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Charlene Cathcart is a skilled and accomplished attorney who uses the power of her knowledge, experience and skill to provide her clients with the very best legal representation and solutions. From our first meeting consultation through the resolution of your case, you can rest assured that you will be listened to carefully, treated with respect and compassion, and have a strong and dedicated advocate working on your behalf.

At the Law Office of Charlene Cathcart, our focus is always on what is in our clients’ best interest. We understand that our success relies upon your success, so whether you are in need of representation in a personal injury lawsuit, need assistance resolving a tax law dispute, are facing a charge in criminal or municipal court or need legal counsel in ending a marriage, you can rest assured that you will get our complete attention and an unending commitment to legal excellence.

The Law Office of Charlene Cathcart has a well-earned reputation for providing clients with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that can provide solutions and strategies for a wide variety of legal issues, including family law, personal injury, criminal law and dispute resolution. We are proud of our record of representing individuals, families, businesses and professionals alike, providing the successful conclusion they need to some of their biggest challenges.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Adam Delussey

    - Apr 19 2024 She was very direct and forward to the point does not mess around is a great lawyer would definitely recommend her to anybody needing a good lawyer I will definitely use her again if I would ever need one
  • Michele keane-Lupton

    - Mar 05 2024 Charlene is a great attorney! I would NOT want to go up against her, EVER!!!! Glad she was on my side!
  • Walter

    - Mar 05 2024 Excelente
  • Robert Scott Ellin

    - Feb 28 2024 Very attentive and gets to the point
  • Nick Corrado

    - Feb 09 2024 Charlene is very honest and hard working. She helped me tremendously and i only trust her with my legal needs.
  • Mark Jonathon Hanson

    - Feb 05 2024 Professional attitude and personality. Answers questions with clarity. Responds to emails and phone calls promptly. I trust her advice and ethics. I offer my highest recommendation for professionalism and expertise.
  • Michele Lupton

    - Feb 05 2024 Excellent! I wouldn't wanna be the lawyer on the opposing side!
  • Joe brasile

    - Feb 04 2024 Very professional
  • Tom Zee

    - Feb 04 2024 Resolved all issues
  • Walter

    - Feb 04 2024 Excelente
  • Robert Johnson

    - Jan 09 2024 She is very knowledgeable and got the job done for me.
  • Walter

    - Jan 04 2024 Very good
  • Michele Lupton

    - Jan 04 2024 Charlene is the best contract lawyer in the world! She destroyed the defendant at trial! God bless her little soul!! Love Charlene and highly recommend her!
  • E&A Aviles

    - Dec 22 2023 Charlene has been my family/business lawyer for many years and has never failed me. She is knowledgeable and well known. I am super thankful for her honesty and guidance throughout my business experiences. I highly recommend Ms. Cathcart for any legal services you may need. If she doesn't feel that she can help you in your situation she will do the research with her colleagues and make recommendations accordingly.
  • James Rosado

    - Oct 31 2023 Charlene Cathcart has represented me in the past for different traffic violations where I was facing serious penalties. Each time; Ms. Cathcart was able to achieve a favorable outcome on my behalf. More recently I was facing extremely serious criminal charges where I was facing life in prison. Because of Ms. Cathcart’s diligence, perseverance, hard work, dedication, tenacity, and Brilliant Legal Mind; she was able to achieve a victory on my behalf. I and my family couldn’t be more thankful and happier at the outcome. Whether you’re facing a traffic offense, DUI, Or Criminal matter; Charlene Cathcart is the Attorney that you want representing you.
  • Robert Cook

    - Oct 31 2023 Excellent!
  • Leslie Ulrich

    - Oct 26 2023 Charlene Cathcart is an amazing, thorough attorney. She represented me in a municipal court matter, which was giving me lots of stress, and she worked her amazing skills and she got my case dismissed. As of yesterday, she is now representing me in my divorce and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again, Charlene!!
  • Tammi L

    - Oct 25 2023 Ms. Cathcart was a great choice with a legal matter my family was having. She did an Awesome job representing my son! I would highly recommend Ms. Cathcart to any of my friends and family that have legal trouble. Thank you again Charlene for all your help!
  • Gavin Leinhauser

    - Oct 24 2023 Did a great job would highly recommend.
  • Linda T

    - Oct 23 2023 Top notch attorney and staff. Highly recommend.
  • Ad

    - Oct 19 2023 she answered any questions I had and calmed me down when i was worried. She even got me a better outcome than I thought would happen. Would definitely recommend.
  • Michael Hammill

    - Jul 02 2023 I had a 30 year old issue , that I wanted cleared up and be able to move on in my life . Charlene represented me for my divorce and this issue , with ? satisfaction! If you want the job done right , I highly recommend Charlene Cathcart !
  • Theodore Ramoundos

    - Jun 26 2023 Ms Cathcart is a phenomenal lawyer and my wife and I couldn't recommend anyone more than her for legal needs.
  • Lizzy Gennello

    - Jun 18 2023 Excellent and honest lawyer. She has halped us in many jams and we were satisfied everytime. She is very profrssional and sometimes she performs miracles. Last time she defended me in Pennsylvania Tax Court in Harrisburg
  • Darnell Deberry

    - May 03 2023 She will go above and beyond to bring the win home truly the best
  • Arlene F. Miller

    - Apr 04 2023 Very professional and straightforward. Great to explain your options abd next steps. Would go back for any other legal advise and needs
  • Ron Bruns

    - Mar 15 2023 Over the years I have had a few top lawyers and none of them come close to Charlene Cathcart, she goes above and beyond what is called for to take care of her clients to the best of her ability
  • Henry Bittmann

    - Feb 28 2023 She is very good right to the point no nonsense.
  • Flavia Durazzo

    - Jan 27 2023 They say court cases are rigid and stressful. Charlene made sure that was not the case. She kept me informed up to the date and allowed for a smooth and tranquil case. Thank you Charlene.
  • Tessa Luciano

    - Jan 17 2023 Charlene was very professional! We had to reschedule multiple times and she worked with me with no problems. The day of my court case she was quick! And I got a no point violation with a low fee! She was amazing trust her the way I did you wont regret it.
  • Marianne

    - Dec 24 2022 Charlene Cathcart is an amazing, compassionate attorney, who is very responsive and protects our interests. I felt at ease throughout my divorcé processes, and highly recommend Charlene and her team. With Gratitude, Marianne
  • Marianne

    - Dec 24 2022 Charlene Cathcart is compassionate, very responsive and always protects our interests. I felt at ease throughout my divorce processes. I highly recommend Charlene and her team. With Gratitude, Marianne
  • Barry Golbin

    - Dec 15 2022 For a long while, I was very upset with an issue about some small property that I held which was being sought by another person. I was having great difficulty determining the legal issues therein and what my options were in dealing with this other "human being". When I was given Charlene Cathcart's name as a possible attorney, I did not know what to expect as I have had only the very rarest of legal dealings all my life. She was GREAT! Charlene Cathcart took charge of the case and immediately went to work examining the issues and explaining all aspects to me in easy-to-understand language. She kept me informed with copies of legal documents and correspondence that she filed and/ or requested, and in the end, her advice, suggestions, and guidance helped settle the issue in a most comfortable way for me. Months and months later, when I was continuing to receive some tax bills, I contacted Ms. Cathcart again, and she sent me documentation of the finality of the legal case a year earlier as well as sending a formal lawyer's letter to the governmental agency showing clearly that I should not be receiving any more tax bills. Ms. Cathcart was effective and terrific (and her staff was remarkably so also). My dealings with her via numerous phone calls and emails were always pleasant and clear I can recommend her highly.
  • Kim McDermott

    - Dec 09 2022 Best Damn lawyer I have ever had!!! Professional, no if ands are nuts about her. She is the real deal. 2 thumbs up.
  • Michael Greenberg

    - Dec 06 2022 Charlene is one of the finest attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of working with Diligent. Responsible. Excellent communication skills. Highly recommend.
  • April

    - Nov 29 2022 She the best ! She got me justice
  • Kaitlyn Haselton

    - Nov 17 2022 Charlene was wonderful and extremely helpful through my first experience with municipal court!
  • Margo Salvador

    - Nov 17 2022 Assisted with preparation of will and other elder law related matters. Very efficient. Knows her stuff
  • NC

    - Nov 04 2022 Ms. Cathcart, was very professional from the very beginning until the very end. She is a no nonsense attorney who knows her s@!t and speaks very clear when it comes to explaining your options. She handled a case for me that could've potentially resulted in jail time for me and managed to get my case dismissed. If you want an attorney who will take your money and leave you caught up in jail wondering what happened, dont call Ms. Cathcart. However, if your looking for an attorney who will give you 10000% effort, experience, honesty and respect until the end of your matter she is definitely the right attorney. She not only has my recommendation, she has my gratitude and respect. Thank you Ms. Cathcart.
  • amber devitt

    - Nov 02 2022 Great!! Thank you for everything!
  • Lou F

    - Nov 01 2022 I was rear ended by a truck causing pain and suffering.I was referred to Charlene's office there they showed respect and dignity when i needed most. She was very knowledgeable,Responsive and allows honest with me. No Comic book stories just great result!
  • S.I.

    - Oct 27 2022 Melissa was an amazing attorney who helped me greatly with my court matters and I would recommend her 10/10 anytime.
  • Chris C.

    - Sep 27 2022 My family and I have been using Charlene for almost 20 years. She is an excellent lawyer who knows the law extremely well. She is able to break down complex matters, so they are easy for clients to understand. I am very impressed with her skill set and would have no other lawyer represent me in the future.
  • Chris C.

    - Sep 27 2022 My family and I have been using Charlene for a very long time. Charlene is able to break down complex matters, so they are easy for you to understand. I am very impressed with her skill set and would have no other lawyer represent me in the future. If you want a great lawyer that will fight for you, I highly recommend Charlene Cathcart.
  • Michael Wilson

    - Sep 01 2022 Great experience, achieved the goals we set.
  • Charles

    - Sep 01 2022 Charlene was VERY thorough and knowledgeable about family law in New Jersey. She was always clear and direct with next steps, action items, and how to best handle my case and situation. I HIGHLY recommend Charlene for your legal needs!
  • Cynthia A Obus

    - Aug 30 2022 I have been using Charlene as attorney for years. Her work is exceptional and extremely thorough. All guidance given is carefully thought out for clients' best interests given the particular situation and the law. Charlene is extremely considerate of her clients.
  • Briheem Tyson

    - Aug 26 2022 A great experience all around.
  • Ronald Aldrich

    - Aug 24 2022 .MS Cathcart has been my attorney for thirty years. Very happy with her services
  • EAJ

    - Aug 23 2022 After a prominent Divorce Law Firm charged my astronomical rates with a painful outcome, I was referred by friend to contact Charlene. The first meeting with Charlene is when she took complete control and was very direct and knowledgeable. Many lawyers focus on racking up billable hours. Charlene was efficient and no nonsense. She made suggestion to help save steps in the legal process and her representation got me my life back. I can not say enough about how wonderful it was to have her on my side representing me in my divorce case.
  • AnnMarie Dubinink

    - Aug 18 2022 I wouldn't go anywhere else for legal consult. Charlene is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!
  • Frank

    - Aug 16 2022 Very professional experience for me. I had a accident and the case was handled very well. I ended up without any issues from the courts and her fee was very reasonable given the alternative. Charlene was very helpful, understanding and professional the whole process. I am sure she can provide this kind of help to everyone who has come to her office for legal help.
  • John Runquist

    - Aug 13 2022 I had the pleasure of meeting miss Cathecart for a legal matter. She was nothing but professional, she eased my worries right away. She’s all business and I had a great outcome with my case thanks to Charlene. She is the one you need in your corner trust me.
  • Joel

    - Aug 11 2022 A wonderful attorney, the best.
  • Dayshawnah Williams

    - Jul 29 2022 Thank you for the great service you have provided all of your hard work is greatly appreciated.
  • Margo S

    - Jul 20 2022 Very knowledgeable, friendly staff, helped me with all my legal matters. I would definitely recommend Ms. Cathcart.
  • Rick Salvador

    - Jul 20 2022 Great experience! She's knowledgeable and very effective in explaining things in terms that we could fully understand. All the bases were covered and we were left with no unanswered questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent attorney.
  • William Deitz

    - Jun 15 2022 Thank you so much! You were amazing.
  • John campbell

    - May 07 2022 Most Competent Attorney Honest and Professional 100 Percent Recommend ?

    - Apr 26 2022 Charlene assisted myself and my aunt with legal documents. She absolutely kind and understanding to our situation. She guided us through each packet and we left extremely pleased with her services.
  • J L

    - Nov 16 2021 I have been through quite a few difficult times in my life after the Air Force, some of my PTSD from the service severly affected my life's choices in a negative way. I found myself in the jaws of the system, doomed to a life of ridicule and humiliation. Charlene stepped in and showed me the support I needed, listened to me, genuinely understood what it means to be human, and that none of us are perfect. I will not soon forget all you've done for me, and my future family thanks you for standing by me in my darkest hour.
  • Nyzua O Rivera

    - Nov 15 2021 Very professional, straight forward and communication is great. Highly satisfied with the outcome of my case. Would recommend to anyone in need.
  • Stephanie Bichara

    - Sep 10 2021 Everything was perfect!
  • Robert Gaudiosi

    - Aug 26 2021 Never have any issues at all working together. Charlene is very kind, sharp and gets to the point of getting you in the right direction for court and so other matters! 5 stars!-
  • Howard Gregory

    - Aug 07 2021 Great representation
  • Tiara Smith

    - Jul 11 2021 Charlene is a great lawyer. She answered all my concerns professional and handled my case. I strongly and highly recommend her! Thank you again.
  • JR

    - May 20 2021 Charlene is great at getting what is best for her clients. Strongly and highly recommend her as your “go to” attorney. Thank you!
  • David Mellet Sr.

    - May 13 2021 Great representation. Ms. Cathcart really handled my case well. I am completely satisfied and would recommend.
  • John

    - Apr 06 2021 Helped me out tremendously. Was very efficient and professional. I strongly suggest if your looking for a lawyer that you go to her
  • Brian Kushner

    - Dec 09 2020 Charlene was great to deal with. Very efficient and prompt. Went in to get a will and a week later it was complete and signed. Great rates too..
  • Rocco J. Casdia

    - Dec 07 2020 Mrs.Cathcart is one the best Criminal and Civil Attorneys in the Tristate area . I highly recommend her law firm,She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Law and is a highly respected attorney that is recognized by the courts and Bar association. If you are looking for Attorney and resolution to you legal needs contact her law firm. Highly Recommend.
  • James Greenwood

    - Dec 06 2020 I recently had my will done by Ms. Cathcart Esq. I was very satisfied with her timeliness and attention to detail to ensure that my wishes will be carried out. From setting up the appointment to having my will in hand was done in no time. I highly recommend the office of Charlene Cathcart Esq. for any legal matters that may be troubling you.
  • David Mellet

    - Dec 05 2020 Ms. Cathcart is a phenomenal attorney. Once I was given a court date she was able to guide me through every step as to what I needed to do and what would happen during the process.
  • Anna Dove

    - Dec 05 2020 Amazing lawyer and definitely knows her stuff
  • Patti Beach

    - Dec 05 2020 Knowledgeable and professional. Would not hesitate retaining Ms. Cathcart’s services again nor referring others to her.
  • Monica Bruns

    - Dec 05 2020 Amazing experience very professional and communication was excellent
  • Lisa Dove

    - Dec 04 2020 Very knowledgeable and sorrow. Has a good handle in all aspects of the law. I highly recommend Ms. Cathcart
  • Lisa Dove

    - Dec 04 2020 Very knowledgeable and thorough. Ms. Cathcart has an excellent handle on the law in all aspects. I highly recommend!!!!
  • Lisa Dove

    - Dec 04 2020 Very knowledgeable and thorough. Has a great handle on past and current law. I definitely would recommend to anyone needing an attorney!!!
  • Lisa Dove

    - Dec 04 2020 Very knowledgeable and thorough. Has a great handle on the law. I would definitely recommend Ms. Cathcart to anyone!
  • Mark Blankley

    - Dec 03 2020 Charlene provided an excellent defense for an outcome that was better than expected. Even the judge said I should thank her, so I am. Thank you!
  • Chris Barbieri

    - Nov 30 2020 Charlene by far is the best attorney I have ever used. Her knowledge of the law is amazing. She explains everything and covers all bases of your case, no surprises. I have referred family and friends to her and they have been more than satisfied with the outcome of their cases. I would highly recommend Charlene Cathcart for all your legal matters.
  • Christopher DiGiacomo

    - Nov 30 2020 I have know Charlene for over 20 years. You can't beat her experience and professionalism. I not only use her legal services personally, but I refer clients to her, because I know they are getting a Great Lawyer.
  • Jose Alcantara

    - Nov 28 2020 Charlene Cathcart is a great lawyer. I have consulted with her offices many times over the past decade and she has given me excellent advice, citing the law and cases, and she has been completely fair, excellent and winning. I highly recommend the law office of Charlene Cathcart because she gets the job done well, is up front honest with you, and is an accomplished lawyer. I will continue going to her and telling all my friends about how great a lawyer she is.
  • William Hansbury

    - Nov 27 2020 Charlene Cathcart's consummate professionalism throughout the entire process was a breath of fresh air. At no point did my confidence in her ability to represent my case fade. I have utilized the legal services of Charlene Cathcart on multiple occasions and in every single case, the outcome was precisely what I had expected. She is straight forward, undeniably knowledgeable with over 30 years of experience, and extremely capable in any context. She was always available when I had questions and she made me feel comfortable and secure from start. Her guidance was spot on and her poise and presence at trial was remarkable. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone in need of legal counsel.
  • Janelle

    - Nov 26 2020 Hands down Charlene is the best lawyer around. She is very prompt on everything. You don’t have to go months without word like a lot of law offices seem to do. She truly cares that her clients get the best results. I would recommended Charlene to anyone who wants superior service without a questionable doubt.
  • Alexis Cimino

    - Nov 24 2020 Charlene was incredibly helpful resolving my case. Her and her secretary are very attentive and always have a great attitude. I highly recommend her services!!
  • PA

    - Oct 28 2020 This woman is amazing! I was in so much trouble and she worked with me every step of the way. Everything occurred during the pandemic, I had to make numerous trips to the DMV early in the morning when the lines were wrapping around the building and they were taking numbers. Before I hired her I was facing a jail sentence. She had it downgraded to no jail, no points, no moving violations. She gave me life back and I can finally sleep at night. I cannot say enough good things about this attorney!
  • Stephanie Ezzi

    Jun 21 2020 Charlene was very nice and actually gave us advise with a child custody case.
  • Lawsuit Cash Advance 1(866) 625-6722

    Jun 16 2020 Attorney is very helpful and if you need a cash advance she is cooperative
  • Nadine K

    Oct 08 2019 Charlene is the best of the best. She helped me tremendously a few years ago with a personal matter. She is very professional and attentive. I would highly recommend her.
  • Joseph Teeple

    Sep 29 2019 My family has used Charlene as our attorney for the past 20 years. During that time she has always been competent, zealous and absolutely wonderful. We have used her for tax, injury, family and criminal law. She is very ethical and affordable. And she loves animals. I highly recommend her for any legal problems that you may have. family and criminal law. She is very ethical and affordable. And she loves animals. I highly recommend her for any legal problems that you may have In our families latest brush with the law, somehow she was able to be a DWI on a technicality. She got it The charge reduced to careless driving. My brother now no longer drinks he realizes she did a miracle for him. Well that’s all we have to say we really like her she’s very nice and we thank her for helping us over the long years. says:

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