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275 Meadow Oaks Trail
Medina, OH 44256
Douglas Godshall has been a practicing attorney since 1976. During that time, he has been a trial lawyer in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and he has practiced in both state and federal courts. He has served as lead counsel in more than 200 jury trials and has handled approximately 50 appeals of civil cases. Douglas now focuses his practice on mediation and arbitration. He works with opposing parties to help them find common ground in their disagreements and thereby to amicably resolve their dispute. Douglas' experience and connections give him an understanding of the current trends in litigation and dispute resolution. He has helped parties settle their differences in matters involving: Labor and union arbitration, Personal injury and malpractice mediation, Commercial mediation, Probate mediation. He has also been selected to serve on the Alternative Mediation Panel of the United States District Court in Columbus, Ohio.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Thomas W. Lally

    Mar 15 2018 Doug worked very hard to settle very difficult case.
  • John Chlysta

    Mar 14 2018 Mr. Godshall has the two essential qualities of an excellent mediator. He has decades of experience handling an array of litigation matters and mediations, and he has the people skills--honesty, self-confidence, empathy--to connect with folks trying to resolve a difficult dispute. Mr. Godshall is a gentleman and true professional.
  • John Maxwell

    Mar 14 2018 Doug is an excellent mediator who is extremely experienced and effective, and a true pleasure to work with.
  • Adam Fried

    Mar 13 2018 Doug has served as mediator on complex estate litigation cases in which I was involved. He is very effective in bringing opposing sides, regardless of the emotional charge, together.
  • Stephen Griffin

    Mar 13 2018 Doug has successfully resolved several contentious malpractice claims both legal and medical. His approach has been uniquely and effectively tailored to the circumstances of each lawsuit. His willingness to see it to the end, days and weeks after the mediation, allowed the parties to reach closure prior to trial.
  • Salvatore P. Puglisi

    Mar 13 2018 Doug was patient and insightful. Doug permitted the litigants to come to a conclusion to settle their issues. It was not Doug's fault the litigants did not follow though on their own agreement.
  • Stephen A. Ginella, Jr.

    Mar 13 2018 It was an excellent experience
  • Matt Doney

    Mar 13 2018 Terrific experience. Mr Godshall assisted in resolving a particularly contentious case.
  • David E. Butz

    Mar 13 2018 His experience makes Doug a very effective mediator who continues to work the case if the mediation was not initially successful.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Feb 12 2018 Doug is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
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