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Reviews and Testimonials

  • patti cavaliere

    Aug 31 2016 After speaking to other attorneys, I chose Carmina Tessitore who took the time to meet with me first to make sure we were a good fit. She was both compassionate and professional, and her friendly personality won my trust. I knew she had my best interest in mind at all times. She honored her promise to expedite my divorce, as she was aware of a recent change in uncontested situations, going the extra mile to file this paperwork, sparing me the grief of dragging this out, saving me money, and helping me to move on sooner than expected. Whenever I had concerns, she was accessible and emailed me back the same day. I would highly recommend Carmina to anyone in need of an efficient, positive outcome for legal assistance.
  • Emily Noyb

    Sep 08 2016 The professionalism and timing is unsurpassed. I never thought I'd need lawyer services, but Carmina made the process smooth and she ensured I understood it. I will highly recommend Carmina for legal needs, and will most definitely seek her services if the occasion arrises again.
  • Sirota Chiropractic Offices

    Oct 26 2016 Carmina dissolved a 20 year marriage that ended very contentiously in a two day divorce trial escalated by my X-wife out of pure bitterness and scorn. The whole process took over a year from start to finish. The other side put up every known tactic and strategic impediment one could think of. Their efforts were futile with Carmina. In many respects it is a landmark case in that it involved a divorce action in one state CT. and another in NY. State, no appreciable assets or prize of any kind and 3-wonderful children to bear the burden of it all now, and make sense of it all someday. The fracture of any family is a tragedy for the kids. If your in this position like i was, let me say that I can think of no other attorney that i could have ever wished for in any aspect of my divorce than Carmina. Every attention to detail was observed, and no stone unturned. She's incredibly organized, focused, driven, passionate, intuitive, warm, calming and incredibly empathetic and supportive. She was always there, always on time, always returned my call, always did exactly what needed to be done in the time frame it needed. She is careful to not throw money on strategies that are futile and will not likely elicit the outcome we want. Carmina is a gifted and highly experienced trial attorney. She is so brilliant and so good, it almost makes you want to get divorced all over again just to see her work.
  • Edward Liao

    Nov 10 2016 She helped guide me through an incredibly difficult matter. She is very knowledgable and patient (I ask a lot of questions). I highly recommend.