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Douglas N Godshall has been a trial lawyer in Ohio ,West Virginia and Pennsylvania since 1976. He served as lead counsel in over 250 jury trials in diverse and high profile civil cases. At the urging of judges and lawyers, he began serving as a neutral in mediations and arbitrations and now solely focuses his practice as a mediator and arbitrator. He has over thirty years experience as a labor arbitrator. He has translated his trial experience in medical malpractice, corporate and commercial matters and probate disputes to his mediation practice. He has been selected by several state and federal courts as a mediator on a regular basis.

He has been peer selected as a Super Lawyer in Alternative Dispute Resolution for many years He lectures on all aspects of dispute resolution. He presented at the National Dispute Resolution Conference hosted by the Ohio Supreme Court in 2018. He has served his profession for years, having been named to the governing bodies of the Stark County, Akron and Ohio Bar Associations. He is a member of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution. He recently was appointed to a term on the Ohio Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution by the Chief Justice of Ohio.

Mr. Godshall is a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces. He recently finished a term on the Board of the Special Operations Association.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Reid Yoder

    May 18 2019 Great experience working with Doug
  • Jim Henshaw

    May 06 2019 Doug, your skill helped us resolve a very difficult case. Thanks. Jim
  • John Maxwell

    Apr 18 2019 Doug is an excellent mediator, who has the depth of experience and knowledge necessary to assist in resolving even the most complicated disputes.
  • Stuart Strasfeld

    Apr 06 2019 very professional result oriented positive demeanor
  • bob fitzsimmons

    Mar 08 2019 Doug is an outstanding attorney who stands up for his clients. He is highly skilled and has great respect from fellow lawyers. I have worked against Doug and he is a formidable opponent.
  • Tim Campbell

    Mar 08 2019 Mediation
  • Marc Hertrick

    Mar 08 2019 .
  • Dennis Kusturiss

    Mar 06 2019 Doug was an excellent mediator and brought together parties who were very far apart. He worked both parties asking the difficult questions. I would not hesitate to use Doug's services in the future.
  • Dave Spalding

    Mar 06 2019 Doug does a very nice job getting cases settled.
  • JCC

    Feb 06 2019 I have had multiple cases submitted to Doug as a mediator. I have never submitted a matter that was not settled through Doug's mediation efforts. I can't think of higher praise for a mediator.
  • John Slagter

    Feb 06 2019 Mr. Godshall brings significant experience and knowledge to the table. He is a true professional.
  • David T. Moss

    Jan 07 2019 Doug's vast experience as well as his insight, empathy and communication skills serve him well as a mediator, particularly in complex or emotionally charged cases.
  • GS

    Jan 06 2019 Doug was extremely effective and knowledgeable about the legal issues, facts, and most importantly, the parties' business. His deep knowledge and ability to communicate to sophisticated business people in a manner that addressed their business concerns established trust among the parties to the mediation. I would highly recommend him, and hope to have the opportunity to hire him again soon.
  • Gordon D. Evans, II

    Dec 05 2018 20 years litigation attorney.
  • Jim Lyons

    Nov 08 2018 Doug is an excellent mediator
  • Anthony Brown

    Oct 10 2018 Attorney Godshall has a wealth of experience that he uses wisely to effectively mediate civil and elder care cases. I am happy to utilize his services to mediate cases for my clients.
  • Louis Gigliotti

    Oct 08 2018 Outstanding. You really helped my client feel at ease with the process. Which eventually helped me and her decide to settle her case at the mediation.
  • Mike Flynn

    Aug 10 2018 Doug provided outstanding service in mediating a difficult case.
  • Samuel Ferruccio

    Aug 10 2018 Professional and understood the facts and law of the particular case for both sides which is what you expect in a mediation.
  • James D. Kurek

    Aug 10 2018 Doug did a great job mediating an employment matter for us.

    Aug 10 2018 Doug is an excellent mediator. He does a tremendous job of getting to the heart of the issues and working towards a fair settlement. I highly recommend him.
  • David L Herbert

    Jul 11 2018 Doug did s great job in helping to resolve a very, very difficult case. He went the extra mile to get it done.
  • Elizabeth Burick

    Jun 15 2018 Good. He is willing to listen to both sides and work with the parties toward a resolution
  • MD

    Jun 15 2018 An excellent mediator who is fair to both sides and gives practical and legal considerations to the parties to work towards settlement.
  • John N Childs

    Jun 12 2018 Doug is very knowledgeable and gives both sides in the dispute the opportunity to see the salient facts and issues to develop a mutual space for resolution if one exists. He also does not bring any ego to the mediation. I have regularly proposed his name for my own cases and for my colleagues and my mediations with him have been successful.
  • John Fickes

    Jun 11 2018 The mediator did an excellent job, taking control of the parties immediately to direct them to the contested issues while pointing out the strengths and weaknesses facing both.
  • John Giua

    Jun 11 2018 Doug’s experience and insight is unmatched and he has the ability to acquire the trust of the litigants. I highly recommend Doug as a mediator.
  • John Giua

    Jun 11 2018 Doug’s experience and insight is unmatched and he has the ability to acquire the trust of the litigants. I highly recommend Doug as a mediator.
  • Anonymous

    May 16 2018 Doug's many decades of experience as a courtroom trial lawyer means that he has personally tried or settled thousands of cases. This gives him great insight into both sides of a dispute.
  • Jim Kurek

    May 14 2018 Doug did an excellent job in an employment case mediation. I would highly recommend him.
  • Kim Kmetz

    May 14 2018 Doug takes his time to work with the parties and understand what the issues preventing settlement are. His experience is invaluable when working with the parties to reach a middle ground.
  • Keith Hofer

    May 14 2018 I had the good fortune of having Doug appointed as a mediator in one of my probate cases. Doug did a fantastic job of helping the parties reach a resolution. When I needed a mediator for a second difficult case I scheduled Doug and again he came through again.
  • Clair Dickinson

    May 13 2018 I have worked with Doug in his role as President of the Scanlon Bell Inn of Court. He is always prepared and professional.
  • Stephen Funk

    May 12 2018 Doug is a skilled mediator that brings a wealth of practical litigation and trial experience to the table.
  • craig Pelini

    May 12 2018 Doug did a great job, with contentious parties involved, he listened first, gained their trust, then worked cohesively to get the case settled. He was thoroughly prepared for our case.
  • Jim Collum

    May 11 2018 Doug has assisted me in resolving cases that most attorneys would view as impossible to resolve and destined for trial. The mark of a good mediator is not the percentage of cases resolved at mediation, but the percentage of cases that nobody thought could be resolved at mediation that were resolved at mediation. Under this analysis and in my experience, Doug earns the highest grade possible.
  • Tom Lombardi

    Apr 17 2018 Doug is highly experienced, professional and provides sound and timely advise.
  • Jack Cooper

    Apr 16 2018 Have mediated several times with Doug. He is very good at getting tough cases settled.
  • Scott Salsbury

    Apr 12 2018 Excellent lawyer; full of substance and personality.
  • Andrew P. Krembs

    Apr 12 2018 Doug was thoughtful, patient and above all, fair to each side...something which is essential to resolving cases in mediation.
  • Randy Traub

    Apr 03 2018 Doug is one of the best mediators I have had the pleasure of working with. He has helped resolve cases that neither party thought was possible and is always extremely prepared. Very experienced and I highly recommend his services.
  • Aletha Carver

    Mar 19 2018 Doug did a great job working will all parties to resolve a multi-party property dispute. His extensive litigation experience is evident in the mediation process.
  • Thomas W. Lally

    Mar 15 2018 Doug worked very hard to settle very difficult case.
  • John Chlysta

    Mar 14 2018 Mr. Godshall has the two essential qualities of an excellent mediator. He has decades of experience handling an array of litigation matters and mediations, and he has the people skills--honesty, self-confidence, empathy--to connect with folks trying to resolve a difficult dispute. Mr. Godshall is a gentleman and true professional.
  • John Maxwell

    Mar 14 2018 Doug is an excellent mediator who is extremely experienced and effective, and a true pleasure to work with.
  • Adam Fried

    Mar 13 2018 Doug has served as mediator on complex estate litigation cases in which I was involved. He is very effective in bringing opposing sides, regardless of the emotional charge, together.
  • Stephen Griffin

    Mar 13 2018 Doug has successfully resolved several contentious malpractice claims both legal and medical. His approach has been uniquely and effectively tailored to the circumstances of each lawsuit. His willingness to see it to the end, days and weeks after the mediation, allowed the parties to reach closure prior to trial.
  • Salvatore P. Puglisi

    Mar 13 2018 Doug was patient and insightful. Doug permitted the litigants to come to a conclusion to settle their issues. It was not Doug's fault the litigants did not follow though on their own agreement.
  • Stephen A. Ginella, Jr.

    Mar 13 2018 It was an excellent experience
  • Matt Doney

    Mar 13 2018 Terrific experience. Mr Godshall assisted in resolving a particularly contentious case.
  • David E. Butz

    Mar 13 2018 His experience makes Doug a very effective mediator who continues to work the case if the mediation was not initially successful.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Feb 12 2018 Doug is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Mike Flynn

    Aug 13 2018
  • James Kurek

    Aug 10 2018
  • Clair Dickinson

    May 14 2018 I know Doug through his participation in the Scanlon-Bell Inn of Court. I have always found him prepared and professional.
  • Randy Traub

    Apr 03 2018
  • Salvatore Puglisi

    Mar 20 2018 Doug was patient and insightful. Doug permitted the litigants to come to a conclusion to settle their issues. It was not Doug's fault the litigants did not follow though on their own agreement. Reviewed by: Salvatore P. Puglisi
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