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The outcome of any type of family-related legal matter can have long-term impacts on every single member of the family, especially young children. For this reason, you cannot risk putting your case in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. Mr. Hill has more than 30 years of litigation experience and has spent nearly a decade devoting his practice to complex family law cases, collaborative law matters, and divorce issues throughout Iowa. When it comes to your family and future, you can trust Family Law Solutions of Iowa, LLC to provide you with the compassionate care and insightful guidance you deserve.

Practice Areas: Divorce modification, Custody Modification, Interstate child custody, Domestic abuse, Protective order, Termination of parental rights, Interstate child custody, Child support and Emergency family law

Practicing in: Story County, Boone County, Webster County, Guthrie County, Madison County, Union County, Dallas County, Warren County, Clarke County, Ringgold County, Lucas County, Marion County, Jasper County and Marshall County
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • farhan

    Oct 08 2020 excellent lawyer. explains everything so you can understand it. i highly recommend him !!!
  • MW

    Mar 30 2019 I have been working with Gary for the past couple of years with several different things. He is an honest man that genuinely cares about each of his clients. He takes his time and works very hard to get the job done.
  • Tim Lincoln

    Mar 08 2019 I couldn't have picked a better person to represent me during my divorce and child custody. Gary was always well prepared, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions I had. Gary's calm demeanor always put me at ease. It gave me confidence knowing he always had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend him!!
  • Hope Wood

    Jan 14 2019 As a fellow attorney who has worked with Gary as opposing counsel, I really appreciate his approach to divorce and custody cases. Every case is different and he pays special attention to the unique needs of each client.
  • Jm

    Jan 12 2019 Mr. Hill guided me through my divorce with ease and professionalism! I would recommend him to anyone!!
  • Christie Stoner

    Jan 11 2019 I went to Gary when I needed help obtaining guardianship of my grandson. Gary laid out all the pros and cons of going forward and what the cost would be at each step of the way. I had never been before a judge before so Gary was very gracious and gave my grandson and I detailed court etiquette and witness preparation. Gary and his team kept me aprised of our case between hearings and when I didn't understand a procedure. I was finally awarded guardianship and I owe that to Gary's expertise as we were hit with obstacles along the way and he calmly walked me through them. I will definitely choose Hill Law Firm for any legal assistance in the future.
  • AP

    Jan 08 2019 What I like most about Gary is his intuition. He will listen to your story and legal issue and his solution will see right to the heart of the problem. I felt Gary cared about my case personally and because of that I was reassured and confident throughout the entire trial process. He not only offers great results, he offers peace of mind.
  • Michelle Smith

    Jan 08 2019 I hired Gary to help me with my divorce. I was completely happy with his representation. Gary took the time to explain the process of the court, and eased my mind. Court can be scary, but with Gary as my advocate, I felt much more confident. After speaking with others about their divorce experiences, I found that Gary offered the best representation at the most affordable prices. I knew from day one what my final bill would be. That, in itself, was completely reassuring. I can't say any of the others I spoke to has as good of an experience in this kind of situation as I did, all thanks to Gary Hill.
  • alison Ferguson

    Dec 18 2017 excellent lawyer. explains everything so you can understand it. i highly recommend him !!!
  • Jasmina Mehic

    Feb 08 2017 I don't normally write review but I feel that Gary has earned it. Mr. Hill has helped me tremendously in winning a child custody case. We all know ugly those can get. He has represented my case very well and has gone above and beyond to win it. He has a lot of experience and has guided me through these tough times in my life. says:

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