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Our goal is to lessen the difficulty of a loved one’s death as much as possible. We provide thoughtful and compassionate funeral home services with dignity and respect. From prayer cards to cremation services, we handle it all so you have less to worry about.

For over one hundred years, we have honored the values of the past and now incorporate them with the traditions of a new generation. We invite you to explore the links on this page and hope the information provided is helpful. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so we may be able to assist you.

When viewing obituaries of friends and loved ones, feel free to upload a photo or video as a tribute.

Thank you for visiting the Frank P. Trainor & Sons Funeral Home.

We offer compassionate and dignified funeral services for families in Warwick, Cranston, Providence, West Warwick, and East Greenwich, RI. We also offer cremation services in Warwick, Cranston, Providence, West Warwick, and East Greenwich, RI.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • E-Mac

    - Sep 11 2022 Trainor was great to work with in planning funerals for our family in a very proximate period of time. Kind, courteous, and professional.
  • Jenny McLeod

    - Aug 19 2022 Michael Trainor helped our family to bury our grandparents. Both funerals went smoothly and he and his team made the family felt at ease during the entire process. We couldn’t have done it without Michael and his team’s help.
  • Diane Caianiello

    - Aug 07 2022 Excellent and caring.
  • Nicole marcone

    - Aug 07 2022 We had nothing but a positive experience. Of course planning a funeral is terrible, however they were understanding, compassionate, respectful and kind to my family as we went through this process. It feels like a funny thing to recommend, however it is important to feel supported dying this process and Frank Trainor and sons did just that.
  • Linda Fogell Kozack

    - Jul 25 2022 Warm and caring family owned and operated business. They have been taking care of my family for years. It was comforting to know that they took the same care with my husband. Kind and met my needs.
  • john j rego

    - Jul 10 2022 they took very good care of all the arangment's
  • Albert Parrillo

    - Jul 09 2022 Michael was just wonderful handling my Mother’s funeral. The entire staff were respectful and professional. Though I hope not to need their services any time soon, we will use them when the time comes.
  • William L Myers

    - Jul 08 2022 Michael Trainor is very professional and helpful to work with during a most difficult time. He is able to provide guidance and assistance in order to make a sad situation more bearable. I highly recommend Trainor Funeral Home.
  • Barbara DiChiara

    - Jul 08 2022 Michael Trainor was thoughtful, careing and compassionate. He handled everything for me, and made a very painful task bearable.
  • Jonathan O\'Gorman

    - Jul 08 2022 Mike and his staff did a great job taking care of everything for my mother’s funeral. I would absolutely use him again.
  • mark paliotti

    - Jul 07 2022 The owner and the staff treated myself and my family with respect and was very understanding and so we trusted in them .
  • Maureen Gray

    - Jul 07 2022 Mike is very professional and caring to work with. He is able to make a sad situation more bearable. I highly recommend Trainor Funeral Home.
  • PW

    - Jul 07 2022 My family has had 2 experiences with Frank Trainor & Sons Funeral Home. The first was in 2017 when my 93 year old mother passed; and once again in 2021 when my husband, a Vietnam Veteran passed away. As difficult and sorrowful as both times were, Michael Trainor accommodated our requests for the calling hour services for both my mom and my husband to include personal touches of music, singing, and a photo video reel highlighting their lives. Mike was both compassionate and supportive of our family's wishes.
  • Denise Van Loon

    - Jul 07 2022 We've worked with Michael Trainor three times. He's very compassionate, understanding and professional. He understands the gravity of our loss and is very considerate. Hopefully we won't need his services any time soon but he's there when we need him.
  • David Borowski

    Aug 13 2019 Mr. Trainor and his staff are incredibly kind and detail oriented professionals. My hats off to them for the incredible service they provide during a very sad and trying time.
  • Paul Kelly

    Jan 24 2019 I would recommend the Trainor Funeral Home to anyone who has experienced a death in the family. Michael Trainor is very accommodating and made a very trying time that much more bearable.
  • Matthew Walsh

    Oct 12 2018 I cannot say enough about Mr. Trainor & his staff and would highly recommend them to anyone who has lost a family member.
  • Ron Welton

    May 23 2018 I cannot say enough about the service that Trainor Funeral Home provided my family. Mr. Trainor and his staff are incredibly kind and caring and we will always be grateful to them.
  • Richard Ceceri

    Nov 06 2017 I have been to many wakes and funerals her over the years. I called them when my father died and he could not have been in better hands. They handled every detail. It was the first time I had ever planned a funeral and I must say they made the painful task much easier to bear. I hold them in the highest regards and cannot recommend them enough. says:

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