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416 Main St Ste 700
Peoria, IL 61602
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Charles E. Covey is an Illinois bankruptcy attorney. He has extensive experience in helping clients with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and other debt relief services. Mr. Covey also has the ability to assist clients with Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 filings.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Elizabeth Jackson

    Apr 19 2019 A Grear Attorney for the immediate situation I was involved in. I was referred to Mr. Covey and he was highly recommended by other Attorneys. He was very Professional and made difficult options smooth. I would recommend him to anyone that needs assistance.
  • Brandon M Gibbs

    Feb 21 2019 Easy painless he helped me every step of the way made the whole process much smoother than I anticipated
  • John hirth

    Jan 22 2019 Good except when he told me the price I agreed to when I paid him he didn’t have change so he raised the price if I had the extra money I wouldn’t have been filling bankruptcy
  • CK

    Jan 22 2019 great job
  • SR

    Dec 13 2018 Had a very good experience with Mr. Covey. Very helpful and knowledgeable. He was very professional and always on time. Very good experience!
  • Ronnie L

    Dec 04 2018 Great to work with
  • Colleen McCann

    Nov 27 2018 Mr. Covey was great! He helped explain things to me one step at a time and was there every step of the way. I definitely recommend using him as your lawyer!
  • Nathan

    Nov 23 2018 It was good. Very pleased with the outcome and ease of process.
  • SL

    Nov 23 2018 Charles Covey was very honest and upfront he made me feel at ease and so much better about my situation I would definitely refer to others!
  • Alanna Hill

    Nov 05 2018 So helpful and made this process easy to do. Highly recommend!
  • Td

    Oct 25 2018 He is a great lawyer. He made sure we were very prepared for the court date. I worked with him on two different situations and was very pleased.
  • linda holmes

    Oct 25 2018 you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sherry Davis

    Oct 25 2018 Mr Covey was very helpful at a time when I didn't know what to do or what to expect! I was very nervous about going before a judge, or whatever they are called, so I really appreciated knowing Mr Covey & his associate was there & had my back! Thank you very much!
  • NA

    Oct 14 2018 Good experience. Charles was a good lawyer. I would I will recommend others to him. Thank you
  • jerv

    Oct 01 2018 I was quite please with the knowledge and understanding. Mr. Covey is a very kind and compassionate attorney. Even with my case being a bit more difficult, or different Mr. Covey was able to see me through it.
  • A. H.

    Sep 27 2018 Very straight forward, to the point, expedient, efficient and professional. I appreciated Mr.Covey's assistance with my legal issue during a time sensitive point in my life.
  • Debra Douglas

    Sep 24 2018 Very understanding thru a difficult time. Dana is wonderful too!!
  • Tony

    Sep 24 2018 Quick and painless
  • Debra Douglas

    Sep 24 2018 Very understanding & kind to me in a very difficult time. Dana is wonderful too! Thank you for everything.
  • jrs

    Sep 11 2018 Mr Covey is very knowledgeable and was very reassuring. I would definitely recommend him!
  • Allison

    Aug 17 2018 Very easy to work with!
  • JRE

    Aug 16 2018 I highly recommend Charles Covey. He's easy to work with and will evaluate the best course of action for you, even if that means NOT utilizing his services. Charles is very knowledgable from his vast experience that produces an efficient process with an effective outcome. If in doubt, take advantage of the free consultation. You won't regret it.
  • Jody

    Aug 15 2018 Just an overall great attorney! Knows what he is doing, and seriously takes care of business!
  • Devin

    Aug 14 2018 Quick, easy, and painless. Priced very well with a very professional experience.
  • Elliot Curtis

    Aug 06 2018 Mr. Covey was great to work with. He was almost always available to personally answer our questions, and made the whole process simple and painless. Would highly recommend!
  • Jason Phillips

    Aug 01 2018 Charles was very helpful gathering all my info and making sure everything went as to plan and would always take my calls if i had a question.
  • RC

    Jul 25 2018 Going thru this difficult time,of something I thought we would ever have to deal with. Charles was there right next to are side keeping us updated on what was going on. Made this a lot less stressful. And would recommend Him and his staff to anyone. That may have to go thru Bankruptcy.
  • Stacy

    Jul 24 2018 Good!
  • BC

    Jul 24 2018 answered all of our questions quickly and made everything smooth for us.
  • Edna Bellinger

    Jul 16 2018 Good experience. Fast and reliable.
  • DE

    Jul 16 2018 He was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He set my mind at ease on the process. I would highly recommend Mr. Charles Covey.
  • KF

    Jul 15 2018 Walked us through every step and was very upfront and honest about the process. We would highly recommend Mr. Covey!
  • Kristi

    Jul 14 2018 Mr. Covey was very professional and explained what needed to be done and why. It is an overwhelming process but he was there every step of the way.
  • Pb

    Jul 13 2018 He help us out a lot. And explain everything to us.
  • Sharon pesha-Skaggs

    Jul 13 2018 Mr.Covey Was very helpful and informative of are situation answered all of are questions . He was very polite and to the point ...
  • Pam Boaz

    Jun 30 2018 Very well handle
  • Andrea p

    Jun 24 2018 Mr. Covey is an excellent attorney the whole process was very quick and nothing that I thought it would be in fact it was better than I thought it would be. Mr covey was very thorough and explained things as they were happening not once did he talk about future things which I liked! I'd recommend him to anyone
  • Michael S

    Jun 21 2018 Charles was knowledgeable, thorough and kind through the entire filing process. My case was handled quickly and effectively. I recommend Charles Covey for those in a similar situation!
  • Jessica O

    Jun 17 2018 Mr. Covey is a great attorney. My process was fast and went very smoothly. I would highly reccomend him as an attorney.
  • Kevin Johnstone

    Jun 16 2018 Moved along quickly, and adequate time was spend to make sure I understood each step in the process. Very satisfied with the service I was provided during this stressful time!
  • Joseph Frakes

    Jun 15 2018 Great experience
  • Donald Smith

    Jun 14 2018 Professional, pain free and made easy. I highly recommend to others.

    Jun 13 2018 The staff was so helpful and friendly, Mr. Charles Covey was very patient with me and explain step by step the process, I actually referred two co-workers to him!

    May 30 2018 Mr. Covey has gone above and beyond to handle my case. He is thorough an a very competent attorney. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking bankruptcy assistance.
  • Karen

    May 25 2018 Thank you for helping me !
  • Monica Williams

    May 25 2018 Charles Covey is very knowledgeable and thorough. He helps you every step of the way and answers any questions you have so that you understand.
  • Kayleigh Castillo

    May 25 2018 Mr. Covey was kind, knowledgeable, and understanding. Great attorney to work with!
  • Richard Collinson

    May 18 2018 Very helpful and knowledgeable
  • Ralph e daringer

    May 17 2018 Fast and very knowledgeable.
  • Steven

    May 17 2018 Made the process less stressful
  • LeeAnn Woodmancy

    May 17 2018 Wonderful easy experience!
  • steve eyler

    May 17 2018 Charles did a great job. Very appreciative of the results of our complicated case.
  • Rebecca Sheldon

    May 16 2018 Charles Covey made the whole bankruptcy experience as painless as it could possibly be.
  • Mark E Livingston

    May 04 2018 All my questions were answered and given exact info to how things would proceed. I was quite happy with my experience.
  • Mark

    Apr 25 2018 Very experienced attorney. Very helpful. Would recommend to anyone.
  • G

    Apr 25 2018 Great
  • Jenny

    Apr 25 2018 Excellent
  • Bill

    Apr 23 2018 I really wasn't sure what to expect. He was friendly and very thorough without being pushy. I would definitely recommend him.
  • matthew

    Apr 18 2018 He made everything really smooth with my BK chapter 7, I talked to other lawyers and by far Mr. Covey is the best, he answered all my questions and was actually listening to me when I needed clarification! other lawyers just want to hurry up and file your case. Not Mr. Covey he made me feel comfortable and made the whole process easy. Thank you Mr. Covey!!!
  • Audra

    Apr 17 2018 Mr. Covey is fantastic. Very thorough, triple checks everything, does his very best to make sure everything goes smoothly. Highly recommend him.
  • Jim

    Apr 17 2018 Easy to work with, short meetings, and easy to reach.
  • robert

    Apr 10 2018 I feel I did the right thing by having Charles Covey as my Bankruptcy Attorney. With his years of practice he made my entire procedure much less humiliating than it could have been. I would recommend Mr. Covey to anyone who is having difficulty like Myself.
  • Jeff Blahnik

    Mar 30 2018 Very good. Charles is very good to work with. Knowledgeable, Compassionate and fair.
  • MSS

    Mar 24 2018 Excellent attorney to have. He knows his stuff inside and out. He also provided great representation at the hearing by interjecting tidbits of information to the Trustee when needed. Highly recommend!
  • HB

    Mar 23 2018 He was very patient & understanding of my situation. He made the process easy to understand. Everything went as smoothly as expected.
  • Barbara J Stephens

    Mar 23 2018 I did not know what to expect at all and I was scared to death. You were very kind and right to the point and told me what you needed. I am so thankful that you were taking care of my business. I appreciated hearing from Mr. Clark and his deputy at the hearing yesterday - You have a good attorney and watching the procedings in the room yesterday I know I was the one with the best attorney. Thank you MR. COVEY!
  • William osborn

    Mar 23 2018 Very good experience he is very professional and knows his business I would recommend him to anyone.
  • SEF

    Feb 07 2018 Mr. Covey was very professional, very knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. I will definitely recommend him to others.
  • J H

    Dec 31 2017 Mr Covey was very patient explaining the procedure with us.
  • Brenda L. Theobald

    Dec 29 2017 I put myself in a very humiliating situation. Mr. Covey never made me feel like was a horrible person. He always treated me with respect and worked in every way to rectify my problem. I have respect for him as a lawyer and would give anyone needing a lawyer with the same kind of problem. THANK YOU.
  • Randy Guppy

    Dec 28 2017 Great
  • Brooke Campbell

    Dec 09 2017 Charles Covey was very helpful and caring throughout our experience with him. His assistant Dana was equally mannered! I highly recommend Charles to anyone considering Bankruptcy
  • Paul Blanchette

    Nov 20 2017 I chose Mr. Covey because of his reviews, history, and experience from an internet search. I was NOT disappointed. He worked with me, didn't sugar coat anything, and was available every time I needed to contact him. HIGHLY recommend
  • KKB

    Nov 10 2017 Mr. Covey handled our somewhat difficult situation with great professionalism. I feel he heard our concerns/goals and was very easy to talk with at our meetings. We were greatly appreciative in his work and received the best outcome imagined. Mr. Covey was highly recommended to us and we would recommend him to any friend or relative.
  • Michael Tapp

    Nov 10 2017 Mr. Covey did everything he said he would do for me at the price he gave me. He also did everything in timely manner.
  • Sheryl Barnes

    Nov 09 2017 Mr Covey was very helpful and knowledgeable with my situation. He is a smart man and want to thank him for everything he done for me. His assistant Dana was helpful with questions that I needed answered. Again thank you both.
  • Linda Brown

    Nov 02 2017 it was great
  • Shawna M Ford

    Oct 10 2017 ,
  • Marla Goss

    Oct 10 2017 I appreciated the fact you got right to business and made the process smooth. I used you back in the 80's and came back for your professional advice again! That should speak loudly!!
  • Clarissa Halm

    Oct 10 2017 Short and to the point meeting which were great as I have kids.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Oct 03 2017 Charles is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Linda Brown

    Aug 04 2017
  • Cassandra Wallace

    Mar 22 2017
  • samantha robinson

    Feb 02 2017
  • Matthew Clayton

    Feb 01 2017
  • Matthew Hoppe

    Jan 19 2017
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