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Daniel graduated from the University of Iowa Law School in 1985 and has been practicing law in the Cedar Rapids area since 1988. Daniel seeks to provide a peacemaking approach to conflict resolution, and to be an overall partner to you and your family for multiple situations that arise throughout your lifetime. Daniel wants to provide your family compassionate law services through every stage of life. What sets this firm apart from others is a “peacemaking” philosophy which underlies services as attorney, counselor at law, mediator, and arbitrator. A peacemaker seeks to de-escalate conflict, open dialogue, explore win-win solutions, base argument on solid evidentiary proof and law, show respect, avoid vilifying the other side, and utilize cost effective alternative dispute solutions. A trial can be a method of resolving disputes. A peacemaker prepares for trial while working for a settlement.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Krista Sebastian

    - Jan 14 2019 Daniel is knowledgeable and returns my calls in a timely manner. He also typically completes my requests in less time than I am needing it.
  • Steve Hartwig

    - Dec 15 2018 Daniel is great at what he does! Very good at explaining the service and details of the paperwork that is involved.
  • Krista Sebastian

    Jan 14 2019 Daniel is efficient, and gets requests done very quickly. He is also very knowledgable.
  • mary beth willems

    Jan 10 2018

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