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Disability, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour, Whistleblower, Workplace, Wrongful Termination
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Marty B

    - Jun 16 2020 I had some issues at work. I needed help and was looking for guidance. They answered all my questions and let me know my rights. Thanks for all your help.
  • Jim

    - Jun 10 2020 Great firm and amazing lawyers that really care about the work they do, and about their clients needs.
  • A. B.

    Feb 03 2020 Anytime you have to have to engage legal counsel to represent you, you can predict that you're going to have a tough next couple of months (or years in some cases). If you work with the right legal firm, your legal fight can be less daunting than you originally expected. This was my case working with the Genie Harrison team. I found my attorneys to be knowledgeable, transparent and above all, extremely thoughtful and caring. There were a few occasions where we had to go deep to rehash some of the worst moments of my life and throughout every interaction, the Harrison team treated me with respect and compassion. I trusted their approach to my case and it resulted in a conclusion that I could get behind. If you are looking for a competent and compassionate attorney, reach out to Genie Harrison's firm NOW! Bonus - this firm is all FEMALE which was one of the top reasons I reached out to them. Amber P and Genie H are incredible role models and I'm fortunate to have been able to work with them.
  • Arlene Waclawek

    Dec 05 2019 Genie Harrison, Amber Phillips and everyone at GHLF are highly competent, fierce, thorough, and empathetic. As soon as you feel that your rights are being violated, contact GHLF right away. Do not hesitate! You will receive guidance on next steps and a long term strategy. Genie and Amber were always available to answer all of my questions and walk me through every option I had, from start to finish. I am so blessed to have found Genie & the team. I finally got my life back. I recommend her and the firm to anyone who needs representation. They will go above and beyond to support you!!
  • Alexis Wendt

    Feb 02 2019 Genie was a true professional and advocate of my cause in every single way possible. Working with Genie was the best decision I made for my situation. She empowered and championed me through the entire process while being extremely communicative, clear, and prompt. She helped me handle the matter quickly and efficiently, which freed up my energy to continue on with my own life. I cannot thank Genie enough for her professional services. I recommend her all around.
  • Ricker .

    Sep 30 2018 For their work against Kevin Spacey who was a great actor but did some seriously creepy stuff in his private life that shouldn’t fly. Money and power don’t mean you can make the servants grab your junk. Consent is important. No way Spacey doesn’t settle out of court. Could you imagine that going to trial? says:

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