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The courts have recognized the crucial value of using mediation as an component of litigation, and have implemented mandatory mediation in all family law cases filed with the courts. Whether you have an attorney representing your interests or not, chances are you will end up in mediation. The mediator, acting as a neutral third party promotes the empowerment of the spouses to take charge of the future of their family and make decisions amongst themselves, instead of being determined by the Court.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Blake Kassel

    Nov 19 2018 Deborah was patient, professional and affordable. We saved a ton of money, kept it amicable and stayed out of court! She's great!
  • Dara Murillo

    Nov 18 2018 Deborah made a hard divorce so much simpler. Divorce isn’t easy but having an amazing mediatior who is fair for both parties involved. We were able with Deborah’s help to settle our differences and come to an agreement that both parties were happy with. Thank you Deborah!
  • Ana

    Nov 16 2018 Thank you for your patience and kindness during this difficult time. You not only did a great job, but you did it with compassion and care. Thank you.
  • Meryl Brandwein

    Oct 21 2018 I would highly reccomend Deborah. She was a true professional. Her ability to negotiate and quickly move through the process was incredible. She's a no nonsense mediator and knows what she's doing. She's direct, smart and effecient. She makes herself available and has a great demeanor. Absolutely deserves the 5 stars!
  • David Medina

    Aug 31 2018 Amazing person, very professional, amazing to work with and most important always ready to help at any time. She wasn’t only a Midiator she was a friend that listened when needed to. Thank you for all your help.
  • Peter Ward

    Aug 16 2018 Deborah was excellent! She is extremely competent and a talented communicator. She made this difficult process so much easier for me to work through.
  • Sarah Ward

    Aug 16 2018 Deborah is both gifted and experienced in the field of mediation. I really appreciated her friendly demeanor and efficiency. She was able to move us through the process of divorce quite quickly while still being thorough and empathetic. I would highly recommend her!
  • Jon Krutchik

    Apr 27 2018 Deborah made an unpleasant and difficult process as simple, expeditious, and as painless as possible. Her compassion and patience created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed my wife and I to reach a satisfactory agreement in just a few weeks' time. We were also able to avoid the cost and time that utilizing attorneys would have added to the process. Deborah remained fair and objective throughout the process. Highly recommend Deborah to anyone in this unpleasant situation.
  • Jeffito

    Apr 20 2018 Best mediator in S. Florida. She takes the time and has patience to address every concern. ~J
  • Melissa DeTomasso

    Mar 26 2018 Debbie was very responsive, knowledgeable and was very pleasurable to deal with throughout this rough process! I am so happy she was recommended to me!
  • Shelly

    Jan 12 2018 Deborah went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. I was extremely skeptical considering my husband was the one who selected her and she happened to be friends with his attorney. Deborah was
  • Christina

    Dec 29 2017 Very good at her job. Effecent and fast. Honest.
  • James

    Dec 28 2017 Deborah did a great job mediating my divorce. It was fair and balanced.
  • Christine Lopez

    Dec 06 2017 Deborah made the entire process simple and speedy. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The whole process was a breeze.

    Dec 06 2017 Deborah was very professional from the first meeting through the final stages. She explained every step of the process and was very flexible when needed. Highly recommend her and her team!
  • Marlene

    Nov 17 2017 Deborah was fair and got the job done. Highly recommend this mediator.
  • Lisa lynn

    Nov 17 2017 Skillful mediator!!!
  • Your name

    Nov 16 2017 Deborah managed to professionally navigate the entire divorce process and asset allocation in a fair and equitable manner and the entire experience was efficient and thorough. Most importantly the process was cost effective and avoided the pointless litigation and costs that would have been incurred by legal representation. First class!
  • Sarah

    Nov 16 2017 What a wonderful woman and mediator. She was knowledgeable, organized and impartial and above all got the job done. So grateful!!!!
  • Jo Shea Jaroslawicz

    Mar 28 2018 If you’re going through a divorce, she’s the person that you want to mediate. Absolutely fantastic work. Thank you Deborah .
  • Stuart Smith

    Aug 23 2017 I was extremely nervous about doing mediation. Deborah was extremely patient and worked with me and my ex-wife on our issues. She didn't take sides and was extremely fair with both of us. I can not recommend her enough. Thank you Deborah!!!
  • Yisroel Finman

    Jun 12 2017 Deborah was essential in helping us clarify legal vs emotional issues. this enabled us to separate amicably
  • Beth Ruck

    Mar 13 2017
  • Bob Levin

    Dec 29 2016
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