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For comprehensive, trustworthy tax help in the Charlotte area, David B. Newman, LLC, is your answer. Our licensed and insured tax attorneys provide a wide range of tax services to local families and businesses. Offering 40+ years of experience, free initial consultations, and unbeatable personal attention, we do whatever it takes to produce the tax resolution outcome you deserve.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • NR

    Oct 20 2018 In discussions concerning complex financial matters, David Newman's advice was comprehensive, astute and practical.
  • HF, CPA

    Oct 20 2018 David is an experienced tax attorney. We have used his services in our practice to assist us in resolving complex tax issues to our satisfaction.
  • Darren Gardner

    Oct 18 2018 David is amazing. A true professional who has honed his craft.
  • DMR

    Oct 18 2018 Highly analytical and perceptive of my situation and brought my case to a prompt and extremely satisfactory outcome,
  • Deborah S.

    Oct 17 2018 David Newman is honest, hardworking for his client, and is committed to getting the best possible result for his client. He is a man of integrity, and can spot the facts and truth in any case. He always gets back to you, protects his clients, and understands a regular person's lack of knowledge of tax law. We would highly recommend David B. Newman to get the absolutely best possible outcome for anyone needing his help.
  • Richard Greene

    Oct 17 2018 I'm not some fat cat that tried to hide something or got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I'm just an average person. I'm the father of eleven children that ends every day with a sore back , a busted nickel or two on occasion and typically just wore out. So having said that it's obvious I'm not well versed when it comes to attorneys. But what I am pretty good at is recognizing honest hard working people. My relationship with Mr. Newman is just over a year old. And at my age a year is just a drop in the bucket. Yet in that time Mr. Newman has proven to me , without me asking or expecting, that he is a good honest and hard working man. I am completely unsophisticated when it comes to this tax law stuff so it's safe for me to say that when this IRS popped up I was frantic and somewhat afraid. After sitting down with Mr. Newman I was able to relax some. And over the past year my trust in Mr. Newman and his abilities has grown greatly. Mr. Newman knows and understands my ignorance in tax law. Every time I ask a question, and folks I ask a bunch of questions, Mr. Newman always takes as much time as it takes so that I understand and feel comfortable. Like I said, I'm probably not the best person to come to compare one attorney to another. But I know a good man when I meet one and Mr. Newman is a good man and from what I have experienced I couldn't have picked a better person to protect me. Mr. Newman is welcome to sit at our family table any day.
  • Joe A.

    Aug 23 2018 After spending way too much money with a well known national company with no results, I contacted Mr. Newman. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude toward David for the assistance that he has provided regarding my case so far. David is exceptionally professional, great with communication and extremely knowledgeable. I can tell that I am in good hands and am happy that I chose to go with David Newman to help solve my tax issues.
  • Scott C

    Aug 20 2018 David was great to work with. He explained the process completely, communicated with the IRS and charged reasonable fees considering the complexity of my case. Thank you David!
  • Gerald Kaufman

    May 22 2018 Overview: David has a very broad background in a wide range of tax matters. He has unusual technical tax knowledge and knowledge of financial transactions, reflecting his many years as a senior tax and business adviser for Bankers Trust and Bank of America I worked for many years with David, first as a colleague (at Bankers Trust Co) and then as a counterparty (at Bank of America). My personal experience is that David is highly regarded as having outstanding technical and transaction expertise. David is a highly motivated person, who is driven to reach the right result and resolve the matter at hand.
  • Brian Elam

    May 15 2018 David has helped in a few lingering tax matters offering expert advice and guidance to help me resolve the matters. I found David easy to work with responsive and his expertise was highly valuable in resolving the matter. He offered me personalized service and demonstrated great knowledge of the complexity of the IRS.
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