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When facing the emotional turbulence of divorce, you must rely on a skilled attorney to protect your rights and assets. Since 1997, South Carolina residents have counted on Barker Family Law for tenacious representation in difficult times. At Barker Family Law, we are dedicated to providing individualized attention so that each client can thrive as they move forward. We focus on what’s most important to you and advocate diligently to achieve positive results.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • BL

    - Jul 15 2018 I highly recommend Mr. Barker and his team. They provided a dedicated and exceptional service from the very beginning until the end.
  • DR

    - Jul 05 2018 Great attorney!
  • Kate

    - Mar 14 2018 Mr. Barker is fabulous! He has worked with me thru my divorce and child custody battle and has been the utmost sincere and hard working attorney/person I have met! Your firm is fantastic and thank you for all you do!
  • Adrienne L.

    - Feb 15 2018 Mr. Barker was wonderful to work with. When we started our search for a good lawyer, we choose Mr. Barker because he is the best. From the beginning he was kind, knowledgeable, and made you feel comfortable in your decision to hire him. He put our minds at ease even when the date of the actual trial came, and we were so nervous of the outcome. He helped us achieve everything we went for, and we couldn't be more happy with our choice in him. Thank you again Mr. Barker
  • Anon

    - Jan 17 2018 Mr. Barker is a wonderful attorney!
  • karen anderson

    - Jan 16 2018 Mr. Barker helped me through a divorce. He’s a very kind person and really cares about his clients. When we were at the actual mediation, he got me double from what I actually expect. And if I divorce could be fun, this was fantastic. So if you have to go through divorce definitely have Mr. Barker representing you.
  • dennis edie

    Jan 31 2019 Doug Barker is simply a great family law attorney who cares about his client. He knows what will happen in the court room before you go in. Do yourself a favor. Get Doug Barker to represent you. He is a winner.
  • Erik Baggett

    Jan 16 2019
  • Roxy K.L. Anderson

    Jul 06 2018 Mr. Barker is a five star attorney. He takes care of his clients very thoroughly and he thinks of things nobody else does. He definitely knows what to say but the most important is when to say what he says. Timing is key and he’s got it down He got me way over the amount that I was asking for I was pleasantly surprised. If I ever have to go through a divorce Mr. Barker would always be the top of the list to represent me. Thank you Mr. Barker for taking such good care of me ??
  • Patrick Haro7

    Sep 01 2016 Doug Barker is a BEAST!!! Very well prepared for court, mediations and arbitration! He blew away the other parties testimony and exposed them in all their lies. His cross examination was not only intense but powerful! DO NOT let his calm and cool demeanor fool you. He can definitely be the attack dog you need and best of all, he knows exactly when and how to attack! My nickname for Doug became Cujo. With anyone else, I know I would have never been awarded custody of my daughter, TWICE!!! That is quite the rare occasion in South Carolina being that I'm the father. I will (and have already) recommend Doug to anyone! He's the best!
  • Janie Jessen

    Sep 01 2016 Doug and April have handled my lengthy family court issue with great professionalism and care. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns, and they are quick to take action. You always hope for the easiest solution to your problems, but sometimes that doesn't happen!! Thankfully Doug and April are willing to work for their clients to achieve the best outcome possible. says:

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