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For comprehensive, trustworthy tax help in the Charlotte area, David B. Newman, LLC, is your answer. Our licensed and insured tax attorneys provide a wide range of tax services to local families and businesses. Offering 40+ years of experience, free initial consultations, and unbeatable personal attention, we do whatever it takes to produce the tax resolution outcome you deserve.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Paul Sutton

    Apr 05 2019 Has always been prompt to respond and answered all questions.
  • KD

    Apr 02 2019 David is extremely knowledgable on taxes and the laws governing them. He responds quickly and provides recommendations to guide you in your decisions.
  • R McNair

    Mar 29 2019 David is warm, compassionate, and imminently skilled at his profession. I immediately felt upon first meeting David that I had selected the right person to both assist with my tax issues. On a personal level I enjoyed meeting David and discussing a broad range of topics from sports, medicine, and yes .. politics.
  • Dawn E.

    Mar 22 2019 Mr. Newman was/is a Godsend. Through my own fault, I allowed many years to go by without filing business or personal taxes until it came back to bite me. Mr. Newman expedited all returns for me and within the week I was worry free and had put this all behind me. Along the process, I feel I have connected with a fine person and hope that there will be future opportunities to continue our association. I HIGHLY recommend his services.
  • Rick H.

    Mar 14 2019 I searched for a good attorney who really cares about my issues and found that not many do, until I contacted Mr. Newman. In my experience with David he not only cares about my situation, he has the knowledge and experience to actually get the results I was looking to achieve.
  • Jose D.

    Mar 05 2019 Mr. Newman has been a big help for me and my family in resolving my tax debt, it does take some time but he gets the job done and I really appreciate his help and recommend him to anyone!

    Feb 28 2019 I was looking for someone reputable to do my taxes and using the google search engine I found Mr Newman. He was very thorough and knowledgeable and I appreciate everything he did for me. I highly recommend him.
  • kevin merrill

    Feb 22 2019 I had personal and business tax issues that I needed help on. David was extremely skilled at handling the somewhat complex tax items. I would recommend him in any situation.
  • KW Hardwood

    Feb 20 2019 Mr. Newman is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped us settle some difficult tax problems that spanned over nearly a decade. We are very happy in the results he has been able to present to us thus far and look forward to the final wrap up of our tax issues.
  • April P

    Feb 02 2019 David Newman has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He's smart, thorough, honest, and has had our best interest at heart. Having him in our corner to negotiate with IRS for us has given us hope and reassurance. If you are seeking personalized, expert help with your IRS issues, I can highly recommend David Newman.
  • Trent

    Feb 02 2019 Mr. Newman helped us with some tax issues that seemed overwhelming at the time. We couldn't see any good options. He listened to our situation and then recommended some things we just had no idea were available to us. We have been using his services ever since. If you want expert advice, some keen wit and a person that cares, he's the man.
  • Robert Miller

    Jan 31 2019 An extremely talented tax lawyer at home with complex tax problems.
  • Peter Barlow

    Jan 22 2019 David and I worked together on a capital markets group for over ten years. David consistently proved himself to be a valuable teammate with in depth knowledge of tax issues and drive to produce effective solutions.
  • Tony Racheff

    Jan 21 2019 David is a true professional. I appreciate how he gets straight to the point. His explanation of options is easy to understand and he instills a sense of calm to complex issues. He communicates clearly and often to keep you up to date on the issues he is handling. I would highly recommend David to my friends and family.
  • James N. Shearer, M.D., FACS

    Jan 08 2019 I have known David Newman for approximately ten years, and know him to be a very intelligent, capable, caring, responsible, and honest individual whom I have no hesitation to recommend very highly ... he is a lawyer with whom anyone would be pleased to do business.
  • Nancy Stratton

    Jan 07 2019 David is unequivocally thorough, knowledgeable, and a person of high integrity. He inspires absolute confidence in his work product and is sought out for his depth of knowledge.
  • Harold Bloom

    Jan 07 2019 David Newman is a true professional. He truly cares about customer satisfaction. He takes the time to understand your needs and your wants. And, most importantly, he is a gentleman.
  • Morteza Naghavi

    Jan 07 2019 David, is one of the most ethical, considerate and professional attorneys I have worked with. He has my highest endorsement. Morteza Naghavi, M.D.
  • MN

    Jan 07 2019 .
  • Tom Worth

    Jan 07 2019 My family and I have known David for over 10 years as he is both a neighbor and a friend. Highly intelligent and ethical to the core.
  • Mariam Ghazi

    Jan 06 2019 We have been privileged to know Mr David Newman as a neighbor and friend for over 8 years. We can attest to his integrity and character. You can not go wrong to associate with him in any business endeavor.
  • Liam Stokes

    Jan 03 2019 I have worked with David a number of years. He is a creative and thoughtful advisor.
  • Casandra Seamon

    Jan 02 2019 David Newman is a an excellent tax advisor. He is always friendly and current on all of the new tax laws. His accounting and tax knowledge is in-depth and concise.
  • Johnny

    Dec 31 2018 David is a wonderful attorney.
  • Gigi W

    Dec 28 2018 Mr. Newman assisted me with an OIC with the IRS. He is experienced and holds an excellent knowledge base when negotiating. The first submission for me was denied but we discussed our options agreed a resubmission to clarify my position and situation further was best so we resubmitted the docs and this time we were successful. The 2nd submission was originally denied also but this was reversed after Mr. Newman went to bat for me with the analyst who reviewed my case. The OIC process can be tough and stressful for anyone who enters into it but I always felt that Mr. Newman had my best interest at heart and understood that this was the only option for me at the time. He was patient and persistent and his negotiating skills- which I feel was the winning combination that led to my OIC Acceptance. My best advice to anyone who enters this process is do your homework and check out whomever you work for because I have seen reviews of people who have lost a few thousand in payments with no assistance. Just hang in there and stay persistent. Mr. Newman and I worked on my case for probably about 18 months but it is just a process one must endure if you obtain the OIC. Best of luck to each of you here who go forward with the OIC. I wish you much success.
  • Yulie A.

    Dec 28 2018 Excellent experience overall. Helped us tremendously. And will most likely recommend to friends and family.
  • Dr. James Robert White

    Dec 27 2018 Attorney David Newman's knowledge, experience, wisdom, honesty, and integrity is above reproach! Most recently (Summer 2018), I was the plaintiff in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina Civil Action Case (i.e., five years) and advised to seek a tax attorney. I immediately researched and contacted reputable tax attorney offices for potential counsel. Attorney David Newman was prompt to respond and provided in question a three-fold professional service(s) of counsel, unconditional guidance, and implementation of an approved plan of action. This astute assistance was truly professionalism par excellence at the highest level! Attorney David B. Newman is SPECIAL! [Dr. James Robert White, Ed.D., Author: SPELLING OUT the TRUTH to a NEW GENERATION][Published Wed., 05/10/2017][Xulon Press]
  • Andy Obbard

    Dec 11 2018 I have known David for very many years both in a professional capacity and as a colleague. I hold him in very high regard both for his knowledge and experience and for his strong work ethic. It is rare to find someone who combines such a unique breadth of knowledge of his subject with an extensive range of contacts within the professional tax world.
  • Poss Electric

    Nov 14 2018 Mr. Newman is amazing at what he does! Our company had some growing pains and we got severely behind in our federal tax deposits. Of course, anyone who has tried to deal with the IRS knows that they are literally impossible to deal with on your own, if you can even get a hold of them! The fees and fines were adding up, threatening letters continued to come on almost a daily basis and I honestly thought we were going to lose our company! After some research on the internet, I stumbled upon Mr. Newman and thank God I did! He was absolutely incredible. At once I felt at ease, the threatening letters quit coming, he negotiated an Offer in Compromise that the cost was pretty much reduced to only what we owed in principal. Manageable monthly payment were negotiated and in less than 2 years we had settled our debt! Mr. Newman's prices are also reasonable! He SHOULD charge more for how good he is, but he doesn't and that makes him even better. Fair, honest, solid, and he knows what he is doing! I would recommend Mr. Newman over and over again and if I ever find myself in trouble again, he is my go to!
  • Madeleine

    Nov 14 2018 We were so lucky that we found Mr. Newmann. After talking to other lawyers about our situation, David was like a gift from heaven. He advised us and helped us resolve a complex tax situation. We so much appreciated his kind and professional manner, and his extensive knowledge. We trusted his opionion and his advise. Thank you again, David.
  • Edith holguin macchiavello

    Nov 12 2018 Mr Newman helped me with some tax issues he has been so helpful with his professionalism and expertise he completely help me clear everything out .thabk you so much for all the help
  • Theodore Summers

    Nov 11 2018 I have been dealing with tax problems sense 2012. Hired previous lawyers in the past not a very pleasant experience. Found David got my tax situation resolved both federal and state. I would highly recommend David for any tax problems very knowledgeable and returned my calls and emails very prompt.
  • GPK

    Nov 09 2018 Overview: David has a very broad background in a wide range of tax matters. He has unusual technical tax knowledge and knowledge of financial transactions, reflecting his many years as a senior tax and business adviser for Bankers Trust and Bank of America I worked for many years with David, first as a colleague (at Bankers Trust Co) and then as a counterparty (at Bank of America). My personal experience is that David is highly regarded as having outstanding technical and transaction expertise. David is a highly motivated person, who is driven to reach the right result and resolve the matter at hand.
  • Joseph Galante

    Nov 09 2018 I worked on a complex tax case with David. his knowledge and professionalism are unmatched. The case was resolved in my clients favor. I can easily recommend him to everyone.
  • Thad Lowe

    Nov 09 2018 David Newman helped me through a Tax Issue in 2011. He found out the best option available and contacted the IRS to setup the plan. I would recommend David Newman for anybody with tax issues.
  • Maria

    Nov 08 2018 I have used Mr. Newman for over 4 years to file my business taxes as well as to consult on with numerous tax issues and all new legislation. Mr. Newman is well versed in IRS and NC tax regulations and knows how to navigate their protocols. I am a tax professional and consider Mr. Newman a subject matter expert in regards to personal and business taxes. It is not only what he knows, but who he knows as his name carries weight with the IRS and NC state revenues. I highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed.
  • anne morgan

    Nov 06 2018 I moved and was new to the area, I found Mr. Newman through a friends recommendation. He completed my taxes in a timely fashion and was able to recommend some very good people I needed in the financial world. I am very happy with David Newman and his recommendations were superb! I hope to use Mr. Newman in the future for as long as he will take me. His fees were very fair and he helped me after my taxes were completed. I highly recommend Mr. Newman, he is very experienced with the IRS.
  • Willard B Taylor

    Oct 30 2018 Have known David since he was at Bankers Trust. Very straightforward, smart and reliable.
  • Robert

    Oct 30 2018 David did a great job getting a $17,000 claim from the IRS on our 2015 taxes cleared up with a small refund at the end !
  • Elizabeth G

    Oct 24 2018 Mr. Newman has helped me with a tax question in the state of North Carolina. He has always been professional and certainly knows the tax code. I value his knowledge and expertise.
  • kevin merrill

    Oct 22 2018 Davis Newman is one of the most knowledgeable and professional tax attorney/consultant that I have ever worked with. His extensive experience is all areas of tax environment makes him the perfect professional to handle any business or personal tax issue. I would highly recommend a consultation if you have any tax issues or questions whatsoever.
  • NR

    Oct 20 2018 In discussions concerning complex financial matters, David Newman's advice was comprehensive, astute and practical.
  • HF, CPA

    Oct 20 2018 David is an experienced tax attorney. We have used his services in our practice to assist us in resolving complex tax issues to our satisfaction.
  • Darren Gardner

    Oct 18 2018 David is amazing. A true professional who has honed his craft.
  • DMR

    Oct 18 2018 Highly analytical and perceptive of my situation and brought my case to a prompt and extremely satisfactory outcome,
  • Deborah S.

    Oct 17 2018 David Newman is honest, hardworking for his client, and is committed to getting the best possible result for his client. He is a man of integrity, and can spot the facts and truth in any case. He always gets back to you, protects his clients, and understands a regular person's lack of knowledge of tax law. We would highly recommend David B. Newman to get the absolutely best possible outcome for anyone needing his help.
  • Richard Greene

    Oct 17 2018 I'm not some fat cat that tried to hide something or got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I'm just an average person. I'm the father of eleven children that ends every day with a sore back , a busted nickel or two on occasion and typically just wore out. So having said that it's obvious I'm not well versed when it comes to attorneys. But what I am pretty good at is recognizing honest hard working people. My relationship with Mr. Newman is just over a year old. And at my age a year is just a drop in the bucket. Yet in that time Mr. Newman has proven to me , without me asking or expecting, that he is a good honest and hard working man. I am completely unsophisticated when it comes to this tax law stuff so it's safe for me to say that when this IRS popped up I was frantic and somewhat afraid. After sitting down with Mr. Newman I was able to relax some. And over the past year my trust in Mr. Newman and his abilities has grown greatly. Mr. Newman knows and understands my ignorance in tax law. Every time I ask a question, and folks I ask a bunch of questions, Mr. Newman always takes as much time as it takes so that I understand and feel comfortable. Like I said, I'm probably not the best person to come to compare one attorney to another. But I know a good man when I meet one and Mr. Newman is a good man and from what I have experienced I couldn't have picked a better person to protect me. Mr. Newman is welcome to sit at our family table any day.
  • Joe A.

    Aug 23 2018 After spending way too much money with a well known national company with no results, I contacted Mr. Newman. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude toward David for the assistance that he has provided regarding my case so far. David is exceptionally professional, great with communication and extremely knowledgeable. I can tell that I am in good hands and am happy that I chose to go with David Newman to help solve my tax issues.
  • Scott C

    Aug 20 2018 David was great to work with. He explained the process completely, communicated with the IRS and charged reasonable fees considering the complexity of my case. Thank you David!
  • Gerald Kaufman

    May 22 2018 Overview: David has a very broad background in a wide range of tax matters. He has unusual technical tax knowledge and knowledge of financial transactions, reflecting his many years as a senior tax and business adviser for Bankers Trust and Bank of America I worked for many years with David, first as a colleague (at Bankers Trust Co) and then as a counterparty (at Bank of America). My personal experience is that David is highly regarded as having outstanding technical and transaction expertise. David is a highly motivated person, who is driven to reach the right result and resolve the matter at hand.
  • Brian Elam

    May 15 2018 David has helped in a few lingering tax matters offering expert advice and guidance to help me resolve the matters. I found David easy to work with responsive and his expertise was highly valuable in resolving the matter. He offered me personalized service and demonstrated great knowledge of the complexity of the IRS.
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