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Since 1996, GenTech Scientific has been supplying quality refurbished analytical instrumentation. Our skilled technicians rigorously inspect and refurbish all of our products to go above and beyond a simple refurbishment process. We guarantee OEM standards at a fraction of the cost of new instruments, and we provide one year warranty on all GenTech Certified Used Lab Instruments!
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Joe Bradshaw

    Dec 12 2018 An excellent overall experience. Customer service is fantastic. They supplied us with multiple instruments; both HPLC as well as a GC/MS unit. Everyone was very professional and patient in working with us. GenTech will be the first company I call when I need a new piece of equipment. Andy was wonderful with the installation. There have been no issues.
  • cws

    Dec 11 2018 Pretty Great!

    Nov 28 2018 SO FAR EXCELLENT
  • John Pflugh

    Nov 19 2018 Overall favorable result for delivery and installation of used instrument
  • Barb Myers

    Nov 09 2018 Joseph was extremely helpful and professional and solved the problem that we were having.
  • Blanca

    Nov 08 2018 I couldn't find a couple of manuals from old hplc instruments, and they provided them to me very shortly after asking. They also offered more help in case I had more questions or problems. I'm very glad I asked, very nice and helpful people!!
  • Juan caride

    Nov 07 2018 Great service never got mad at me when I bothered them , Tracy Macniel is a great lady and helped me in a way nobody ever did , she had so much patience with me , got me a great deal and still not done I’m going to buy a other for my other store , I will never go any place else , triple a service from the beginning to the end , every person that helped me gave it their 120 % to make me feel great. Great guys I’ll be back
  • Sharon Simoni

    Oct 19 2018 I had problem with my concentrator after a power failure. However I replaced one of the boards with a new one still the problem did not solve and I was really misunderstood by others, that both board are failed and I need to replace them. Then I called GenTech to check if I can buy a new board .While explaining the subject to the GENTECK Tech support They informed me that the problem cannot be due to the board rather we should check the Method. When checking I found that it is very true and the tech support analysis of the problem was very logical and based on deep knowledge and long time experience. I was really very well advised. I am very much happy and highly appreciate their kind attention toward my problem and also the correct solution. However I have to explain my best appreciations towards the customer service (Administration) also, who kindly did her best toward receiving information, understanding the problem and directing me to the right person in Tech Support. I highly recommend the highly experienced and knowledgeable crew of this company.
  • Ryan Cheu

    Oct 18 2018 Pete was fantastic
  • Emily Caton

    Oct 11 2018 Aaron was great! Very knowledgeable about the instrument and also very personable which makes for easy interactions and communication.
  • Raj Dubey

    Oct 10 2018 Aron is very knowledgeable and excellent suppprt for LCMSMS system. It was great experience working with him
  • Raj Dubey

    Oct 10 2018 It was very friendly and tech support system and team is excellent
  • Dapeng Chen

    Oct 04 2018 AAron did an excellent work helping us set up the orbitrap. The process is smooth and AAron covered all the topics! We really appreciate working with him and we will definitely consider your business again in the future! Dapeng Chen
  • Vasyl Boichuk

    Oct 02 2018 We bought waters Xevo TQD system. There was unresolved error of BSM after few days of operation, GenTech service and warranty support was excellent, so they give us for free repair parts. Also they provide comprehensive support by phone, e-mail, TeamViewer. My experience is only positive. will recommend GenTech to every interested in refurbished.
  • Sundaramurthy Ponrangam

    Oct 01 2018 quite user friendly to find out your requirement and variety availability
  • Chen

    Sep 20 2018 Fast response
  • Guoting Qin

    Sep 19 2018 Will provided the best service I have experienced. Will is very knowledgable on mass spectrometry and everything related to mass spectrometry. He is also very quick in replying emails, which I appreciate very much. Overall, I am happy that Will is the field service engineer covering Houston area, and very satisfied with his service.
  • Drew Wassel

    Sep 14 2018 I have been ordering equipment from GenTech for several years now. Customer service is fantastic. They have supplied me with several HPLC’s as well as two LC/MS units. If something breaks they have always worked with me to get the part replaced or replied very quickly. GenTech is always the first company I call when I need a new piece of equipment.
  • Andrew

    Sep 06 2018 Very prompt reply
  • Keith griswold

    Sep 05 2018 Excellent experience from start to finish and look forward to making more purchases from Gentech because of the people I worked with there. Mike Hinkley put me at ease as a first time buyer of refurbished instrumentation. He put together a package that was too high in quality and low in price to consider other options. My installer, Arron Peters finished off the experience by creating an excellent environment within our own space. He was knowledgeable, knew how to think on the fly and had some creative solutions to ensure that we were up and running on schedule. Great team to work with and like I said, can’t wait to work with them again soon!
  • Jordan

    Sep 04 2018 Joseph was great, he set up our GC/MS in just a few days and even gave pointers on how to operate the machine as well as maintenance. Went above and beyond!
  • Christopher Tracy

    Aug 24 2018 Arron Peters did a great job installing a Quantum Access Max and nLC II for us. Great systems for a great price and an affordable warranty.
  • Audrey Stoneburner

    Aug 13 2018 Tracy MacNeill has been and continues to go above and beyond. She has answered every question that I have, facilitated a smooth transaction and is the epitome of amazing customer service.
  • Brian

    Aug 02 2018 Great company with excellent prices. I was able to get a GC/MS/AS and LC/MS/MS systems from GenTech for what Agilent wanted just for 1 GC/MS. 1 YEAR WARRANTY was also very good from GenTech as an affordable option.
  • evergreen labs

    Nov 26 2018 We've been in the used laboratory instruments business for almost 30 years and have been trading with Gentech for 20 of it. They always follow through on what they say.
  • Fadi Farouk

    Jan 29 2016
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