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When your family is at risk, you are facing some of the most complicated and confusing choices. You need to know your rights and responsibilities. This is a time to consult a skilled family attorney. If you are interested in moving forward in the most positive way, call Attorney Deborah Cook. We can help you get there together.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Andrea Josiah

    Oct 01 2017 DEBORAH was very supportive throughout the process and responded promptly to all my requests. I highly recommend her to represent you in your divorce.
  • Pam Martini

    Sep 27 2017 Deborah is a trusted colleague who I am happy to refer clients to as I know she is an amazing attorney and mediator. Highly recommended!
  • Tyrone

    Sep 19 2017 I would definitely recommend Deborah.
  • Richard

    Aug 21 2017 Deborah Cook makes one of the best first impressions I've ever encountered from an attorney. I had a consultation with her today and she impressed me as really caring about my very stressful situation. She was professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I'm looking very forward to working my case with her.
  • Cornell

    Aug 15 2017 Hello Ms.Cook My intentions was to get with you once my Quadro was completed(still working on it ) and I have no problem telling you how much I appreciate the way you resolved my case, showing me and teaching me things about the legal process. I know there were times when I was in a rush to get to the finish line. You took time to explain to me the things to expect, you always gave me the worst case scenario. You always took time to get back with me whenever I called there was never a buffer in between me and you in the form of an assistant I dealt directly with you "my lawyer". The fact that you are A GODLY WOMAN is a plus. I would definitely recommend you to others I think you are an awesome lawyer. Thank you Cornell I SPEAK BLESSING FOR YOU AND YOURS!
  • Matthew D

    May 04 2017 Deborah is one of the most caring, giving and genuine people I have ever worked with. She is a dedicated and passionate attorney who is not only adept at understanding the law, but a true professional in applying it to the benefit of her clients.
  • Alejandra Gallagher

    Apr 19 2017 A miracle worker and a positive person
  • Scott M

    Nov 28 2016 This is a very emotional time for both parties so your Legal representation should make this process as painless as possible and guide us with confidence, I found All of these professional services with my attorney Deborah A. Cook, P.A. I already have referred a friend and will continue to do so as I was very pleased with my timely outcome.. 100% Professional
  • Mary Johnson

    Nov 25 2016 Deborah has been wonderful to handle several referrals in timely and sensitive manner. If she says she can handle it, consider it done. No finer mediator to my knowledge!
  • P Barli

    Nov 06 2016 I was involved in an exhausting 3 year divorce litigation battle that I never saw light at the end of the tunnel, until I retained Debra's expertise. Her calm questioning, deep listening, and honest feedback were her greatest assets. She was able to provide expertise, direction, and confident negotiating skills that resolved my divorce in a few short months. Debra's professionalism and ability to fight for her clients is top tier! PB
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