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In Michigan, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides powerful tools (Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, etc.) for parties to use to resolve their conflict. Mediation is appropriate at any stage when the parties are willing to work towards resolution. Most people do not realize they have the power to resolve their non-criminal disputes without litigation and with or without attorneys. Please reach out to me for a more complete picture of how this works.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Stacy Ferguson

    Apr 23 2019 Our mediator really came through for us. Thank you for everything.
  • Gennel Laluna-schaeffer

    Apr 07 2019 It was a productive mediation that resolved all the parties' issues.
  • J. G.

    Mar 21 2019 I was asking questions, got good feedback all the way around. Thank you!
  • S. F.

    Mar 21 2019 Dan is a miracle worker! He really helps all of us to realize what was really important to us all. Thank you!
  • Peter J. Mancini, Esq.

    Mar 08 2019 Dan has been a bit of a mentor for me by sharing his negotiations skills and tactics with me over the years. He has helped me become a better negotiator.
  • Kate Pigott

    Mar 07 2019 Dan is reliable and works tirelessly for his clients and mediation participants. We are lucky to have him on our Ag Roster!
  • Christine Church

    Mar 06 2019 Dan is a caring person, who listens deeply. He always helps people to find a solution to resolve their problems. If you're working with Dan, you're in good hands.
  • Nancy Wonch

    Mar 06 2019 I have known Dan for nearly a decade. He is honest, ethical, and highly skilled as a lawyer and mediator.
  • Eric Misterovich

    Mar 05 2019 Dan was in tune to the parties needs and helped us get to the point at the right time in the settlement talks. He guided this specific case to a quick settlement.
  • Heather M. Warren

    Mar 04 2019 Excellent experience! Dan was understanding and attempted to resolve the issue, but also understood how far apart the parties are in this case.
  • Todd Stuart

    Feb 25 2019
  • Amar Dhillon

    Feb 25 2019
  • E. Misterovich

    Feb 22 2019 Got it right to the point when it was time to get right to the point.
  • Timothy Bammann

    Feb 22 2019 I think mediator was able to help in a situation where two parties were far apart from meeting an argument. He did a very good job.
  • Jeffrey Christensen

    Feb 18 2019 Big relie and weight off from my shoulders and business.
  • Casey Visger

    Feb 18 2019 He was very professional and explained well.
  • Brenda Johnson

    Feb 18 2019 The mediator was very calming and impartial.
  • Terri Tyler

    Feb 18 2019 Thank you! I really didn't think this would be possible.
  • John Dorris

    Feb 13 2019 Very helpful. Explained everything.
  • Dawn Dorris

    Feb 13 2019 He was very professional and explained everything very well. I would recommend him to other couples.
  • Katie Meyer

    Jan 30 2019 Dan was very easy to talk to, he did a good job explaining the process. I felt it was handled fairly.
  • Rick Balhouse

    Jan 29 2019 Keep the hearing moving forward and light-hearted. Process was well done.
  • Keith Karen

    Jan 29 2019 Dan was very helpful.
  • Russ Emelander

    Jan 29 2019 This mediator was beyond helpful, could not have been better. He was as good as this process could ever be. Excellent!
  • Jenny Bloanca

    Jan 23 2019 Very pleased, I honestly didn't think we would resolve but we did! They are miracle workers thanks.
  • Eric Misterovich

    Mar 05 2019
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