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Susan K. Duke, an attorney at Duke Law Firm, P.C., proudly and with dedication serves the eight-county area of the Finger Lakes region of New York state surrounding Lakeville and Livonia, including Livingston County, Monroe County, Rochester, Geneseo, Steuben County, Allegany County, Batavia, Mount Morris and Cuba. Ms. Duke focuses a significant portion of her time to those struggling with bankruptcy, and she also assists clients with contracts and trademark law. She previously focused her practice in family law, primarily in divorce, and continues to accept some cases in that area.

Ms. Duke earned her Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1995 and later earned a Master of Laws summa cum laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2005. Ms. Duke was admitted to practice in New York in 1996 and has been admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of New York since 1997.

Attorney Heidi Feinberg is a litigator, focusing the last 10 of her 18 years of practice representing parents and children in a wide variety of family law matters including custody, child support, domestic violence proceedings, adoption, and appeals. Her area of focus with Duke Law Firm is helping men and women navigate some of the hardest and most emotional experiences of their lives – divorce, custody, and related litigation.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • A C

    - Dec 07 2022 Susan was able to finalize my divorce that was fair for everyone with all things considered. Susan’s firm is top notch when it comes to communication and staying on top of my case. You get what you pay for and Susan doesn’t miss the mark with this one.
    • Susan Duke

      Dec 07 2022Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a positive review!
  • Chris

    - Nov 10 2022 My previous lawyer told me I had no case. I met with Susan Duke and by the end of the first consultation the affidavit was completely filled out and submitted. Whenever i had a question or phoned the office i got an immediate response. She fought on my behalf and it was reflected in the positive results when all was said and done. She saved me from what would have been financial ruin for me had i not retained her. my previous attorney was less expensive but you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend Susan Duke
  • Jennifer Heidemann L

    - Oct 25 2022 Duke law firm is excellent! They were so attentive and professional with handling my case and any/all needs I had. If I had any questions or concerns, they never hesitated to answer or take care of me. I felt 100% comfortable and confident within the care of Duke Law Firm and will forever recommend them to all!! I am so very grateful.
  • Hs

    - Jan 20 2022 Very pleasant experience. Monica took care of everything and kept in touch during each step of the process. She was professional and kind and very trustworthy
  • Damary Piccirillo

    - Dec 20 2021 My experience was wonderful I did not have to do anything Monica took care of everything along with my lawyer and it was fast n smooth .. thank u
  • Joshua J Parnell

    - Mar 05 2021 Susan and her team are amazing. I have utilized her services for several situations. Any and all of my questions/concerns were answered timely and completely. Susan was upfront with her fee’s and how the court processes work. I never felt out of the loop of which process we were in. I especially appreciated how I was contacted regarding what paperwork/documents were required of me and how to send them to her office. To most people the word “Court” sounds bad, but Susan and her team are lights out. I’m hoping in the future I don’t have too many more court dates, but if so I want Susan as MY Lawyer. Sincerely Joshua : )
  • Rebecca Caldwell & Richard Rowe

    - Dec 13 2020 “Duke Law: The Best Decision We Made” If you're looking for an honest, affordable, reliable, genuine, patient and intelligent attorney for your bankruptcy or family court issue(s), CALL SUSAN at DUKE LAW - you will not regret retaining her. She is on top of the law, fast to respond, very attentive to your case/needs, fair-priced and will not just tell you what you want to hear (that can happen a lot with lawyers, but not this one). This year (2020 - the year from hell), we retained Susan, after searching and searching for an attorney (for years we put off court, because we just couldn't find the right attorney, or the right price). We met with many, but none of them held a candle to Duke Law. Susan's retainer fee/total cost was WAY BELOW the others we found (by hundreds of dollars). She also utilizes up-to-date/modern technology (we had one attorney hand us a pencil and paper to capture our situation, Susan used a software program that was very user-friendly, and much more efficient than the old paper/pencil route). Her office is AWESOME, very clean (we even went during 2020/COVID, and the girls had the place spotless/very sanitary, followed all safety/COVID regulations too) - other offices we visited were in the back of people's apartments, dirty, very unprofessional, sometimes even scary, but not Duke Law - they've a great, safe, modern, clean, convenient and local office, in an actual office building, not her home! (If you're coming from the city, or southern tier, she's located about a mile or two from 390, very convenient). Her staff/team is also awesome: her assistant is very caring, intelligent, super fast to reply, and her receptionist is very friendly too! I was amazed at the small town feel, yet very professional experience. The entire team is amazing; I cannot sing their praises loud enough!! Hiring an attorney can be nerve-wracking, but not with Duke Law. As soon as we met with Susan, our fears were calmed, and we retained her on the spot. She instantly set the actions in motion, solving our issue as fast as COVID (and gathering all our ducks in a row) would allow. Susan not only works FOR you; she works WITH you. The ladies were able to not only resolve our legal issue, but also went above and beyond to be sure other issues were handled as well (something most attorneys do not do - many simple handle the task/issue they're paid for and move on, but not Duke Law - Susan made sure ALL of our issues were taken care of, followed up on things she wasn't even retained to handle, and was the saving grace for us). If you need to file bankruptcy, get divorced, handle child custody or visitation schedules, or any other family court case/issue, have no fear, Duke Law is here - for you and not just for your money. If you're suffocating from the weight of your legal problem, there is hope, there is a way to breathe again, and there is a way to afford handling your issue. They made our nightmare manageable, affordable and totally resolved/disappear in the end (and all this during an unprecedented pandemic - I was simply stunned)!! She gives FREE quotes, so if you're in need of a respected, honest, professional, intelligent, affordable, reliable, and genuine attorney, call Susan at Duke Law today, I promise you will be glad you did. I was, and now we can finally breathe again. Susan lifted a HUGE weight off our shoulders, she was the bright, guiding light in a very dark tunnel, and she can do, and be, the same for you. Just call her, and she'll start the journey WITH you. I believe in Duke Law, and their ability to navigate the law, protect you and yours, and get done what needs to get done NOW (not a month, or year from now). I couldn't have chosen a better team to handle our issue. I don't usually write these things, but was so impressed with Duke Law, so amazed at the entire process, and simply stunned by the results, I had to share my thoughts with you. Thank you for reading my review, now stop fretting and call Susan!! ~Rebecca Caldwell 11/28/2020
  • Madison Wiedrick

    Oct 08 2022

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