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Mr. McMahon is a West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorney ready to help you with all of your bankruptcy needs. With nearly 25 years of experience as a bankruptcy attorney. He is an Of Counsel and is experienced in bankruptcy, collections, loan modification, debt negotiation, and foreclosure. Throughout his extensive legal career, Mr. McMahon has represented, individuals, banks, creditors, and businesses. Mr. McMahon firmly believes that each and every client is unique, which is why he takes the time to personally discuss his client’s financial situation and then work with them to determine the best approach.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Ona Ryan

    - May 10 2022 Mr.Mahon was an excellent attorney. He helped me file for a bankruptcy discharge. He led me step by step what I need in paperwork, classes to complete and was even present during the hearing. I would strongly encourage you to consider hiring him to help you with any legal need.
  • Cliff

    - Mar 29 2022 Brian helped me through every step of the bankruptcy process without fail! This was the fresh start I needed. Thank you!
    • Brian McMahon

      Mar 31 2022Thank you for your kind review. It is always our hope that we can reduce our clients\' stress as they go through the bankruptcy process
  • Briana

    - Jun 09 2021 Brian did an outstanding job and treated me like family. He was professional and courteous. Highly recommended him!
  • Matthew Callaway

    - Feb 21 2020 Brian is the best attorney that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He kept us on track when things got a little hectic for us. He is very professional, informative and still approachable. We never had to wait on anything more than the time that he needed to find answers and get back to us. I would recommend him to anyone that has to go through a bankruptcy.
    • Brian McMahon

      Feb 21 2020Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I appreciate your business.
  • Billy Leidner

    - Jan 03 2020 We are so happy that we chose Brian McMahon as our attorney for our bankruptcy case. He is so disciplined, level headed and experienced. He got us through a time in life where we were a hot mess.
  • Keith Hartley

    - Jun 28 2019 Brian is awesome. He never for a second ever hesitated to answer my questions. Through the whole process he made me feel like I was having a casual conversation with my brother or friend. Super personable guy! Thank you guys for making this process easy.
  • Maggie Walker Milstead

    - May 03 2019 Brian was a huge help to me at a time that I felt most vulnerable. He answered all questions and eased my anxiety about how best to proceed. Brian McMahon made a typically miserable experience as hassle-free as possible. I highly recommend his services to anyone in similar financial difficulties.

    - Apr 04 2019 Brian McMahon represented me for my personal bankruptcy. I was very satisfied with his work and his counsel. I have now been discharged. Through this process, I felt I was very well represented and his counsel was correct and well done.
  • Steven Thomas

    - Sep 14 2018 I’ve worked for Brian in the past and sought his legal advice many times. He is always generous, cares and makes sure he represents you well. Highly recommend!
  • Brady Carbocci

    - Sep 13 2018 Very knowledgeable and a complete professional. Thank you!
  • Karin Kingsbury

    - Sep 10 2018 Brian was knowledgeable, thorough, and considerate. During the stressful time he was able to take care of all of my issues quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed with Brian and his staff. If I were to rate him I would give him an A+!
  • SV

    - Sep 05 2018 Excellent!
  • DS

    - Jun 18 2018 Brian was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable regarding our bankruptcy filing. It was a very complicated case and he helped in every way possible and does to this day with prompt replies and reassuring information. We highly recommend Brian.
  • DL

    - Jun 12 2018 Mr. McMahon handled our bankrupsey in a timely and professional manner. I had a lot of questions, he was kind and patient. He answered my emails right away. Our outcome was more than we expected due to his expertise. We recommend him highly.
  • Michael Evans

    - Jun 01 2018 Brian, Thank you for helping my family and me through a very difficult time. I never thought my wife and I would have to file bankruptcy. However, due to an unexpected job loss at the wrong time, we found ourselves in a financial hole, unable to recover financially and our debt snowballed. Again, thank you for helping us understand that bankruptcy is there to help people like us with a fresh start. That we are not alone. That bankruptcy is not something to be feared or ashamed of. It is a legal tool available to help families through tough financial situations. Mike & Cindi
  • Tom P

    - May 18 2018 Brian was extremely knowledgable and professional throughput my Chapter 13 process.

    - Dec 14 2017 When I came to Brian K. McMahon through an internet referral I was panicked and scared of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that I knew would be necessary to get my financial problems under control. He was kind and patient, answering the thousand of questions I had and gave me reassurance that he had done this many times before and he would see me through it. He was always available to me and handled my paperwork accurately in a timely fashion. He was nice enough to come down to South County to meet with me and prepared me well for my court appearance. I would definitely recommend him. Competency and compassion is a winning combination and Brian K. McMahon has them both.
  • Mark truby

    - Dec 13 2017 Great job Brian. Thank you.
  • Maureen Nathanson

    - Nov 21 2017 Excellent guidance in a difficult situation.
  • Charles agro

    - Oct 15 2017 C very good and kept his attention directly on my case and gave my family
  • BF

    - Oct 14 2017 Professional, efficient, thorough, and prompt.
  • CG

    - Oct 13 2017 Brian, I appreciated your obvious experience guidance and attentiveness which was so very helpful with resolving my problems.
  • Seawall Doctors

    May 30 2018 Brian helped me during a very stressful time. He is professional, trusting and efficient. Thank you Brian for all that you've done for me.
  • Brett M

    May 30 2018 Highly recommend for all your legal advice. Brian is experienced, trusting, and truly cares about his clients.
  • Edward Lewis

    Aug 20 2017 Brian McMahon has been a most thorough, efficient, and considerate attorney who has helped my wife and I through a difficult process.
  • ed elder

    Aug 01 2017
  • Jeff Babbitt

    Jun 09 2017 says:

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