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For more than 40 years, the lawyers of Bellas & Wachowski have served as trusted advisers to their clients, counseling them on avoiding legal problems, protecting their families, offering superior litigation skills when needed, and solving legal problems efficiently and economically.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Bob

    Jun 21 2019 Good when working directly with George but no so good with one of his associates
  • Nick

    Apr 14 2019 George is easy to work with and very detail oriented. I will use him again.
  • Jerry Murray

    Apr 14 2019 Always a pleasure to work with George!
  • Charles Arbetter

    Apr 14 2019 I have worked with George individually and with mutusl cluents for over 30 years and find his skills and practical approaches to be if the highest order. I recommend George highly. Chuck
  • Svetlana Meltser

    Apr 14 2019 George is very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. He explains the law and the suggested course of action clearly, and answers all of my questions. The staff is friendly and easy to work with.
    • George Bellas

      Apr 14 2019Thank you, Svetlana. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
  • Barbara Bormann

    Apr 03 2019 Miki was very helpful and competent in handling the details of my legal project.
  • Paresh Patel

    Mar 28 2019 As always, honest advice, sound and practical legal representation. Thank you for all the assistance!!!
    • George Bellas

      Mar 28 2019Paresh - We have enjoyed working with you and your entire family over the years for your business and personal matters! Thank you for kind words. Geo
  • Wayne staniec

    Mar 23 2019 Very detailed
    • George Bellas

      Mar 23 2019Thank you, Wayne, for the compliment. It has been our pleasure to help you out in your business issues.
  • Kat Vigneau

    Mar 15 2019 Has been working with Geo for 4 years now. He’s always on top of everything I need. Purest definition of a great lawyer. Highly recommend!
    • George Bellas

      Mar 17 2019Thank you, Kat, for those kind words. Helping you and your partner get your business off the ground was our pleasure. We enjoy working with motivated entrepreneurs like you and Aleksandra.
  • Toli Xanthopoulos

    Mar 04 2019 Mr. George Bellas will fight with you, as well as for you. I have never met a person who is willing to spend so much time with a client, or one who will go so much out of their way in guiding the client on all matters, related to a case. Hands down, the best of the best.
    • George Bellas

      Mar 04 2019Thank you, Toli. It was our pleasure to assist you with your legal issues.
  • Apostolos Xanthopoulos

    Mar 04 2019 Briefly, without George and his team, nothing would be possible, in my case. Not even thinking through it in an effective manner. I am so glad I went to him, and am even happier to work with his team. I cannot thank George and his team enough.
  • wayne staniec

    Feb 21 2019 expedient
  • Georgina Rivera

    Feb 01 2019 Very professional and he always provides a prompt response.
  • Gail Renkosiak

    Jan 28 2019 Misty was a Godsend. Great experience from beginning to end. I would highly recommend her for all your legal matters.
  • Chiya Aryeh

    Jan 24 2019 George and his team were great, let's just say I'm very pleased with the outcome of my case and they were always accessible.
  • Andy Rockwood

    Jan 22 2019 George is very insightful, quickly grasping the nature of a problem, and invariably offering strategies to solve it. He is not only a gifted attorney, but also a talented and experienced businessman which means he brings a balanced approach in his role as a trusted adviser. He is a great resource who is well-connected to experts who he can call upon when the problem at hand is outside his area of expertise.
  • DS

    Jan 22 2019 Always a wealth of information and insight. Trust 100 percent
    • George Bellas

      Jan 22 2019Thanks for the compliment, David. It means a lot coming from an excellent lawyer like yourself.
  • WRF

    Jan 22 2019 Very knowledgeable on the law, excellent client skills, and complete law practice
  • Julia Shell

    Jan 05 2019 George Bellas is an excellent attorney, whom I personally use and highly recommend.
    • George Bellas

      Jan 06 2019Julia - It has been our pleasure to help you and your family businesses succeed. Thank you for the nice comments.
  • Nick Straub

    Jan 03 2019 When I first interviewed George to do my legal work I could feel his years of experience and know how going to work for me. I felt very comfortable. Even though his hourly rate was not a bargain in the end he ended up saving me money and more importantly getting the job done right and protecting my interest and investment. He even responded on weekends. He has my trust and I will most definitely will use him again.
    • George Bellas

      Jan 03 2019Thank you, Nick, for the comments. It is has been our pleasure to help you build Perry\'s Pizza into an icon of the community.
  • William M Murakowski

    Dec 15 2018 Very knowledgeable and resourceful. Delivers great results for clients.
  • Mark Cottone

    Oct 16 2018 George Bellas is the epitome of being a great attorney and a great friend. He has help me navigate through all aspects of my life, both personal and business. As any small businessman will tell you, both are very closely related. Sometimes you can't say enough good about someone who has helped you so much. George will NEVER let you down.
    • George Bellas

      Oct 16 2018Thank you, Mark. I have enjoyed working with you and your family over the years and watch how your family has grown up and expanded!
  • Jason A Monroe

    Oct 02 2018 If you're looking for the best and someone who truly cares about you and not just the case, George Bellas and his law firm are the right choice.
    • George Bellas

      Oct 02 2018Jason - We have enjoyed working with you and your growing practice. Thank you for the kind words.
  • Joseph C Gallo

    Sep 30 2018 George has been my business and family Lawyer for over 25 years. He has helped my family and helped my company grow to where we are now. If I were to ever go into a real battle I would want him in my corner and hes not a bad golfer either.
    • George Bellas

      Sep 30 2018Thank you, Joe. It has been our pleasure to be able to help business owners like you and to help protect your family. Geo
  • Greiner Claude

    Sep 30 2018 Nobody wants to be sued, but George Bellas and his staff can help you make the best out of it. I have used George Bellas for about 3 years and I would highly recommend anyone in the Chicagoland area looking for quality legal representation.
    • George Bellas

      Sep 30 2018Thank you, Claude. We were pleased to be able to help you successfully maneuver thru the litigation process. Good luck with your business.
  • elizabeth billing

    Sep 30 2018 Geo represented my family for 20 years. I've always seen him to be professional and honest. He is a top notched attorney.
    • George Bellas

      Sep 30 2018Thank you, Liz. Your father brought a lot of joy to our office with his exuberance and vibrant love of life.
  • Dean Taradash

    Sep 16 2018 George is the consummate professional. He provides solid, sound and strategic legal advice. He has the experience and knowledge to help in the most difficult of situations. He is a staunch advocate for his clients and I highly recommend him and his team!
  • Amanda

    Sep 04 2018 Misty couldn't have been better work with. She knew I was on a tight deadline and she got me the answers I needed in a very timely fashion. She answered all my questions and helped me to make a concrete decision based on legal facts. I would definitely use Misty in the future!
  • Sharon Huber

    Aug 27 2018 Bellas & Wachowski Law firm provided excellent service for a complicated closing of the sale of our home. Makedonka was very professional and helpful with providing detailed explanations and gave us an honest assessment of our choices.
  • RomayneBaker

    Jul 18 2018 Not only is George an outstanding lawyer he has been a cherished friend for almost 50 years!! His commitment to the legal matters that I have had the occasion to use George’s expertise is just as sincere and dedicated as our long standing friendship!! Thank you George for always being willing to step up to the plate no matter what the issue!!!
  • Andy W

    Jun 26 2018 George is very knowledgeable in the law and has always given good legal advice when needed. A great attorney to have on your side.
  • Brendan Alvey

    Jun 21 2018 I would recommend George to anyone fighting a legal matter. I could not be happier. He was very professional and helped us get the resolution we were looking for.
  • Brian J. Cullen

    Jun 19 2018 We have worked with George Bellas since 2008; we have always received great service from George and his legal team.
  • Tom Burton

    Jun 18 2018 George Bellas is the best. Super prompt and helpful service, and one of the best *people* I have ever known.
  • Adam

    Jun 02 2018 I worked with Misty Cygan on two separate legal matters. Her counsel and attention to detail were outstanding. The results were outstanding as well. As a result of working with Misty on these matters the outcome in both cases was better than we expected and hoped for.
  • Alina Nunez

    May 23 2018 Misty was incredibly helpful, informative and quick to respond on any questions or concerns I had.
  • AS

    May 19 2018 George was good at resolving my issues. I will always go to him for my legal problems.
  • Dick Barton

    May 09 2018 We have engaged George Bellas and his firm for corporate and personal legal work. We have been totally satisfied with not only his excellent advice but his dedication to us as clients. George and his partner Peter really fight for their clients to assure a positive outcome. I highly recommend the firm for any variety of legal services.
  • Tim and Kendra Griffin

    Apr 25 2018 George Bellas helped us form an LLC. George’s ability to maintain our confidential information, his honesty and integrity in all situations small and large, and his skill at being a part of a team are the qualities that made him stand out among his peers to us. George connected with us on a personal level as well as a professional level. He provided us excellent strategic and practical soulutions. We highly recommend Bella’s & Wachowski.
    • George Bellas

      Apr 25 2018Thank you, Tim and Kendra. It was our pleasure to work with you throughout the process of establishing your new venture and helping you promote your project to investors.
  • Alex Gross

    Apr 19 2018 George has helped us on numerous occasions, providing both business advice and legal services. I can't say enough good things about their firm... I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs first rate counsel.
  • Sophia Zaffer

    Mar 21 2018 George is a pleasure to work with. He has helped me and my family throughout the years offering excellent advice and services. He is very professional and returns phone calls in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him. George is the best!
  • Bobby Giotakis

    Mar 20 2018 Great help and knowledge would use him for any legal assistance needed
  • Mike Selvaggi

    Mar 20 2018 Its a pleasure working with George. He is always there for you. If you call him and it goes to voicemail, George will get back to you ASAP, you can count on that.
  • joe gallo

    Mar 20 2018 Always a great experience, when I have a legal question I can always count on George to answer
  • tim hoffman

    Mar 20 2018 been working with gorge for years very professional thanks for all your help
  • Joel Swetin

    Feb 26 2018 I can't say enough good things about George Bellas and his staff. They handled splitting up a business partnership that become difficult and complicated. At every stage George made sure to fully explain what my options were and what the possible outcomes could be. He was always available to fully answer any questions I had and do so in simple layman's terms. I always had full confidence that George would get the best possible outcome even if it wasn't what I had hoped for.
  • Feroze Gani

    Feb 24 2018 Mr. Bellas is one of the best attorneys in Chicagoland working on partnership issues. He helped me navigate the complex legal processes through the end. Although it took a very long time, having Geo by side made me feel secure and comfortable during the emotional roller coaster. We ended up in mediation and agreeing to a settlement. Thanks Geo
  • Douglas Barnes

    Feb 18 2018 We had some discrepancies added to our main client agreement by the client which threw us completely off. Bellas-Wachowski took the time to assess what had been modified in our agreement and came back with a practical rebuttal that our customer immediately accepted. Then and only then I was told by our customer that they had slipped in wording they had used with other contractors and they knew it was out of place in our agreement. If the wording had not been straightened out, it could have potentially ruined our 36 year old company! They also added a paragraph to protect the integrity of the entire agreement should a minor technical flaw be discovered, the remainder of the agreement would remain viable. Thanks guys!!
  • Jeff condon

    Feb 18 2018 Excellent legal team dedicated to getting the client results!
  • Mark Cottone

    Feb 18 2018 George is not only a great attorney, his approach is a personal approach. He's protecting you as a friend would protect you. George and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you are making the best decisions. In this litigious world, it's comforting to know I can rely on George to be there when I need him. YOU NEED GEORGE BELLAS!
  • Peter Pesce

    Feb 18 2018 Mr Bellas Mr. Wachowski are great lawyers and their team is very knowledgeable and recomend to anybody that needs legal help!
  • William Murakowski

    Feb 18 2018 Very knowledgeable and professional. A pleasure to collaborate with on cases.
  • Jim pacente

    Feb 18 2018 George was very upfront and easy to work with.
  • MM

    Feb 12 2018 Vicki is super experienced and I felt at ease having her on my side to protect and advise me during my home purchase. She was very responsive, thorough, and did a great job of guiding me throughout the process. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.
  • Piotr Sikorski

    Feb 09 2018 Offices of Bellas & Wachowski did a wonderful job handling my case. They had great and consistent communication throughout the duration of my case and honestly worked towards resolution with my best interest in mind. I highly recommend them.
  • Rick Burdsall

    Feb 08 2018 Vicki is knowledgeable, thorough and professional. Communication is timely and informative. A complex and potentially unpleasant transaction was actually fun. I hope to have an opportunity to work with Vicki again.
  • Joshua Bubinas

    Feb 06 2018 Great firm, they got me more.than i expected for my injuries.
  • Monica Eastridge

    Feb 06 2018 Excellent law firm.
  • Dimitrios Kouzoukas

    Feb 02 2018 The attorneys at Bellas & Wachowski are exceptional and I highly recommend.
  • Paresh Patel

    Jan 19 2018 Without any doubt, George is the best!!! When I first contacted George, I expected sound legal and practical advise and that's exactly what I get every time I bring up any issue to George. His approach is not only sound from legal point of view but also from practical, a combination hard to find. Because of his help, I now see him as a highly valuable adviser and am thankful for his opinion and guidance. To summarize, best attorney, hands down, and an outstanding human being!!!
  • Sandra Bonamici

    Jan 19 2018 George is very thorough, efficient, timely, with excellent outcome! I noticed George is very highly respected throughout his profession too!!
  • Toli Xanthopoulos

    Jan 19 2018 George has treated me like a Father (not that I am that young). Nothing else to say. Best buy ever.
  • Julia Shell

    Jan 19 2018 George is a great guy and an even better attorney! My husband and I have hired him on more than one occasion to defend us on business lawsuits, and he was worth every penny because we were victorious! His rates are reasonable, compared to downtown Chicago, and I'd highly recommend him.
  • Jc

    Jan 19 2018 Very positive,results oriented,fairly priced
  • Dean Taradash

    Sep 17 2018 George Bellas is a lawyer's lawyer. Mr. Bellas is a highly accomplished and skillful attorney who places the interests of his clients above all else. His knowledge of the law and his trial experience make for a very formidable opponent. I HIGHLY recommend Bellas & Wachowski.
  • Parth Savsani

    Jul 23 2018 We went to Mr. Wachowski for assistance with an auto accident settlement. The insurance company was paying us pennies for a serious injury and as such we had decided to seek legal help. I am extremely cautious of lawyers especially after hearing stories about how they always run after your money. However, Mr. Wachowski was a complete gentleman! He came out as a humble human being who truly made sure to understand our problem and hear us out. His staff handled all the paperwork gathering as well as reaching out to people as needed. There were tasks that we were assigned to do however most of the time they handled the stuff for us. At the end of the settlement, he ensured that our payout was fair and that all the appropriate healthcare bills were taken care of. I'd recommend him and his team to anyone seeking such help.
  • Brendan Alvey

    Jun 21 2018 I would recommend George to anyone fighting a legal battle. We could not be happier. He was very profession throughout the process and helped us get the resolution we were looking for.
  • Richard Barton

    May 09 2018 We have engaged Bellas & Wachowski for both corporate and personal legal work. The partners excellent advice and dedication to achieve positive outcomes for their clients are superb. I highly recommend George and Peter for any variety of legal services.
  • Alex Gross

    Apr 19 2018 Outstanding law firm - George and his group have done terrific work for us over the last 10 years providing both legal advice in our business as well as services regarding issues on litigation... I can't say enough good things about them. I would highly recommend their firm.
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