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Hougen Family Law serves people with a wide variety of legal issues, including but not limited to the following family matters:
  • Divorce and family law
  • Child custody (visitation & parenting time)
  • Interstate Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Asset division protection
  • Debt division
  • Community waste
  • Temporary Orders
  • Family crimes and misdemeanors
  • Domestic violence
  • Workplace harassment
  • Stalking
  • Telephone intimidation
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Orders of Protection
  • Exclusive Use and Possession of Home
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Samantha Sawyer

    Aug 30 2020 Very good experience in a very difficult situation and time. Thank you so much
  • C. Herbert

    Jul 25 2020 Donna is an excellent attorney for family law matters; she is always prepared (and forces her clients to be prepared, which is vital in their cases), and always strives to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. I've recommended her to a colleague of mine, who had a very favorable outcome, and I would highly recommend her to anyone with family law needs.
  • Gina Summers

    Jul 25 2020 I would absolutely recommend Donna Hougen to others! When looking for a lawyer I did my research I looked through pages of reviews for every lawyer I considered. I read Donna’s reviews after my consult with her and regardless of any doubt they may have cast I knew she was the one for the job. I could tell that some were true and others were not accurate at all based on my own experience. Donna is a hard woman of great character and was very ethical in handling my case. She knows her information and she listens (which can be costly if you talk a lot) Let me be upfront. Legal custody dealings are not something anyone ever wants to have to go through. Figuring out how to navigate the situation can not only be stressful but highly emotional and not just for you children are also affected by custody battles. I unfortunately had to go through this and it was an incredibly high conflict type custody dealing that I would not wish anyone to ever have to experience. I was referred to Hougen family law through a domestic violence advocate group when their connected lawyer analyzed my situation and determined he was unequipped to handle the brevity of my case. He sent my information to Donna and let me tell you she was everything that I had told the lawyer I was looking for. Donna called me I believe later that same day and she took her time going over the aspects of my case with me and letting me know what I was headed into and kind of an idea of how to begin to navigate what I had gotten started. Coming from my situation I did not have a lot of money to hire Donna and her team right away but I was convinced she was the one I needed to have represent me. I had consultations with quite a few law firms and each one informed me that I was looking at an uphill battle and the result was not a guarantee which is understood when the custody of your children rests in the wisdom of the Judge you go before. The standard quote was well into the 5 figures from each law firm. Donna Hougen presented herself much more clearly and in depth than any lawyer that I consulted with. Her price range was no lower but she worked with me and honored my discount with legal shield as I couldn’t use there lawyer because of a conflict of interest. Right from the get go Donna Hougen was brutal and not because she was on my side but because she heard and went through the details of my case of which I was tied emotionally to and she helped to set aside the emotion which was by no means easy and many times downright painful and frustrating to be pushed to do. It was absolutely needed though because even through the pain of it Donna Hougen knee that the most important part to me and over all was the best interest of my children. Many times I had blinders on because I had experienced the situations and I could not fathom how someone could not just hear that and give me absolutely everything. Which when it comes to children it is unrealistic. Children who are caught in the middle of a custody battle have two parents who are important to them in unique ways and even if the other party is not a good person in your eyes it doesn’t diminish the role they play in your children’s lives. I knew this but again was clouded by my emotion and my rightness in the situation. Donna Hougen would listen to my concerns and be straightforward with me which felt brutal to me but after I had processed I would be able to understand more where she was getting me to. Not that I liked it in the least but she was impartial and honest. When I hired Donna I did it on a unique basis. At first I could only afford the retainer and structured my billable hours around getting advice and doing everything I could to complete the pieces that I could to maximize Donna’s help. For trial prep Donna took her time and made sure I was clear in the process and time constraints and made sure I understood that consuming time with telling a whole story which I may have felt important because I experienced it and I felt it relevant would ultimately waste time to present the important facts that were provable. The outcome of my case was a favorable one that took months of waiting for the final ruling. There are no guarantees for what the outcome will be until there is a ruling and sometimes despite best efforts things don’t go the way we think they should. Regardless of the outcome I still would have hired Donna Hougen and her team, her Amazing paralegal Barbara were everything I could have asked for and I would absolutely retain them again if ever faced with the unfortunate circumstance of having to go back to custody court. When looking for a lawyer I did my research I looked through pages of reviews for every lawyer I considered. I read Donna’s reviews after my consult with her and regardless of any doubt they may have cast I knew she was the one for the job. I could tell that some were true and others were not accurate at all based on my own experience. Donna is a hard woman of great character and was very ethical in handling my case. She knows her information and she listens (which can be costly if you talk a lot)
  • Tamara Postorino

    Jul 01 2020 Donna was probably the 5th attorney that I am so thankful to have had represent me after I had paid over $23,000 for council allowing me to settle for a 4 year alimony payment of $3,500 a month with out going to court, to my ex husband who was well bodied and able to work, lived a lifestyle beyond our means , we had no assets,No savings, lost our house , I had No credit or the means to pay for an attorney to represent me for modification, as well as several would not even take my case ,Donna did she was very honest, she made you work hard , but she knows the law & prepared me for 2 hours before a judge where after 2 years of paying a 4 year sentence I could in no way ever afford .The judge ruled in favor and the remaining 2 years of payment were ended..I only wish I had Donna as my attorney when I started my divorce. I’m so Thankful for her amazing knowledge and representation.
  • Laura Eubanks

    Jun 26 2020 Heaven sent! Amazing!
  • Christine Griffin

    Jun 25 2020 Donna has been working with my family over the years. We just won grandparents visitation which is not an easy thing to do. Glad she was by our side!
  • Lacy

    Jun 25 2020 I am rating 5 stars because really there's no other option. Dona is knowledgeable it seems but does not seem to want to fight for women rights as a mother. She told me I need to give my kids to the father and then fight later for more time again. With custody being 50/50 I saw no reason to give up my time. She said I moved so likely the judge would favor father who has not which is not right considering I know people that have won cases like these. The helpful part was when she guided me to her website to look up articles and statutes and legal information. Fighting on my own seemed more hopeful than fighting with her simply because she didn't want to truly fight for my rights. She is nice, gave me a pen and some candy but overall I'm not sure I would use her. I want someone that fights for my cause and helps me achieve my goals.
    • Donna Hougen

      Jun 25 2020I am glad you were able to use the information and my website. I prevail often in women's and men's issues, gender is not an issue in my office. I would never advise deviation from a 50/50 plan, but logistically a person who moves will have a heavy burden to show they should have primary care, and if an infant/non school age child is involved a court may continue with a 50/50 plan. Further, the airfare may be ordered paid by the moving party -not always but it is a credable reality that should be reviewed. I do believe there is a misunderstanding, I would never advocate a parent give up parent rights to another parent solely. If a parent is homeless, or even involved with drug abuse, my office seeks remedies that allow for some form of access and tries very hard to assist a parent to get work, a home and/or off drugs -whatever the issue is. Not that such is the issue presenting with you of course. The pen is a business card tool, it has the web site on it and has a touch screen tip. We do have a candy bowel. I hope you found success in your move out of state case and resolved matters successfully.
  • Diane Searle

    Jun 25 2020 Informative and a lot of information that I didn't realize or even think about. I will be calling the office soon for further consultation. It was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to our next meeting.
    • Donna Hougen

      Jun 25 2020We are here for you, I am glad we could help.
  • Jennifer Lopus

    Sep 06 2019 Responsive and credible.
  • Nancy Keeling

    Dec 07 2018 This kind lady (Donna Hougen)spoke to me and treated me with a respect at that moment, meant the world. I cannot say enough about our first conversation, straight forward, and honest. Thank you for your wisdom. I will refer you to ANY and ALL who should need you. Thank you
  • Joshua Hancock

    Jul 20 2018 Gene and his assistant are amazing! I cannot say enough good things about them. They showed they truly cared about me and my process and worked very hard for me. You cannot go wrong with them.
  • Laura Howey

    May 08 2018 Donna Hougen is an excellent attorney who prevailed in my two trials obtaining me a substantial award of spousal maintenance (8 years) and child support (5 years). The judge even awarded my attorney’s fees to be paid by my ex-husband. Her knowledge of the law and trial experience was the only reason I could start my life over with the awards the judge gave me. Donna can be tough yet compassionate and I appreciated that combination because it helped me stay focused on my case and as a witness in my own trial. I would highly recommend Donna. says:

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