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Since 1984, New London County family law lawyer Bruce Chamberlain has helped thousands of clients in Connecticut get through life's most trying times. His 30 years of experience allow him to provide accurate, informed advice that is grounded in reality.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Jerry Gil

    Nov 27 2018 In a time of need Bruce truly came through. No one wants to go through a messy child custody dispute, however if you do pick Bruce. Bruce is a father and a kind person who will fight with passion and truly cares. When you call him he picks up the phone. He responds to email nights, weekends, and on holidays. It's nice to know someone has your back at the hardest of times. Bruce is a professional and puts everything he has into all of his cases. Bruce is fair with his billing and doesn't rip you off like all of the other firms. I speak from experience, I had two other attorneys that didn't care and worked together to drive up the cost. Bruce is dedicated to his clients and doesn't play any games. If you notice I'm not calling him Attorney Chamberlain, that's because he has earned a place as a loyal friend and is far more than just an attorney. Bruce truly is the best and if it wasn't for him
  • Joshua Kelly

    Jul 20 2018 Bruce went above and beyond in my case and brought about a successful end to a year long attempt for my ex wife to relocate my kids across the country. I cannot recommend him enough. Joshua Kelly
  • Chris Hapgood

    Jul 20 2018 Attorney Chamberlain has helped me with multiple custody cases. I was very pleased at how quickly he answered my call for legal aid, as well as giving me the best advice possible while building the cases, keeping my interest and intentions at hand. Also in seeking attorney Chamberlain’s help, he has offered a very reasonable payment plan considering his ability in handling a variety of cases is well above most other attorneys I’ve seen. I would highly recommend having attorney Chamberlain as council, and look forward to working with him in any future legal disputes.
  • Aaron Studer

    Jun 17 2018 A+++ Would Recommend
  • John Suarez

    Jun 15 2018 I authored my own family plan and in the end was the one who struck a deal with my ex. Still I could not have some it without his legal representation and the services of his paralegal. And for that I am grateful.
  • Kenneth Cooper

    May 25 2018 Is there a ten star rating?
  • Jeff Christensen

    Apr 06 2018 Attorney Chamberlain guided me through my divorce as painlessly as can be expected. He and his staff communicated well and always responded to emails and calls quickly. I was satisfied with the results.
  • Andrew Riquier

    Feb 23 2018 Bruce was very helpful to me during these difficult times. He gave me the sport and confidence I needed to move on to the next step in my life. I will definitely recommend him!
  • Gail Barber

    Feb 23 2018 Attorney Bruce Chamberlain was so helpful and knowledgeable assisting us through the legal process in a warm and professional manner. He gave us honest guidance during a very difficult time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Atty Chamberlain for anyone going through the legal process with sensitive and wrenching family matters.
  • James Bradford

    Dec 07 2017 Awesome very professional easy to deal with.
  • Troy Greenwald

    Nov 21 2017 Atty Chamberlain has represented me through a divorce, child custody/visitation issues as well as several child support hearings over the last 10 years. Bruce has been there with me whenever needed. He's always understood the issues and represented my cause with vigor.
  • Robbie Abston

    Nov 21 2017 Attorney Chamberlain, you made a difficult experience a little easier with your knowledge and quick responses to inquiries. You answered all of our questions and helped us navigate the court quickly and efficiently. Your ability to help us try to find compromises was wonderful. Thank you so much for all of your help, we will be sure to recommend you to others in the future.
  • Jeremy Adamson

    Nov 09 2017 When I first reached out to Bruce Chamberlin in regards to my high conflict custody case, he immediately gave me legal advice and confidence. He was very reassuring and able to navigate my situation. He is intuitive, understanding and demonstrates outstanding professionalism in the court room. He made me feel comfortable during the stressful proceedings. Not only is he accurate, he has amazing rapports with those involved in the legal system. I have been repensented by different attorneys, none of them preformed their job as well as Bruce Chamberlin.
  • James Bradford

    Sep 08 2017 Very good very perfessional easy to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Sep 02 2017 Bruce is a featured attorney on and he is highly recommended.
  • Lori Rossier

    Aug 10 2017 Knowledgeable, effective, and affordable attorney. I was well represented in a divorce and custody case. Highly recommend his office!
  • Karen Diez Canseco

    Jun 07 2017 Attorney Chamberlain has represented our family on many civil and family matters concerning our son and grandchild. His legal judgment has always been outstanding. He has an excellent understanding of the judicial system. He works cooperatively with the judges. Attorney Chamberlain has always clearly explained the proceedings and given us peace of mind in contentious matters. We highly recommend him.
  • ken lake

    Jun 07 2017 Hired attorney Chamberlain for my 3 civil cases against my ex which became a very difficult situation considering the very unprofessional behavior of the opposing attorney, which Bruce just handled in stride ignoring all of the BS and continued to move forward with the cases, the working relationship was excellent, he listened to my input, researched all topics , kept me up to date with how the cases were proceeding and responded to my emails quickly and straight to the point. His staff is friendly and billing is always correct. Nothing but good things to say about attorney Bruce Chamberlain Highly recommended.
  • Shaun Vanlew

    Jun 06 2017 He has been attentive to the situation from the beginning all the way through. He wasn't afraid to question me in case conditions and didn't take for granted that I was truthful. I earned respect from him as he earned respect from me. He has treated me and the case conditions with the deserved attention it needs. Each case is different and I could see with Mr chamberlain that he saw the importance with the truth coming out in my case. He has been determined to see that the truth is seen and those involved in the case get the outcome that is needed.. not just wanted. I'm very appreciative of Mr chamberlain taking the exact same value in my situation as I have. Attorney chamberlain has shown in multiple ways that seeing the truth in a case is more important than just winning. He's been a huge relief to date with my situation and I can't thank him enough as we continue to remain working together. Thank you Mr chamberlain.
  • Misha M

    Apr 13 2017 Be very careful who you choose for representation. It might surprise you to learn that some firms are in cahoots with each other (bed fellows) and will shuttle you to the slaughter house. Despite the egregious behavior of opposing counsel, which is contrary to the Rules of Professional Conduct, my experience with Attorney Chamberlain is that he has not quit and he has not lied to me. My divorce is complicated and the Trial began in February '17, still not over. Will review again once Trial is over. If you've been lied to by your current counsel, I highly recommend Attorney Bruce Chamberlain. He has not lied and he has not quit. says:

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