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255 Evernia St. #604
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Eric Vaughn-Flam is currently Of-Counsel to the firm, and was a founding partner of the predecessor firm Sanders Ortoli Vaughn-Flam Rosenstadt LLP. For over thirty years, Eric has specialized in commercial and intellectual property practice and litigation. Eric’s significant commercial practice serves a wide variety of companies engaged in the manufacturing, retail and service industries. Eric practice has focused in the areas of trademark, (registration, prosecution, and infringement litigation); copyright (media, internet, literary property, and entertainment); patent litigation, and advertising law. Eric is a lecturer, including for the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, Litigation Forum on Intellectual Property Entertainment and Sports Industries, THE SOCIETY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS & ARTISTS REPRESENTATIVES, and has published numerous articles in the area of copyright and trademark protection.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • LJ

    Mar 23 2018 Attorney Flam's understanding of the law will help anyone who is not an attorney understand what legal issues even are and why they matter. Few attorneys have the wealth of knowledge of the law that Attorney Flam has, most are specialized in a few fields. Attorney Flam can very articulately explain when legal issues are worth fighting for and why. Attorney Flam is not afraid to stand up to anyone, any corporation or any public figure who tries to bend the law with their power and position. It has been good for me to know and use Attorney Flam for both professional and personal matters for over 30 years. He will settle, go to court, find you specialists if needed or advise you to walk away; he prides himself on the quality of advice and value he delivers his clients. Attorney Flam, who still uses his father's attorney desk, is a rare breed in today's world. If it were possible, I would give him 10 or 100 stars.
  • Matthias Knab

    Mar 23 2018 Amazing, extremely skilful and committed lawyer who fights for you and your right.
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