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333 6th Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34205
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Hittel Law P. A. is a single attorney firm established in 2012 by Bankruptcy Attorney and Consumer Protection Lawyer Christopher Mat Hittel. Attorney Hittel has practiced law in Bradenton for more than seven years. Mr. Hittel’s law practice is primarily bankruptcy and consumer protection.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • John Kunce

    May 16 2018 Chris gave me solid, professional and confidential advice. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone......
  • James styers

    Feb 16 2018 From my very first meeting with Chris, I knew I had made the right decision having him representing me. Chris and his team worked quickly in reviewing my case, and offering sound advise. Gave me straight talk, pros and cons throughout the journey and ensuring we'd come to the proper resolution. Chris and his office was always quick to communicate and was very thorough. I wish I sought his legal council sooner.
  • KB

    Jan 15 2018 Understanding of a situation you never thought you would have to deal with in your own life. Took the time to understand personal needs to my situation. Have recommended services and will continue to do so. Professional and ethical service provider.
  • joan brier

    Nov 14 2017 Very professional but friendly and caring. Willing to help and did! He represented me as if I was a five star client, with a 1 star financial ability. Thanks Chris, I have told a lot of people about you.
  • Beverly O\'Nrien

    Nov 07 2017 I felt so much better after spending over 2 hrs at the office . He explained in details so much that really helped me in my situation . When I went there I needed to talk out a lot & he made me feel that I wasen't just another client. But that he was intrested in me & understood how I felt. After talking to him I now have a plan to get myself on the right track. I felt that he wasen't there just to make $$$$$$. I would advise anyone to check him out.Follow his advice & enjoy your life & not beat yourself up like I was doing before I spent time with him.
  • Andrea Dospel

    Sep 28 2017 Mr Hittel is Honest , Keeps in contact. I will definitely use him again .And I will recommend him to other people .
  • DaB

    Sep 27 2017 Very easy to work with, gets the job done with your best interests in mind. Recommend for sure!
  • Debbie Badyna

    Aug 01 2017 He resolves the issue and is very professional.
  • Susan Brown

    Jul 10 2017
  • Reg Ison

    Jun 28 2017 I was looking for feedback regarding foreclosure. I contacted Mr. Christopher Hittel by email and he called me regarding my case. I found him to be very helpful in the foreclosure matter and a great comfort in my need for legal advice. I would highly recommend this attorney for foreclosure proceedings!!
  • robert gray

    Nov 02 2015
  • Deborah Dolen

    Oct 31 2015 Christopher Hittel is an exceptional attorney. He is a stand up guy and he knows his law, having been in practice a few decades. Just from sitting in his lobby area and over hearing help he was giving to others I knew he was a stand up guy, effectual and from dealing with him later I noticed he and his staff were not bill heavy. I own many businesses so I have to have a pro client lawyer and not a pro lawyer lawyer meaning he and his staff DOES care more about the client than themselves, and not just into billing for the sake of billing. After this, I noticed he works seven days a week if that is what his clients need and sacrifices many long hours to those who have to work a 9-5 job and cannot take time off to see counsel. Christopher Hittel puts in the extra hours few other law firms bother putting in sacrificing many weekends with his own family to help his clients. He knows the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, state and Federal and he knows all the consumer relief angles. If the Law Office of Hittel cannot handle it - it has to be because a client was not upfront about something pivotal. He treats your billing as if it were his own money and he and his staff treat their clients with the utmost respect regardless of what income bracket they are in. If the office cannot see you right away (trust me I know) the office is WORTH the wait. When you truly give people real legal relief, you tend to stay busy. The best thing I have to say about ATTORNEY Christopher Hittel is that he will not lead you on and bill you for a case that is just not winnable as many other law firms are happy to do! Those firms love to hide behind the we cannot promise results ethics that all lawyers must disclose when accepting fees. But the Law Office of Christopher Hittel does not use this disclaimer in that broad way--a reason to accept any fees. Beyond consumer credit law, Christopher also seems to know contract law very well and estate planning. His staff is also well hand picked and I was surprised I already knew a few of them and elated they are on HIS team!
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