Charles Koehler at The Law Office of Charles F. Koehler, P.C.

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20 W. Market St.
Leesburg, VA 20175
Mr. Koehler handles a wide range of cases and is licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia and West Virginia. He gives personal attention to each of his clients and quick and efficient attention to each case. His knowledge of the law and his commitment to your best interests are qualities which make him a wise choice for all your legal needs. If your situation calls for legal advice, you can depend on the confidential services of Charles F. Koehler.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Andrea Gay

    Feb 27 2018 He was punctual and professional. He did exactly what he said he would do. He represented me site Unseen and I was pleased.
  • Kelley Cantner

    Feb 27 2018 Mr. Koehler has been nothing short of professional in this entire process. He not only has had my best interest in mind, but has also kept me informed and educated in order to make the best decisions on the case. I absolutely recommend him.
  • Mark G

    Feb 25 2018 A good friend referred me to Mr. Koehler, and I would gladly pass along the recommendation! An outstanding, compassionate attorney, who has a deep understanding of family law, years of experience in its practice, and takes the necessary time with the client - without seeking to pad his own pocket (a VERY rare quality these days). I know first-hand he can deftly handle the "big stuff"; and I look forward to returning for his assistance with wills and other routine family matter legal advice. Bravo, Counselor - Bravo!
  • anonymous

    Feb 24 2018 I needed help in dealing with an unfair divorce settlement which is very stressful and Atty. Koehler's help and patience made the whole process a little easier and less stressful. I greatly appreciate all the help in handling my case. Thank you.
  • Jonathan

    Feb 24 2018 Mr. Koehler took excellent care of all my legal needs. His counsel extended further than just legal counsel. He kept me level headed throughout the extremely trying and stressdul situation I was going through. The heartless, scumbag stereotype that tends to fit many lawyers doesn't describe Mr. Koehler at all. He always had my best interest at heart and knew what my goals were and reminded me of what they were when my emotions got the better of me. He is a good man, with a strong moral compass who on more than one occasion took the time to help me find mine when either depression, anger, sleep deprivation or mal nutrition caused me to deviate from the course. He was readily available to help me 24/7 without complaint. If you need a lawyer, go with Charles Koehler, you won't be disappointed.
  • SW

    Feb 24 2018 Did a great job facilitating the necessary steps to get my divorce finalized with the least amount of fuss or delay!
  • Trenise E Brown

    Feb 23 2018 I was extremely impressed with Mr. Koehler. He was very professional and always call back or returned my emails. He was never too busy to take a call. If I needed assitance I would definetly pass his information on to any one. he would
  • Adrian Miller

    Feb 23 2018 Charles is an exceptional lawyer who will give it to you straight. He is very ethical and honest. Will use him again in the future.
  • Roseanna Fair

    Feb 23 2018 Great service worked with my needs and was patient and understanding of what I was going threw.
  • Mariann Bilku

    Feb 26 2018 Very knowledgeable and patient. Would definitely recommend.
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