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Diane brings 30 years of legal experience to the table to help folks work through their legal problems. Diane is a certified family law mediator through the New Hampshire Family Law Mediation Board. In addition to working as family law attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Diane’s extensive professional legal experience covers criminal law, probate, adoption, personal injury, and child protection matters. She had served as a certified guardian ad litem in New Hampshire for over 25 years. Diane is also a collaboratively trained attorney and she is a member of both the Massachusetts and the New Hampshire Collaborative Law Alliances. Diane also serves in Salem, New Hampshire and Pepperell, Massachusetts.

Hours of Operation: By appointment
1. Fees set on an income-based sliding scale
2. Free initial appointment
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Leila Anderson

    - Nov 08 2023 Mis
  • Margaret Haile

    - Apr 09 2019 Diane has been very helpful in various areas of law. She is patient at explaining legal terms in easy to understand wording. Her assistance is appreciated.
  • SS

    - Mar 27 2019 She’s the best!!
  • Erica Manning

    - Feb 25 2019 Diane was trustworthy and extremely informative. She will guide you throughout this process and understanding how difficult it can be.
  • nick manning

    - Feb 25 2019 Diane was affordable and knowledgeable much better alternative than wasting money on lawyers
  • Mandy Morin

    - Jan 19 2019 She was great. It's not an easy task to get people through a divorce. She made it quick and painless. I would definitely recommend her.
  • Ryan Ewing

    - Dec 03 2018 Diane was amazing, she was detailed, fair and even brought up things with our divorce we never thought about. She made the experience pain free, and quick.
  • KT

    - Oct 21 2018 Diane was a pleasure to work with in such a difficult time. She made the process easier by being such a calming presence. I definitely recommend her medication practices.
  • Kat Marquis

    - Sep 25 2018 Diane works hard to find common ground and help the parties obtain mutually satisfactory results. She is an excellent mediator.
  • david quinn

    - Sep 25 2018 We had a great experience with Diane
  • Bob Levin

    - Sep 17 2018 Diane is a skilled mediator and I would recommend her highly.
  • Ryan Ewing

    Dec 03 2018 Diane is professional, detailed and on point. She made our process move smooth and quick.
  • Diane Gaspar

    Oct 15 2018 Just so you all know, the reviews by Ralph Jones and Harry Balzz are fake. The search engine won't take them down.

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