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At The Micklin Law Group located in Nutley, New Jersey, our mission is to meet the needs of our clients with personal service and customized counsel. Unlike many of the large law firms, where individual clients often become “lost in the shuffle,” our group follows every detail of your case from beginning to end.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • BH

    Jan 24 2020 Great Job, well done. After speaking with Brad and his team. I was still apprensive about winning my case. They assured me it was possible. They delivered what they said and more. Solved my alimony and tax situation. My sincere thanks to Brad, Richard and the entire team. Thank You again Sincerly BH

    Sep 14 2018 I went through a highly contested Divorce and Richard Muglia handled my case. He was very well prepared for my court hearing and mediations. Very sympathetic, patient and a good listener as well. In the end i got 8 years of Alimony out of 10 years of marriage. The team helped me in pushing my ex husband and in getting me a fair share.
  • JH

    Sep 10 2018 Excellent, When I tell people that I got my house,alimony and child support in the divorce settlement , they look at me,and ask , who was your lawyer? I tell them,Brad Macklin!
  • Jessica

    Aug 16 2018 The Micklin Law Group are the type of people you hope you never have to use again, because they represented me during the most difficult time in my life; divorcing a narcissist with a newborn. Not only did they take my case when I was in California, they helped me keep my son and I safely on the West Coast. I'm tearing up just thinking about that dark time. They were truly the beacon of light in the storm, through the deepest lows to the ultimate highs of winning my case. I literally wouldn't be here without them, and would recommend Brad, Carmen, Rachel and the team to anyone who wants the best in the business who care about their clients. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude!
  • JNS

    Aug 06 2018 My overall experience with Micklin group was pleasant. This was the only law firm that I approached for my legal matter. Never spoke to any one else. Legally I have always received a realistic picture of what to expect and what not to. Never had to waste extra time and money on issues. The team put in their best efforts to understand my situation and my needs. It's a law firm with professionalism at its best with compassion for their client. THANK YOU!
  • Luis E Rodriguez

    Jun 20 2018 Overall great. Your knowledge, experience and Law acumen excels in everything you do. I felt protected and educated during my legal process. The only reason why I do not give you 5-starts is because your office model of delineation of roles and responsibilities not always works to the best of the client. The moment you assigned me to another attorney within your practice, things became confusing in terms of client communication and the resulting billing. Next time I need legal support, I will definitely come back to you but only with one requirement. That is that you lead my case and no one else. Thanks for everything. Luis.
  • Louis O Beaubien

    May 14 2018 When my wife passed away I didn't who to go to and my called from Seattle Washington and told me to Micklin group in Nutley NJ. I Did and that was how met Brad. I found him very professional friendly polite confident and assuring he was the right person for me. I thought about it and said he was hired and began my relationship with Brad Micklen He did through his firm and very helpful staff led me through the process of dealing with my wife's death without a will. I filed a will of my own with and his staff and felt he had been my best choice. I do trust my children and my son steered me to the right person I to am a professional person who deals with medical rehabilitation. I'm satisfied I made the best choice in this matter thanks to Brad and his staff
  • Susan Schenke

    May 13 2018 The most experienced attorneys in the area. I felt so confident in every aspect with my case. I would highly recommend.
  • Craig Hintzen

    Mar 21 2018 Brad and his team are very passionate and hard working. I won't hesitate to work with him again!
  • Robert Waite

    Feb 08 2018 At a time when our world, more than ever, is steeped in narcissistic abuse. Brad's firm is the only one I have ever found that has a deep working knowledge of this mental disorder. Brad Micklin is a bully's worst nightmare.
  • Mary Villano

    Jan 24 2018 The professionalism of all the members of The Micklin Law Group is something that you can count on every step of the way. More important, the concern and compassion Brad Micklin extends to you makes difficult issues bearable. Brad Micklin handled my sister's divorce. When she later died without a will, Brad's expert guidance in establishing her estate helped us all through a heartbreaking time. When you hire The Micklin Law Group you are receiving the expertise of attorneys and the true dedication of people who care about your feelings as well. I would recommend Brad Micklin as an attorney and an expert advocate for his clients legal needs and a truly compassionate person.
  • Theresa Kane

    Jan 22 2018 I've had recent serious health issues which spurred me to put together my will and end of life wishes. I am very happy with the professional job done which has given me peace of mind.
  • Susan Schenkei

    Jan 11 2018 Brad was my attorney for a very long time . I can always trust he was giving me sound legal advise and I never felt like I was bothering him. He always took my calls morning noon and night and put my mind at ease. Always got a fair outcome . Recently I had the pleasure of working with his associate Rachel Iaasacs and she fought hard for me and was an excellent attorney . I would recommend the.micklin law group with confidence
  • Ramon Negron

    Nov 19 2017 My experiences with the New Jersey court system reguarding my ex-wife and child support, was always one of hopelessness. I was always the defendant in every court notice, But upon changing my lawyer and hiring the Micklin Group, I found myself being the plaintiff
  • Bent Larsen

    Oct 23 2017 All staff at Brad Micklin was always helpful and were able to answer all my inquiries promptly, correctly and courteously A real professional group of folks Thank you
  • Paul Galati

    Oct 20 2017 Had a continuing difficult custody situation and Brad was there to straighten it all out. With great advice and his skill regarding child custody, it all turned out better than I thought it would. He also has a great office staff. I can't thank Brad enough. Always number 1 with me.
  • Daniel Swarts

    Oct 13 2017 Outstanding, professional, Brad and the entire staff, I recommend him highly
  • Susan Romeo Schenke

    Oct 05 2017 The Micklin Law Group has been my lawyers since 2001, that says enough in itself. They are very honest and have good ethics. I've had the pleasure of working with Brad Micklin and also Rachel Isaacs. I feel very confident in every thing that they have done for me. They also provided me with great advisement which led to many of positive results. I would recommend them highly. If you want a lawyer who is honest and will fight for you, the Micklin Law Group is the way to go!
  • Daniel Swarts

    Sep 13 2017 Outstanding
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Aug 18 2017 Brad is a featured attorney/mediator on He receives our 5 Star rating and we highly recommend his services.
  • Daniel Swarts

    Jun 13 2017 The Micklin Law Group, and Brad Micklin are the BEST. They are with you every step of the way. All calls are answered promptly. The service is second to none. I can truly tell you Brad knows what he is doing. He is honest. I would highly recommend Brad and the Micklin Law Group
  • Andriana Mc Kenna

    Apr 17 2017 Handled our case very well. Was easy to talk to and worked very hard for us. If we needed a lawyer again would use him.
  • Celinda Yepes

    Oct 11 2016 I am very satisfied with the professionalism of all attorneys and personnel who are part of The Micklin Law Group. Brad Micklin and his team have represented me in two cases including one for relocation to a different State. I am VERY happy with the way my cases were handled, with close attention to details, and great preparation of all the information for the trials. Not an improvised representation but cases very well prepared and learned by all the attorneys of the group. Brad was able to get me the out-of-state relocation with my son, which is not something easy to achieve. Also, he is very responsive, he did not leave a single question unanswered, and constantly followed up with me even after the cases were closed. That to me, is a high quality service. I totally recommend this firm.
  • John Salamone

    Aug 12 2016 Engaging Mr. Micklin to represent me was a terrible decision; he is the embodiment of all the things that make people view some lawyers in a bad light. Prior to my court date I spent a considerable amount of time providing him with the facts relevant to the hearing agenda (and was over billed for that time) but, when we appeared in court, Mr. Micklin was totally unprepared to argue my case. As a result he made an incredible and inexcusable error that caused a major setback to my position. His fees are exorbitant and his billing practices are questionable, bordering on unethical. I performed an Internet search and I found numerous posts/complaints about Mr. Micklin almost identical to mine. I have submitted a formal complaint to the NJ Bar Association detailing Mr. Micklin’s incompetency and billing practices.
  • Spiro Frangos

    Nov 22 2015 Authentic, Genuine and results oriented My wife and I recently retained Mr. Micklin due to a threat of domestic violence issues as well as for family court matters. I do not care to list the details as they are of a personal nature, but I want to point out that there was so many details and I want to take a moment to point out how well they were cared for, crafted and more so handled. Mr. Micklin and his entire team handled my wife, her case, the details, and everything involved with the utmost level of Professionalism and detail. And not just one or 2 or 3 different people..... Literally anyone who works there is quite impressive. In their appearance, demeanor and their genuine and authentic willingness to satisfy us. Frankly, as much as I respect Mr. Micklin as an attorney says:

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