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8985 S Eastern Ave # 200
Las Vegas, NV 89123
Gary Schnitzer is managing partner with over 40 years of trial practice. He is rated "AV" in Martindale Hubbell, and has been named a "Top 150 Attorney" and "Legal Elite" by Nevada Business Magazine, "Top Rated Lawyer" for in PI Defense: General in the Mountain States Super Lawyers, and a "Top 100 Litigation Lawyer".
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Andrew Levy

    - Sep 26 2017 Mr. Schnitzer has helped me and my family on numerous occasions with our legal needs. He has always been very professional and detailed in his assessment of the situation at hand.
  • Marc Gordon

    - Sep 25 2017 I have been a colleague of Mr. Schnitzer for many years in Las Vegas. He has represented the large company I work for, and also helped on individual matters. I have personal knowledge of his exceptional legal expertise. He is timely, thorough in insightful in his work. I have known many attorneys, and Mr. Schnitzer definitely qualifies for "five stars."
  • Kevin M. Hanratty

    - Sep 25 2017 One of the most experienced business attorney's in the State of Nevada.
  • Peter DuFay

    - Aug 14 2017 Just the normal great work Gary does, over the last 16 years!
  • Monte Walker

    - Aug 11 2017 Gary has represented our firm over the last few decades. He has helped us with everything from casual labor contracts, chapter 40 claims and most recently a defamation suit that we were bringing against a vendor. Gary’s instant response to the slanderous unfounded accusation and the eminent law suit that was to instantly follow terminated the allegations and profuse apologies from said perpetrator. His expertise, professionalism and vast knowledge of every aspect of the law that we have placed a demand on he has expounded. He has always exceeded our expectations and is a leading example for the law community to seek.
  • Kevin M. Hanratty

    - Aug 11 2017 Mr. Schnitzer is a fantastic attorney that will evaluate each and every case based upon how to achieve success for the Client in the most economical way. You will not find a better attorney for your money.
  • Jay Johnson

    - Aug 11 2017 Gary is one of the top business attorneys in Nevada. Where many attorneys get lost in the weeds of legal-speak, Gary has a beautiful ability to see the large picture from the perspective of a business owner. He provides succinct and practical legal advice on an actionable scale. Gary and KSJ are tremendous allies for our company.
  • Rusty Graf

    Nov 03 2020 Brad Johnson is one of the best litigators I have ever known. His dedication to his clients and generally to the profession is unmatched. Highly recommend him.
  • Javier Ladron De Guevara

    Dec 04 2019 Good customer service, the ladies at the payment window are very nice and knowledgable n says:

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