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My mediation experience started as a participant in a family-divorce mediation. Finding mediation interesting and successful, I decided to become a mediator. My first mediation training came from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), the agency formed in 1947 to mediate and facilitate national labor disputes. After FMCS training, I worked as an IRS Appeals Officer mediator, mediating disputes between the IRS-Exam function and taxpayers. I found mediation challenging and exhilarating, but most notably I was very good at being a neutral mediator. I have participated in numerous IRS mediations. Despite being an IRS employee, my reputation was for being neutral and fair with an ability to help find reasonable solutions for all parties.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Shyla

    Feb 17 2019 He was very professional. Arrived early. Courteous, and walked us through it all. I am so fortunate he was assigned to us. If we got off topic he nudged ya in the right direction. You are seriously lucky, if you got this guy!!
  • Joseph Stein

    Oct 12 2018 Brian Gilroy was a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible.

    Oct 12 2018 Very professional and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with in resolving my issue.
  • Jim McD

    Sep 23 2018 Having worked with Mr. Gilroy during mediation at a small claims court pre-trial conference, I was very pleasantly surprised. Initially, I thought there would be no point to mediation in my case, but he proved me wrong. Turns out he's not just a very nice man, but an extraordinary mediator to boot. I am grateful for his time, patience, and for explaining everything to me so thoroughly. In my case the opposing party was represented by an attorney, while I was not. However, Mr. Gilroy would not allow the discussion to proceed if he thought I did not fully understand something, and he made sure all my questions and arguments were translated to legalese for the attorney (and vice versa). He really cares about people going through a rough time. If you have a choice of mediators, I recommend Brian Gilroy without hesitation!
  • Tamara Brown

    Sep 13 2018 Mr. Gilroy was compassionate and caring while making sure I understood all of my options. I felt the process was fair even though I did not get everything I wanted. However, I still believe mediation was the best option.
  • roger c gillespie

    Sep 12 2018 Always inclusive of all in the room.
  • Greg Nestor

    Sep 12 2018 very professional, hard working, excellent attorney. Very happy
  • Kim Schooley

    Sep 12 2018 Worked with Brian before his attorney days. Most brilliant person I’ve ever met.
  • Shyla Mielich

    Feb 17 2019 Very much enjoyed this gentleman. He helped us through every step. He was early for the appointment, and got the job done in no time. I hope I never have to use a mediator again but if I do, I’m looking him up. You’re lucky to catch this guy.
  • Joseph Stein

    Oct 12 2018
  • Jim McDonough

    Sep 23 2018 If you have a choice of mediators, I recommend Brian Gilroy without hesitation! He's a very nice man, and an extraordinary mediator to boot.
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