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With over thirty-seven years in the practice of law and primarily self-employed, Marzilli has aquired a keen understanding and appreciation of what clients expect from their lawyers. He strives to be an attentive, affordable, accessible, and compassionate man of the law. To do this, he works to understand the needs of his clients. He listens to the problem at hand, speaks in a direct and plain manner, addresses their inquiries and questions in a prompt and professional manner, while utilizing the most cost-effective and practical means to protect and promote the clients’ best interest. Attorney Marzilli enjoys working with his clients in a cooperative relationship, where they each provide input and feedback to build the best and strongest case.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • William Bianchi

    Jan 19 2019 Mr. Marzilli is accessible, responsive (day, night, weekends) and personable. He is straight to the point and concise in taking sometimes complex legal situations and explaining them in a way the average individual can understand. Over the years he has provided several members of our family with a wide range of services, always to a very satisfactory result. His office staff is also of high quality. I enthusiastically recommend him.
  • VJD

    Jan 01 2019 Fred has completed many personal transactions for me and my family e.g., power of attorney, wills, home sales and purchases. He manages to de-mystify each legal process and is patient and accommodating in his efforts.
  • Anthony DaRocha

    Dec 19 2018 Great lawyer. He has been my lawyer for over 25 years. I deal with him for all business, real estate, and personal matters.
  • Gail Zuckerbraun

    Dec 19 2018 Smart, efficient, reliable, compassionate!
  • Mark Dickison

    Nov 28 2018 Awesome; great new site
  • Jack D. Pitts, Esq.

    Nov 16 2018 I have been practicing law in the State of Rhode Island for more than 31 years. I am fairly certain that I have known Attorney Marzilli that entire period of time and feel absolutely confident in recommending him. As we are both litigation attorneys, I have had countless opportunities to observe Attorney Marzilli both as an adversary or as a litigator in another case. What strikes me most about him would be, first, the fact that his clients always seem satisfied that he has presented all they wanted to say to the Judge. So many clients are dissatisfied with their attorneys that they didn't tell the court something important. In Attorney Marzilli's case, I always see it in his client's eyes when he he brings something up that they so wanted presented to the Court. Next, in the small State of Rhode Island, which has about 10,000 lawyers, Attorney Marzilli actually litigates cases and not just seeks to settle everything. Moreover, when he does litigate, I have always found his style impressive, professional and effective. I have also had experiences with Attorney Marzilli where he has performed business services; such as starting up a business and then maintaining it thereafter. Once again, he always does a very professional job. If you are considering Attorney Marzilli as your next attorney, I can only tell you that I am only one of many attorneys that I know that have the utmost respect for him, his legal skills and his integrity....which he himself earned. I endorse him whole heartedly.
  • E.H.

    Nov 13 2018 Atty. Marzilli is personable , very knowledgeable , dedicated,and supportive of client’s best interests.
  • Paul Votta

    Oct 30 2018 Personable and respected attorney
  • Frank Savoretti, JD, MD

    Oct 29 2018 Frederic Amato Marzilli has been our Medical Practice's and our Personal Attorney since 1986. Has always provided first rate Legal Advice and charges have very reasonable. I would recommend him highly to anyone, and have many times already in the past.
  • Vera DeMarco

    Jan 02 2019 Fred has completed many personal transactions for me and my family e.g., power of attorney, wills, home sales and purchases. He manages to de-mystify each legal process and is patient and accommodating in his efforts.
  • Jack Pitts

    Nov 16 2018
  • Frank Savoretti

    Oct 29 2018 Frederic Amato Marzilli, Esquire has been our Medical Practice's and our personal Attorney since 1986. I would and have recommended him highly to anyone who asks for a referral to a Lawyer. Top Shelf advice and reasonable charges.
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