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DAVID J. LLEWELLYN, is a trial attorney and civil mediator, whose practice emphasizes cases involving medical malpractice, particularly in the areas of genital injury, circumcision damage, and wrongful circumcision, as well as other cases of negligence resulting in personal injury, and cases involving personal and business torts and contract disputes.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Mary F. Dickens

    Nov 06 2018 David, you made sure that I understood the legal process of the case. You are a very knowledgeable lawyer . You are very ethical, kind, and honest.
  • Robert Van Howe

    Sep 26 2018 Brilliant legal mind. Ethical.
  • Cortney Steele

    Apr 25 2018 Llewellyn and his practice Gets it Done! Showing a genuine concern for his clients. Over all great experience
    • David Llewellyn

      May 09 2018Thanks, Cortney!
  • Beaux Pettys

    Feb 08 2018 David is an extremely effective lawyer who offers a wide array of knowledge, experience, and personal attention to every matter brought before him.
    • David Llewellyn

      Feb 11 2018Thanks, Beaux!
  • Dean Booen

    Jan 10 2018 David is doing a great job on my lawsuit
  • Brian Lipscomb

    Jan 09 2018 Attorney Llewellyn fought and won a very difficult deliberate indifference case for me where my shoulder was injured by a radical sheriffs deputy!!!! Awesome job!!!
  • Frank Hill

    Dec 13 2017 I have known David for over fifteen years. The most honest Attorney I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. David is the best attorney I know. I would only call David if I need an attorney.
  • Wadsworth Jarrell

    Dec 13 2017 My experience with Attorney Llewellyn was excellent. He is a honest and honorable person who pays attention to details, and is able to get positive results for this client. He is extremely knowledgable about his field of expertise. I engaged him to represent me in two different cases, and he performed in the highest order and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I would recommend him as among the top attorneys in the country.
  • Marilyn Fayre Milos RN

    Dec 12 2017 Everything David has done in relation to the work has been exemplary! He is thoughtful, thorough, and trustworthy. Couldn't have asked for more or better!
  • Timothy Bedgood

    Dec 11 2017 WONDERFUL
  • Michael Cohn

    Dec 11 2017 I first contacted Mr. Llewellyn because I had a medical malpractice case involving a botched circumcision. I found Mr. Llewellyn extraordinarily knowledgeable on the subject and he was instrumental in achieving a just result for the injured boy. Anyone who has a similar case should contact Mr. Llewellyn and take advantage of his experience and expertise in this area. Michael Cohn
  • Michelle Storms MD

    Dec 10 2017 Honest, responsible, hard-working, not your typical attorney.
  • Will MacLeod

    Nov 29 2017 The consummate professional. Dave Llewellyn knows his business and is not a quitter.
  • Timothy Bedgood

    Nov 17 2017 Wonderful
  • Frank L Hill

    Nov 15 2017 David is the most honest person I have met in my life. If David tells you something you can take it to the bank David is easy to work with and if your case is not winnable he will tell you. He won my case and will put everything into yours.
  • Marilyn Fayre Milos RN

    Nov 11 2017 I have worked with David Llewellyn for a quarter of a century and appreciate his honesty, dedication, and integrity. David is a dedicated humanitarian who has worked diligently for decades to ensure the rights of infants and children to bodily integrity and genital autonomy. David is to be congratulated for his valiant efforts to bring justice to those who have been harmed by unnecessary medical interventions that are contraindicated and damaging to infants, children, and the adults they become. David is trustworthy and his brilliant work commendable!
  • Peter Adler, Esquire

    Nov 10 2017 I know Attorney David Llewellyn well because we both oppose male circumcision and we meet every year at conferences where a diverse group of professionals (physicians, lawyers, professors, psychologists) give presentations and discuss among other things the latest legal developments in the US and abroad. Attorney Llewellyn is the leading trial lawyer in the country for circumcision claims. He will represent you zealously and has extensive experience as a litigator and trial lawyer. I highly recommend him to anyone with a circumcision related claim, or any claim within his expertise for that matter.
  • nestor campos

    Oct 18 2017 Professional,knowledge,talent,trustable....overall great person !!!!
  • Adam R.

    Oct 11 2017 Mr. LLewellyn has done very good for me and went out of his way to make sure I had the best treatment and care. In my opinion he is the very best in what he does. He keeps his word and fights for his clients rights.
  • Frank Hill

    Oct 11 2017 Nothing but the best. David is the most honest guy I know. He works hard to make his clients whole again .
  • Peter Adler, Esquire

    Oct 11 2017 I have known Attorney Llewellyn professionally for almost ten years. He is an exceptionally capable and effective litigator and trial lawyer, one of the very best. If you have an important case, I highly recommend him to you.
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