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The law firm practice of Gary J. Wachtel, Esq. emphasizes the areas of landlord/tenant litigation, real estate litigation, commercial and residential holdover & nonpayment proceedings, commercial Yellowstone Injunctions, tenant rights, injunctive relief & declaratory judgment actions, residential real estate transactions, commercial real estate transactions, business litigation, business transactions, real estate brokerage commissions litigation and collections, throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area. Mr. Wachtel’s professional philosophy is that ability, experience, service and direct accountability are the primary components of effective legal representation. His accomplishments and renowned successes are due to this strict adherence to providing first rate, specialized services that are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. To read more about his practice, see his Success Stories and decide for yourself if he is the attorney for your matter.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Pam and Hal Kalkstein

    - May 14 2024 We wholeheartedly recommend Gary Wachtel to anyone in need of legal services related to real estate transactions. His expertise, professionalism, creativity, communication and dedication to client satisfaction is truly commendable. We are grateful for the invaluable assistance he provided during our difficult transaction.
  • James Heid

    - Jul 31 2023 I didn't even end up needing Garys services, yet he took the time to pick up the phone himself and give me advice on a tenant landlord dispute. If I ever do need representation, it will most definitely be with Gary. Thank you Gary
  • Victoria Meng

    - Jun 20 2019 I had hoped to never have to sue anyone in my life -- but since I did, I am so glad that I was represented by Gary! I highly recommend him!
  • Bob

    - Jan 14 2019 Great !
  • mandie erickson

    - Nov 19 2018 Gary Wachtel is the best, he is not only our lawyer but I consider him a friend. He is so professional and kind and wonderful to work with. You would be lucky to work with him.

    - Nov 16 2018 Gary is very knowledgeable and professional Real Estate Attorney. He is one of the BEST. I highly recommend him.
  • Edward J. Hart

    - Nov 15 2018 Gary Wachtel is an outstanding and effective attorney. He handles matters with professionalism and invariably has successful results.
  • Fern Hammond

    - Nov 15 2018 I have had many of my clients represented by Gary in Real Estate transactions as well as litigation regarding real estate issues of many types. Gary is a champion. He is an extremely talented attorney - smart , creative and "on the case". When he is representing my clients I know he can handle any problem that arises and that is extremely important to me since even a seemingly simple transaction can develop serious problems that Gary is able to handle from start to finish since he is an experienced litigator who I have personally watched litigate in court. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
  • Alan Silverman

    - Sep 17 2018 complete, precise, painless and a happy ending are all great results........
  • Klemens Gasser

    - Sep 16 2018 Brilliant!!
  • Caleb Avery t\'Bear

    - Sep 16 2018 Gary was wonderful. Knew exactly what needed to be done. Total domain expertise. I slept well at night knowing Gary was on my side. TEN stars out of 5
  • HS

    - Aug 17 2018 Ethical, responsible, careful.
  • Michael Corley

    - Aug 17 2018 Gary represented our firm when few would make time. Small businesses are not on most law firms radar but our real estate brokerage got Fortune 500 treatment from Gary Wachtel. He provided important guidance and outlined a litigation strategy that best represented our claim in court. We were definitely in unfamiliar territory as a boutique firm that found itself in the unenviable position of suing for unpaid compensation during the economic recession in 2007. And just when we thought we should stop pursuing our claim in court, Gary assured us of its validity. In a former life I imagined myself becoming an attorney. Gary is the tireless, capable advocate I would have hoped to become. Having a respected, accomplished counselor at law is important for businesses of all size, especially if you're running a real estate brokerage. Gary Wachtel meets and exceed those expectations. And you couldn't ask for a better advocate on your behalf.
    • Gary Wachtel

      Aug 17 2018Thank you Michael for those kinds words. I hope you are doing well.
  • Shirley H.

    - Aug 02 2018 Very happy with his professional service on a commercial landlord litigation case that lasted over 3 years. Strongly recommended.
  • Jessica Kern

    - Jul 18 2018 Gary is diligent and fast!
    • Gary Wachtel

      Jul 18 2018Thanks Jessica.
  • Alicia Harper

    - Jul 18 2018 Very efficient, responsive and easy to work with. I would recommend him to My friends.
    • Gary Wachtel

      Jul 18 2018Thanks Alicia.
  • Jeanne Arcelin

    - Jul 18 2018 Very responsive. Always willing to help in all matters, whether small or large. I highly recommend him.
    • Gary Wachtel

      Jul 18 2018Thanks Jeanne.
  • Jignesh patel

    - Jul 18 2018 Good person before lawyer
    • Gary Wachtel

      Jul 18 2018Thanks Jignesh. Very nice of you to say.
  • kathleen Kinsella

    - Jun 30 2018 Excellent - Gary is a tenacious lawyers who represents his clients with much gusto and tenacity
  • Stewart and Sons LLC

    - Jun 29 2018 Gary has represented us in numerous real estate transactions including contract negotiations in acquisitions and sales for many years. Just as importantly, Gary is an excellent and determined litigator who has been very successful representing clients in the courtroom. He is intimately familiar with the courthouse system, is very comfortable and confident in the courtroom and is a strong strategic thinker. He’s a great lawyer to have in your corner.
  • Jim Stewart

    - Jun 22 2018 Gary did an outstanding job for us in successfully litigating, winning, relentlessly pursuing, and collecting from a home improvement contractor who defrauded us performed shoddy work which required significant remediation. Over a five year period of time, Gary never gave up on our claim. He filed motions in court and pursued the defendant with vigor. We would always go to Gary for our litigation needs and recommend him to our family and friends.
  • Stewart Richer

    - Jun 20 2018 Gary has been my trusted lawyer for over 30 years representing me in many different types of real estate related transactions. He is diligent, dedicated and has broad expertise across my various real estate activities including acquisitions, sales, 1031 exchanges, leasing and other negotiated transactions. Just as importantly, Gary can effectively deal with regulatory issues and the courts and there is no one I'd rather have in my corner.
  • Grant Greenspan

    - Jun 20 2018 My relationship with Mr. Wachtel spans over 25 years. I've worked with him on matters ranging from landlord & tenant cases, suing for possession and arrears to commission disputes, where Mr. Wachtel was successful in litigating the matter. Mr. Wachtel also has a special skill in reducing or vacating fines that various city agencies levy on my properties. He's currently my exclusive L&T attorney for over 2 million square feet of commercial property.
  • Rick Wilfong

    - Jun 19 2018 Gary was willing to help me with a relatively small case. He always communicated quickly and got the outcome I needed. I suspect he ended up having to spend a little more time than he planned, but he never sent me an invoice for more than he quoted. Really happy I found Gary. I highly recommend him.
  • M. T.

    - Jun 19 2018 Not only he did the great jobs but also he can surprise you by how deep he dig into the details of the assignment. Thank you for your service.
  • Michael Kaufman

    - Jun 19 2018 I have worked with Gary for over 20 years and would say that is a testament to his brand. He has successfully represented our mutual clients regarding their commercial office leases, along with building ownerships that my firm provides the leasing and management for. He always gives you 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} and takes pride in his work!!! Also it is important to say that Gary is a GOOD PERSON - I am a firm believer that people enjoy doing business with people they genuinely like on a personal basis. -Michael Kaufman Partner
  • J Adoni

    - Jun 19 2018 Gary is super smart, a great attorney, friend and most importantly a WINNER!
  • Eric Braverman

    - Jun 19 2018 Wonderful and effective.
  • Y. H

    - Jun 19 2018 A competent and effective attorney based on my experience over the years.
  • henry weisberg

    - Jun 19 2018 best lawyer for the case (commercial rent). caring, knows his business, wins his cases.
  • Raymond Fares Jr.

    - Jun 19 2018 Gary's level of experience, competency and dedication to his craft makes him one of the most valued Real Estate Attorney's in NYC.
  • Michael Frantz

    - Jun 19 2018 Gary is smart, knowledgeable and trustworthy. He has guided me in labor and real estate matters. He is many times my first call. Great person and lawyer.
  • Steven Kaufman

    - Jun 19 2018 Excellent and professional in all respects.
  • Leslie MacEwen

    - Jun 19 2018 I have been working with Gary Wachtel for 20+ years. He is a most professional attorney who handles matters with absolute competence and expediency. I have complete confidence in his abilities and talents - whether it's a matter of paperwork or appearing in court and having to litigate a matter. Gary is a Gem!
  • Chef lawrence page

    - Jun 19 2018 Fast efficient flexible !! Gary save me from loosing my business to unethical lanlords and went to battle for me until we won the case !! Best dam money I ever spent on a lawyer !! Worth every dime ! Hard to find a great lawyer who know there away around the courts and very complex cases !!!
  • Tarun Kapoor

    - Jun 19 2018 Gary has been advising us for over a decade. He is a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and reliable. We take his advice as absolute. Amazing lawyer to work with!
  • Kathleen Kinsella

    - Jun 18 2018 Gary represented my husband and I litigating against a uncrupulous contractor. Gary is a real pro and gave us expert advice with a grear outcome in terms of judgement and recovery attahing assets to that judegement. Gary continues to pursue our interests. We would highly recommend Gary.
  • Coppy Holzman

    - Jun 18 2018 Gary is always responsive, very intuitive, practical and incredibly skilled in all aspects of real estate law. I strongly endorse him and look forward to working with him again. Please reach out to me for any further questions as he is a true class act that knows how to get things done.
  • Kathleen Kinsella

    Jun 18 2018
  • Igorek Rafael

    Sep 28 2017 Good job
  • Don Cozine

    Jul 23 2013 We used Gary when we purchased our apartment and I will never use another attorney. The service was impeccable and flawless. What had become a difficult transaction went very smooth. I can not recommend Gary highly enough! says:

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