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When life throws serious legal issues in your path, King Law Offices will work with you to confront those issues. Attorney Brian E King understands how emotionally draining legal issues can be.

Whether you are faced with a civil, criminal or family law matter, you need an attorney that not only is aggressive but also caring and compassionate. You have worked hard to achieve. King Law Offices will work hard to ensure you and your family survive your legal issues with the least amount of stress.

Brian E King understands you may not be familiar with the legal system. You may wonder if the choices you are making will provide the best possible outcome for your case. Brian will ensure you understand all steps in your case, have copies of all legal documents filed, and are kept up to date of any and all changes in your legal battle.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Ken Stumpf

    Dec 08 2019 I've used Mr. King going on 20 years now. This is the man you want on your team. He has handled many types of cases for my family and I , and I have been 100 % satisfied each time..he is efficient with my time and money. He is very personable and well know in his work environment and the courtroom . I would highly recommend him for small and big cases to anyone that wants one of the best in the C/U area..
  • Luis Gonzalez

    Nov 15 2019 Brian represented me on two different occasions. The first time was during my pursuit of custody with my ex wife. Brian is an excellent attorney. He is very professional and precise. In the end, he helped me to obtain full custody of my child. The second time was during a misunderstanding I had with a crazy ex. I was charged with something I didn't do and Brian was able to represent me and get the charges dropped and the arrest expunged very easily. I can't say enough about his credibility. If I needed an attorney today, he would the the one I would want in my corner.
  • Keith Phillips

    Nov 15 2019 Brian helped me with my divorce, he's a good man, has a heart. He will be there when you need advice. Highly recommend this man.
  • Tara Johnson

    Oct 20 2019 Brian King is a very fair, thorough and understanding lawyer. We have used BK a few times over the years for various cases. An outstanding lawyer that I would reccomend 10x over. Great communication and keeps his word!
  • Thomas Navolt

    Oct 19 2019 Very professional this man gets the job done.
  • Souriya Sayavongsa

    Oct 17 2019 Brian King as my lawyer was calm and collective, and delivered. Brian understood what message he wanted to send to the Judge to allow the Judge to see clearly the truth on our behalf. Brian is a great lawyer, his skill in questioning the opposing side and stating bluntly the facts painted a clear picture for the Judge to rule in our favor, Brain King is my choice for anyone wanting to choose a defense lawyer.
  • DL

    Oct 17 2019 Brian has help me in so many ways with family issues. Even when unexpected things have happened Brian is willing to help. He is good keeping you updated with your case. I would recommend Brian if your in need of a good lawyer. Brian is also a very understanding lawyer and is ready to help.
  • Laura W.

    Oct 16 2019 Life can get extremely difficult. Especially when kids are concerned. Brian came into our lives and got straight to business. He has helped put my family back together again. He fights for what is right and is always on top of my case. I truly thank God for Brian and all the hard work he does and continues to do for my family.
  • Anna Morris

    Oct 16 2019 I have used Brian as my family lawyer for advise and help. He has always been there for my family and very understanding. Sometimes it is hard to get ahold of him but I have found with my experience, if he says that he will do is Done and always on time. THANKS Brian for always being there for my family and friends.
  • Jeff vanbuskirk

    Oct 16 2019 Great experiences helping with traffic violation issues.
  • KD

    Oct 16 2019 Brian has been the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with. He was very attentive to our needs and guided us through the process flawlessly. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
  • nick jukes

    Oct 15 2019 well rounded lawyer, very open and communicated well. would recommend
  • PJLJ

    Oct 15 2019 Brian really knows his way around the family courts. He is very good at understanding what really matters in family court. Often as husbands or wives, we think many things are important, which really aren't important to the judge or the legal process. Brian was able to help me navigate through the process and was able to successfully get the absolute best custody settlement possible for our family. For that Iam very grateful.
  • James Holland

    Oct 15 2019 .You are always plain spoken and explained things so it was easy to understand. .You are always happy to answer any question and address any concerns I had. .You never judge. Even when it came to talking to me about Casey. .When it came to my ticket. I didn't have to do anything. You just took care of it. .I think you're probably one of the best lawyers in town. It's obvious you care about your clients. I have a great deal of respect for you.
  • Kristy Eyer

    Oct 15 2019 Hands down the best lawyer you’ll come across. He knows his stuff and gets the job done. THE BEST!
  • Charles Lange

    Oct 15 2019 I have worked with Brian in different capacities for a number of years. He is very thorough and knows what he is doing. I recommend him highly and would encourage others to see him as well. He is simply the best.
  • Tamara M

    Apr 03 2019 Mr. King is a Godsend. Navigating the family judicial system is complicated. King is the first attorney that has taken the time to listen, research my case, and provide results. My only wish? I would of retained him sooner. I highly recommend taking the time to meet with him, review your situation, and listen to him. We need more attorneys like Mr. King. Thank you again!
  • Celeste Carr

    Nov 08 2017 Brian King and the team at his office have helped us for several years in different situations. He is fair, honest and a true professional. Very compassionate and thorough. If needed, we will keep our business with King Law Offices for any help needed with the law. I recommend him all the time when someone needs help.
  • David Waselkow

    Nov 08 2017 Brian has exceptional listening skills and a talent for reducing complicated legal concepts to terms any person can understand. He is responsive to clients, always non-judgmental, and consistently invested in doing all he can to care for his clients and advocate for their interests. Often, when a person needs an attorney, they are at their worst (or a really bad time in life). Brian respects that situation, and the person, and helps make difficult times much easier to get through and resolve. Highly recommend! says:

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