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Francis Carter, a full-time mediator and settlement counselor in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, has mediated hundreds of bankruptcy and civil business cases, involving avoidance claims (voidable preferences, fraudulent transfers, and Ponzi clawbacks), claims objections, foreclosures, lien contests, deficiency claims, guaranties, contract disputes, and fee disputes, as well as civil cases involving directors and officers liability, business dissolutions, partners’ disputes, construction defects, aviation, landlord tenant, tax, brokers’ commissions, international business disputes, and other commercial and financial issues.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Harry Payton

    - Nov 26 2022 I have known Francis for more than 40 years. He is an outstandingly pragmatic and realistic mediator. He confronts issues head on and strives in every way possible to obtain a result that achieves the needs of both parties to the mediation.
  • David Levine

    - Nov 13 2018 Francis successfully mediated several litigation mattters where I represented parties in the defense of multi-million dollar fraudulent transfer and related claims. Francis was insightful, patient and pragmatic. There is no question that his years of experience in litigating these type of cases, as will as his mediation skills and pragmatic suggestions resulted in the settlement of most of these matters.
  • Barbara Riesberg

    - Oct 07 2018 I used Francis Carter for one mediation thus far. He understood the issues, actively sought a framework for settlement pre-mediation, successfully put the parties at (relative) ease, and efficiently worked to settle the case. He is notable as a mediator in light of his ability to think creatively and strategically to guide the parties to resolution.
  • Jefferson Knight

    - Sep 14 2018 Francis is, first of all, an extremely intelligent person. He is also very good at reading people. Finally, he is a master of all aspects of business and finance, so he is more than capable of VERY QUICKLY, understanding ALL of the issues in even the most complex business dispute. All of these qualities made him the perfect mediator to resolve my (my clients') very difficult case involving several million dollars, many different kinds of tanglible assets, real estate, partnership issues, LLC issues, land trust issues, multiple lis pendens, constructive trust disputes - you name it! And, as a bonus, most of the relevant documents were in Chinese, and most of the clients (on both sides) spoke English poorly, or not at all. Francis dove in, gained the confidence and trust of the parties, opposing counsel, mastered the issues and - you guessed it! - moved the parties toward a settlement that resolved all the issues, and left both sides feeling somewhat dissatisfied, but feeling like it was the best settlement possible under all of the facts and circumstance. Francis should be your "go to guy" in your next business case. Your clients will thank you!
  • Gene Lindsey

    - Jul 10 2018 Very helpful. Thanks.
  • Jon Zeder

    - Jun 26 2018 Francis first got me into serving as a mediator about eight years ago. Since then I have witnessed and benefited from his mediation skills and insights on many occasions. His candor, persistence, imagination, experience, and perspective uniquely qualify and enable him to get good results in even the toughest cases.
  • Michael Olin

    - Jun 26 2018 Great, persistent, smart mediator.
  • Christopher Andrew Jarvinen

    - Apr 07 2018 Francis is an incredibly effective mediator.
  • tom lehman

    - Mar 18 2018 During our last mediation, Francis worked hard to get a settlement and succeeded.
  • Mark D. Bloom

    - Jan 18 2018 Francis has the ability to get right to heart of an issue, while giving every party a fair chance to be heard. He has a great sense of what motivates people and how to get them to Yes.
  • Patrick Montoya

    - Dec 18 2017 Francis is the consummate professional. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as a mediator of complex disputes. He is also a dogged and tireless worker in trying to get cases resolved.
  • Charles Throckmorton

    - Dec 18 2017 Francis Carter has mediated several very complex cases in which I have been involved, where both the issues and the personalities have been unusually difficult. Mr. Carter succeeded every time in getting the parties to an agreement, to their great benefit. In these cases, Mr. Carter has drawn on decades of experience in bankruptcy and commercial law as well as extensive mediation experience. What makes him stand out is the advance preparation and interviews that he conducts; he does not rely on written submissions alone. As a result, he is unusually well prepared, from the outset of the formal mediation, to guide the parties to a successful settlement. I recommend Francis Carter without reservation as a mediator who gets results.
  • L. Cloyd

    - Nov 20 2017 Francis has mediated many matters for our firm. He always does a wonderful job.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Oct 17 2017 Francis is a long term member of and is a featured attorney on our site. We highly recommend his services.
  • Marcia Gomez

    Dec 06 2022 Mr. Carter helped mediate a case that I thought was going to require more than one mediation or that would end up in trial. He is very patient, pleasant to talk to, knowledgeable, unbiased and did an excellent job mediating the parties despite one of the parties, myself, being inexperienced and not an attorney. I’m glad to have found Mr. Carter and to have chosen him as a mediator. My understanding is that mediation, without an effective mediator, is more often than not a waste of time and money (unfortunately mandatory). Thank you Mr. Carter!
  • Barbara Riesberg

    Oct 08 2018 I mediated a case with Francis Carter within the past year. In addition to settling the case, Mr. Carter made it a positive experience for all involved by using creative strategies and guiding the parties to agree upon reasonable terms. He employed a bespoke strategy based upon his knowledge of the case, the parties, and potential settlement terms prior to the mediation. A standard formulaic approach would not have worked in this case. says:

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