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Diego J. Peña has more than 36 years-experience litigating, arbitrating and mediating labor & employment, personal injury, wrongful death, business, commercial and oil & gas cases and disputes.

Peña Arbitration & Mediation Group prides itself on its integrity and neutrality. As an arbitrator, Mr. Peña listens carefully, applies the controlling law to the facts and delivers intellectually honest decisions. During arbitration hearings, he does not take over the parties’ cases and he does not second guess attorneys. He studies all briefs, case summaries and evidence provided by the parties.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • clint phillips

    - Jan 22 2021 Diego showed up with a firm knowledge of the case history and the law. He then treated my client more respect than I've ever had a mediator give. The best mediation experience in three decades of practice.
  • Luis Galindo

    - Dec 29 2020 Mr. Pena handled a very difficult matter in the most professional and effective manner. We were able to reach settlement on a case where the parties had been litigating for many years thanks to his expertise and assistance.
  • Steve Kotara

    - Dec 29 2020 Diego successfully mediated my nine-year old lawsuit over the ownership of real property. I could not be more pleased.
  • Darren Glass

    - May 25 2020 I had worked with Diego for a number of years in a professional capacity on numerous complex cases. Diego's insight, perspective and to see through obstacles and scenarios others could not was impressive. I would welcome any chance to have Diego's impartial insights on any future matter where myself or others needing assistance may be concerned.
  • craig modrzynski

    - Feb 17 2020 Diego is the best. Very professional, thorough & knowledgeable.
  • Ruben Menchaca

    - Dec 19 2019 Does great work and honest about what he tells you.
  • Mark Hesselgrave

    - Nov 22 2019 Diego is an outstanding individual on both the personal and professional level.
  • Travis McCown

    - Nov 20 2019 Mr. Pena is a true professional and will listen intently with care and compassion. If I have a legal question or concern, Diego is always my first call. He will treat you fairly and I have much respect for him.
  • Shane Cordova

    - Oct 21 2019 Diego is professional yet accessible. I've always appreciated his counsel.
  • Paul Cardarella

    - Oct 21 2019 Diego is an outstanding attorney and arbitrator. He is very well versed in labor law and arbitration proceedings. I highly recommend him!

    - Oct 21 2019 I worked with Diego for years on a multitude of cases. He was fair, listened well, understood the details and always able to formulate a path forward. I recommend him highly with no reservations.
  • Janie Garcia

    - Oct 21 2019 Diego is professional, well versed in his field and a very intelligent attorney. Additionally, he's trustworthy and fair.
  • John Curley

    - Oct 08 2019 Colleague and coworker of Diego
  • Gerard Fowler

    - Oct 08 2019 I have conducted numerous arbitrations wherein Diego Pena served as counsel for the employer. He is extremely well respected by management and union advocates alike. He is an individual of exemplary character. He will be an excellent arbitrator or mediator.
  • Geoffrey Amsel

    - Oct 08 2019 I have known and worked with Diego for 20 years. He is a thoughtful, careful lawyer. But most importantly for mediation and arbitration, he has a great disposition, and will engage effectively and honestly with folks on both sides of an issue.
  • Alison

    - Oct 02 2019 First rate
  • Jorge Mariscal

    - Sep 26 2019 I have known Diego Pena for more than 30 years and have had the good fortune of working with him on various legal projects. Mr. Pena is an extremely intelligent and very capable attorney and is a gentleman of high integrity.
  • Chris Bourgeacq

    - Sep 25 2019 I have known and worked with Diego for nearly 30 years and can vouch for his skills, professionalism, and results. Whether as an advocate or neutral third party, Diego strives to get to the right, and just, result for his client(s). I recommend Diego with no reservations for his legal services.

    - Sep 25 2019 Diego Pena is one of the finest Attorney's I know. I've had the pleasure to conduct business with Diego through the years, and know him to be an honest Attorney, a Gentleman, and a Scholar. I recommend Diego Pena as an Attorney, Arbitrator, and Mediator, without hesitation, or reservation.
  • Bob Goss

    - Sep 23 2019 Mr. Pena has provided keen insight, fairness, and analysis in a full, fair, thorough and complete manner. He has demonstrated great discernment in a judicial manner.
  • Christopher Paul Hamm

    - Sep 23 2019 Diego is a first-rate arbitrator and mediator! He conducts himself with the utmost integrity and professionalism. I will always consider using him whenever possible!
  • Matt Holder

    - Sep 23 2019 I have worked with Mr. Peña for almost 20 years. He is fair and direct in his dealings and I would not hesitate to use him as an arbitrator or mediator.
  • Gary Kuentz

    - Sep 20 2019 I've known Diego for many years. When ever the need would come up to utilize his service he was always very professional and very courteous. When the need for legal representation comes up Diego is the first person I call.
  • rick eddy

    - Sep 20 2019 Diego is the consummate legal counsel. His wise and objective guidance saved our company hundreds of thousands in legal fees. That was not to mention the countless and UNNECESSARY LOSS OF MANPOWER. His ability to see a wreck from both sides of the street is uncanny and both sides walk away feeling they were heard and the decision was fair. No one wins in a dispute but he makes you feel that you got the best of the situation.
  • Mark Cervantes

    - Sep 20 2019 Mr. Pena was articulate, thorough and fair in his handling of cases
  • Cynthia Malone

    - Sep 20 2019 Attorney at AT&T with 35 years of experience in litigation, litigation management, regulatory matters, and contract negotiation.

    Dec 29 2020 Mr. Pena handled a very difficult matter in the most professional and effective manner. We were able to reach settlement on a case where the parties had been litigating for many years thanks to his expertise and assistance.
  • Steve Kotara

    Dec 29 2020

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