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When your family is at risk, you are facing some of the most complicated and confusing choices. You need to know your rights and responsibilities. This is a time to consult a skilled family attorney. If you are interested in moving forward in the most positive way, call Attorney Deborah Cook. We can help you get there together.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Anna Nowialis

    - Aug 10 2020 Ms Deborah came to rescue when my previous attorney drop my case. She was very professional always had time to respond and never gave me the impression that time is money ! She is very compassionate and cares about her clients legal matters and pathological well being as well. Highly recommend her and her paralegal team. Well Deserved 5 stars !
  • Thomas

    - Jul 11 2019 So happy I contacted Deborah. She gave great advice and I followed it.
  • Travis Antonio Richardson

    - Mar 27 2019 Very helpful n I received alot of knowledge about everything she's a excellent person n I'm sure lawyer
  • tim

    - Feb 25 2019 Debra was very helpful and very caring. She strives to get the best outcome. She has helped me through difficult times with a personal and emotional support. I highly recommend her services!!
  • LC

    - Feb 12 2019 My experience was just awsome. Deborah is not just an incredible lawyer who makes you feel secure, comfortable in an uncomfortable event, she is an amazing, great person. She is super profesional and she keeps you updated along your process. She understands your personal and profesional issues and she manages both in an incredible manner. The best lawyer ever!.
  • KJG

    - Jan 23 2019 Spoke to Ms. Cook about my case and she gave me great advise.
  • T. I.

    - Jan 23 2019 Deborah was so kind and helpful from the moment we met. She was there to assist and guide me with all aspects of my divorce, and I am so very grateful!
  • Lou Stanislao

    - Jan 11 2019 My mother recently passed away without a will and I thought it prudent to seek professional advice on any legal requirement to probate my mother’s estate. I researched quite a few lawyer referral web sites, and Ms. Cook’s name was predominantly rated among the very best lawyers, and specifically rated among of the very best probate lawyers. Ms. Cook was more than gracious and patient in providing me the time to fully explain the entire complex situation. She then asked some very pointed and serious questions that were aimed in focusing my attention on both the legal, but more importantly for me, the possible personal consequences and ramifications of the various actions available. One fully expects a great lawyer to explain the legal framework for any situation. I did not expect a lawyer to spend the amount of time she required to express her concerns so compassionately to ensure I completely understood the possible personal aftermaths my decisions. If you require a superb legal mind to represent and advise you on the interpretation of the law, then I highly recommend Ms. Cook. However, if you also require an outstanding counselor, as absolutely required by most of us, then I unequivocally recommend you retain Ms. Cook to represent both your legal and personal best interests.
  • C.D.

    - Dec 14 2018 Deborah was very informative. I was in a very lost place, and she answered everything I needed to know. I highly recommend her services.
  • Jessica Tapia

    - Oct 26 2018 Mrs. Cook is reliable, caring and patient. I thank God that he assigned her to my case. She was always very prompt and took her time to strive for the best possible outcome. I highly recommend her!
  • Nenden Suhartini

    - Aug 26 2018 Im highly recommended ms Deborah to take care all your family law matter.. She is been wonderful and care, spending much time as she need to listen to my problem.
  • Katherine Gonzalez

    - Aug 21 2018 The Moment You Believe What Is Right, Is Your Only Chance To Shine Hard. When You Leave It In The Hands Of The Lord. He Will Lead You To A Person That Is Not Only Experiences, But Also Passionate Of What They Do For Him And As Well For Others.
  • SH

    - Aug 20 2018 My experience was very informative, and I was directed in the right direction. Thanks for your insight and help...
  • charity higgins

    - Jul 30 2018 Deborah was supportive, kind, and informative. She gave a personal touch to a very personal and emotional situation. Highly recommend!
  • Jennifer

    - Jul 26 2018 Somehow Deborah was able to mediate a case with a very uncooperative person for us.
  • Kelli

    - Jun 28 2018 Mrs. Cook was very kind to take her time to give me information while knowing that she was not the one for my case. She answered several questions that my PAID attorney never even answered. If she was able to take on my case I would of hired her in a heartbeat.
  • Todd

    - Jun 07 2018 Deborah was a pleasure to work with, and dedicated herself in pursuing the best possible outcome. She was very thoughtful and compassionate in her approach. And definitely felt like a friend throughout. I would highly recommended her and her team.
  • Nicole Benjamin

    - May 04 2018 Ms. Cook is very professional and compassionate about her job and clients.

    - Apr 29 2018 Excellent Service!!! Very knowledgeable!!! I recommend her services !!!
  • Marie Solimano

    - Apr 28 2018 I would absolutely recommend Deborah Cook. She is an outstanding Attorney. She was kind,caring and compassionate with our situation. She went well over and beyond our expectations and took the time to do all she could do for us and at the end of it all we came out with exactly what we wanted. SHE IS TRULY A WINNER!. Thankyou Deborah
  • Danny

    - Apr 27 2018 Only the best service & advice from Deborah.
  • Mary Ann Morgan

    - Apr 16 2018 I have referred many people to Deborah. They call me back to thank me because she handled their case with compassion and competency. Thank you Deborah for making ME look good!
  • William Walden

    - Apr 16 2018 Deborah Cook was professional and attentive. Her recommendations were on the money. Definitely recommend her!
  • Alyssa

    - Apr 08 2018 The most amazing attorney you will encounter. Deborah takes the time to truly get to know her clients and truly cares. She has such great knowledge of the law and is honest. I highly recommend Deborah Cook to handle any family law matter.
  • Carly Ferguson

    - Mar 27 2018 Deborah was fantastic to work with from start to finish. She was friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable in walking me through the legal process. I felt as if I was a family member of her own and that was extremely comforting while going through a difficult transition. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional and attentive attorney!
  • A attorney. If I can give her 10 stars I would.Pablo Mendelson

    - Mar 23 2018 My experience with Deborah Cook was absolutely exceptional. She was very easy to talk to and took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for A attorney. If I can give her 10 stars I would.
  • Sharletta Harris

    - Mar 09 2018 My experience with Ms. Cook was an eye opener. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. Ms. Cook gave me some valuable information, and pointed me in the right direction.
  • Doris Y Sierra DYS

    - Mar 08 2018 She was wonderful, sweet and right to the point. Definitely recommend. Love her.!
  • Erick M

    - Feb 15 2018 Deborah is very passionate about people and rights of her clients. During my first consultation, she gave me more and a consult. She help me navigate my thinking and life. I will always be grateful for her. She is truly amazing but even more inspiring. Thank you Deb!!
  • Gabe Isham

    - Feb 14 2018 Deborah is a pleasure to work with. Professional and on point- Exceptional advice and knows exactly how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Orlando cintron

    - Feb 06 2018 Deborah really cares about her clients she listens to detail of your case thats going on intruly will recomened her for anyone whos needs an attorney.
  • An Flamand

    - Feb 06 2018 I was very selective as to who I would hire to defend me and my children. Deborah's background as a family councilor and her knowledge as an attorney made it the perfect match for my case. Deborah was not only my attorney however also was great moral support and kept me focused on the bigger picture and the important things in life. It is easy to loose sight and get aggravated within the emotional roller coaster a divorce causes therefor it is of upmost importance to have someone who is with both feet on the ground and who will fight your battle when need be however will also help with taking the high road and staying focused. Deborah works on a flat fee which is great and is very personable, her clients even have her cell phone. Do not pay attorneys retainers if you can work with an attorney on a flat fee.
  • Juliette Mistral

    - Dec 18 2017 Deborah is not only an amazing attorney, but a great human being. She's helped me out with a number of items, and the most recent, she took into consideration my situation and circumstances. She doesn't stare at the clock looking at billing times because she shows such compassion and caring. One of the best family attorneys you could hope to work with. I can't say enough great things about her, her work ethic, or how well she treats her clients.
  • Eliana Garcia

    - Dec 07 2017 Profesional, a human being.
  • Eliana Garcia

    - Dec 07 2017 She's the best.
  • J.A.

    - Nov 28 2017 I do not usually write reviews for anything, but after my experience with Ms. Cook, I would be doing a disservice if I didn't. To say she was the best lawyer I have ever had does not do her justice. Deborah Cook not only gave me sound legal assistance, but she made me feel like my case mattered to her. I am a military veteran involved in a visitation/custody case. I have had 3 different lawyers prior to Ms. Cook at different stages of the process. Out of all of them, she was the only one that truly listened to all the details of the case, gave me realistic expectations of the outcome, and pointed me in the right direction moving forward. My experience as a father fighting for custody has been frustrating and discouraging, to say the least, up until now. Deborah has given me hope and the energy to keep moving forward. At the end, I know I got more than my money's worth. If you are needing a true advocate, look no further!
  • MM

    - Nov 27 2017 Deborah was kind, compassionate, and straightforward. She took time to answer my questions. While she is somewhat new in the field, she is hardworking and will take her time on your case and with you. She is motivated and driven by her conscious and is a delight to be around.
  • Andrea Josiah

    - Oct 01 2017 DEBORAH was very supportive throughout the process and responded promptly to all my requests. I highly recommend her to represent you in your divorce.
  • Pam Martini

    - Sep 27 2017 Deborah is a trusted colleague who I am happy to refer clients to as I know she is an amazing attorney and mediator. Highly recommended!
  • Tyrone

    - Sep 19 2017 I would definitely recommend Deborah.
  • Richard

    - Aug 21 2017 Deborah Cook makes one of the best first impressions I've ever encountered from an attorney. I had a consultation with her today and she impressed me as really caring about my very stressful situation. She was professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I'm looking very forward to working my case with her.
  • Cornell

    - Aug 15 2017 Hello Ms.Cook My intentions was to get with you once my Quadro was completed(still working on it ) and I have no problem telling you how much I appreciate the way you resolved my case, showing me and teaching me things about the legal process. I know there were times when I was in a rush to get to the finish line. You took time to explain to me the things to expect, you always gave me the worst case scenario. You always took time to get back with me whenever I called there was never a buffer in between me and you in the form of an assistant I dealt directly with you "my lawyer". The fact that you are A GODLY WOMAN is a plus. I would definitely recommend you to others I think you are an awesome lawyer. Thank you Cornell I SPEAK BLESSING FOR YOU AND YOURS!
  • Matthew D

    May 04 2017 Deborah is one of the most caring, giving and genuine people I have ever worked with. She is a dedicated and passionate attorney who is not only adept at understanding the law, but a true professional in applying it to the benefit of her clients.
  • Alejandra Gallagher

    Apr 19 2017 A miracle worker and a positive person
  • Scott M

    Nov 28 2016 This is a very emotional time for both parties so your Legal representation should make this process as painless as possible and guide us with confidence, I found All of these professional services with my attorney Deborah A. Cook, P.A. I already have referred a friend and will continue to do so as I was very pleased with my timely outcome.. 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} Professional
  • Mary Johnson

    Nov 25 2016 Deborah has been wonderful to handle several referrals in timely and sensitive manner. If she says she can handle it, consider it done. No finer mediator to my knowledge!
  • P Barli

    Nov 06 2016 I was involved in an exhausting 3 year divorce litigation battle that I never saw light at the end of the tunnel, until I retained Debra's expertise. Her calm questioning, deep listening, and honest feedback were her greatest assets. She was able to provide expertise, direction, and confident negotiating skills that resolved my divorce in a few short months. Debra's professionalism and ability to fight for her clients is top tier! PB says:

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