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Barton Atkinson & Murdoch, P.C. is an Idaho law firm experienced in multiple areas of practice including Estate Planning and Administration, Family Law, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Probate, and Workers Compensation.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • NF

    - Dec 27 2021 Steven is a hard working and honest individual, he had things squared away in no time. He is easy to work with, and explains things well. I would have no hesitation in retaining his services again.
  • Rosamond Murphy

    - Sep 25 2020 I have known Breck for many years, I found his name in the phone book while looking for a lawyer to help me in a work comp case in the 80s , since then he has become someone that I have trusted greatly. Recently he represented me and my family in a wrongful death claim against the VA. He provided the best representation for us with a very professional and caring nature. I remember during our hearing having the judge told me she had seen Breck in cases and had the utmost respect for his compassion and integrity. Nothing I already didn't know. He truly knows what he is doing and takes the time to explain to us layman's in a manner that we understand, but most importantly He cares!
    • Breck Barton

      Sep 28 2020Rose, it has been great getting to know you over the years. I appreciate your kind words and your friendship.
  • Rachel Blaylock

    - Sep 18 2020 Breck is a great lawyer. He is honest and respectful to his clients. I would use him again :)
  • Rachel Blaylock

    - Sep 18 2020 Breck is a great lawyer. He is honest and respectful to his clients. I would use him again :)
    • Breck Barton

      Sep 18 2020Thank you Rachel!
  • HH

    - Aug 31 2020 Breck Barton's law firm has handled a few cases for our family over the years and have been very attentive to our legal needs. They are knowledgable and effective and can be trusted in their work.Thank you Breck Barton Law Firm!
    • Breck Barton

      Aug 31 2020Thank you for your feedback.
  • Gary Kauer

    - Aug 30 2020 Satisfied
    • Breck Barton

      Aug 31 2020Thank you Gary. We appreciated working with you.
  • Candy Reeder

    - Aug 30 2020 Was very informative about what he was supposed to be doing and he was very good at getting back to me
    • Breck Barton

      Aug 31 2020Thank you Candy.
  • Nancy Watts & Watts LNC Watts

    - Aug 11 2020 Breck is a tenacious attorney, with exceptional skills in medical malpractice claims. He will achieve the best results possible with any case.
    • Breck Barton

      Aug 11 2020Nancy, Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback.
  • Patty Rockstahl

    - Jul 31 2020 Worked with Breck on several matters he is an honest and caring attorney. Very Passionate about special needs children.
    • Breck Barton

      Aug 11 2020Patty, thank you for your feedback. I have enjoyed working with both you and Joe.
  • Joe Rockstahl

    - Jul 31 2020 We have worked on a few cases together and I would do so again in the future. Breck is very professional and knowledgeable, we always get good outcomes.
    • Breck Barton

      Aug 11 2020It has been great working with you Joe. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
  • Tracy and Jeff Wynn

    - Jul 02 2020 We found Breck to be passionate, Thorough, Professional, Compassionate and a well-versed Lawyer in pertaining to our cases. He and his staff communicated well With us via letters and phone as needed. Calls to us were returned in a timely manner. Our legal issues throughout the process was plainly explained which added to our understanding of the process of our cases helping us to feel confident in his abilities. We appreciated everything he and his staff did for us.
    • Breck Barton

      Jul 02 2020Thank you for taking the time to make this review. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you both. Thank you Tracy and Jeff!
  • W Bradford DeLong MD

    - Jul 01 2020 Mr. Barton engaged me as a neurosurgical expert witness for several of his clients. He's very easy to work with and provided pertinent case information promptly and accurately. He truly cared about the welfare of his clients. He paid invoices promptly. I recommend him highly.
    • Breck Barton

      Jul 02 2020Thank you Dr. DeLong for taking the time to give us some feedback.
  • Brian DeFriez

    - Jul 01 2020 I've worked with Breck for several years. He cares deeply about his clients and goes the extra mile to master the facts and the law in each of his cases. I highly recommend using his services.
    • Breck Barton

      Jul 02 2020Thank you for your review Brian. I have appreciated working with you.
  • Bryen Clinton

    Apr 29 2020 Had an adoption that Mr. Barton took care of for my family. Ended up going to court over the contested father. Mr. Barton took care of witnesses, private investigator, and social worker testimonies. He had all the bases covered. Exceptional attorney who knows what he is doing. Office staff was courteous and very helpful. The word on the street from other attorneys is that if you want your matter handled professionally and done right, you go see Mr. Barton.
  • JeremyDanielle Christensen

    Feb 09 2019 Breck's law office was great to work with. Breck was always professional and honest. His staff was always kind and informative to any question I had regarding my case. Highly recommend!! says:

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