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Accident, Bankruptcy, Bi-Lingual, Divorce, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, Municipal
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Bernie Heinzmann

    - Nov 18 2022 Ms. Bonilla handled my divorce many years ago and did an excellent job. She is very well versed in Matrimonial Law.
  • Amir Aly

    Jan 08 2020 One thing I look for in an attorney is for them to be straight to the point and not sugar coat things for me so as to waste my time and rack up my fees. While she may be blunt at times it is only because she wants to win probably more than you do. Once I stopped trying to omit details from her out of embarrassment I realized how much more it helped me and if I ever wanted a warrior to represent me in court again I would look no further. She takes this job more seriously than any other attorney I’ve bore witness too. Her accolades, work ethic, and willingness to accommodate those at times undeserving speaks volumes as to her character and professionalism. Thoroughly recommend.
  • Nashima Harvey

    Nov 22 2019 Very helpful and answered all of my concerns to the best of their ability. Her support team is definitely an all star group!
  • Tamekia Bolden

    Nov 21 2019 I did not like the service I got from this firm. First waited way too long and the attitude of the the lady when I finally was able to see her just turned me off. I can represent myself for all that in court. says:

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