, responsive, overall great experience
  • Teresa Day

    - Nov 16 2017 I have never had such personalized service ever. I'm happy that the job gets taken care of and is on point. My stress and worries are always put at ease. I can easily get in contact and have any questions or advice taken care of efficiently and quickly.
  • will k.

    - Nov 15 2017 she is amazing, fast and responsive to my specific case and needs...she has a vast knowledge and is a true advocate, i went through 4 other attorneys before i found Billie Crocker and once we got started she worked for ME!
  • Kent Johnson

    - Nov 15 2017 I would just like to say that Billie has been extremely helpful, understanding, and very caring. She is much more than just an attorney. She is a real friend who helps people with their problems and she is definitely not in just for the money she really cares. Billie is a great attorney and is very knowledgeable and if there is something she does not know she is not afraid to work harder to find a resolution.
  • Rebecca MCcann

    - Nov 15 2017 Billie is the Best! Honest and very sharp. I wouldn't use anyone esle.
  • Ricky Bobby

    Jul 10 2018 Billie is an amazing person! She goes out of her way to make sure you are properly taken care of. Will continue to use her for all my legal needs! Thank you for your hard work and help Billie!
  • mat fhuere

    Jun 21 2018 Very Professional, Top notch.
  • Cindi Keane

    May 23 2018 Billie is efficient and knows her stuff. She's helpful, even if your paperwork is a mess. She's also very professional. I'd recommend her any day.
  • Alyssa Weatherspoon

    Sep 24 2016 I used Crocker Law Firm on 2 different occasions. Both times she was easy to get a hold and responded in a timely manner. During a time that was incredibly stressful she walked me through it all and provided me with all information needed to relieve some of the stress. She fought hard for what was fair and right on both my cases. I highly recommend her. You won't get a better attorney I can guarantee that. She simply is the best!
  • Bob Levin

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