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At Get Paid For Your Claim we handle insurance claims on behalf of our clients so they don’t have to. Our service is fast, to the point and gets results. We know what needs to be done in order to get the desired outcome. We know how to strategically move the process along, while negotiating on our clients’ behalf toward the best possible outcome, the maximum settlement available. The insurance company has their own team of experts and adjusters to advocate on their behalf and Public Adjusters work for those insurance policyholders who have been forced to use that insurance to make a claim.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • JLW

    - Mar 27 2024 Dan and Caitlin did a great job of steering me through the claim process and the mediation with the Insurance company.
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 27 2024Thank you, James, for this 5-star review and the opportunity to help you with your Hurricane Ian claim.
  • Dale Buelow

    - Mar 07 2024 Get paid for your claim" and each of the persons involved worked hard on my behalf. Ultimately when we could not reach an acceptable compromise with the insurance company, they referred me to a law firm who ended up getting me more than what I would have settled for AFTER THE LAW FIRMS FEES and the fee to "Get Paid for your claims"fee. If your insurance company won't make a reasonable attempt to pay what they should, call "Get Paid For Yoir Claim". You will be glad you did.
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 07 2024Thank you, Dale, for this terrific review and for allowing me the opportunity to assist you with your claim.
  • Karin Mauro

    - Nov 01 2023 Dan is extremely knowledgeable and a nice fellow. He did a great job!
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 01 2023Thank you, Karin, for the review and for providing me the opportunity to be the appraiser on your Hurricane Ian insurance claim.
  • Scott L. Harmon

    - Oct 14 2023 Very professional, always on time, always answered the phone or call right back, always answered emails promptly.
    • Dan Labow

      Oct 16 2023Thank you, Scott.
  • Jeffrey

    - Oct 13 2023 Get Paid for Your Claim handled everything front start to finish in a professional manner, I am very happy with the outcome and would definitely use them again.
    • Dan Labow

      Oct 13 2023Thank you, Jeff, for your kind review and for allowing me the opportunity to help you with your claim.
  • Jim weber

    - Oct 13 2023 Getpaidforyourclaim got me the max amount the insurance company would part with.
    • Dan Labow

      Oct 13 2023Thank you, Jim, for the review and for allowing me to assist you with your claim.
  • Ken Frazier

    - Sep 20 2023 Thank you for your help when we really needed someone to look after our best interest. Because of the assistance that your office provided, our insurance claim was completed in a timely manner.
    • Dan Labow

      Sep 20 2023Thank you, Ken, for your review. I am so happy I was able to exceed your expectations.
  • Nan Nichols

    - Aug 29 2023 After many months of working with our Insurance company AND a public adjuster, my husband and I reached out to Dan Labow .He contacted us quickly, answered all of our questions and we finally felt we truly were in better hands. From start to finish,we trusted him every step of the way. He made the appraisal process painless and kept us updated to the finish. An affordable company also! Thank you Dan
    • Dan Labow

      Aug 29 2023Thank you Nan and Don, for entrusting me as the insurance appraiser on your claim. I am so happy that I exceeded your expectations.
  • Mercedes Jacobson

    - Aug 05 2023 Dan and his iffice were knowledgeable and went above and beyond.
    • Dan Labow

      Aug 05 2023Thank you, Mercy.
  • Kimberli Schauer & Ronald DuVal

    - Jun 16 2023 I'm so glad my husband & I went with Get Paid For Your Claim. It has been an easy & rewarding experience. I doubt we could have done as well on our own. I went thru reviews to find you & it has been definitely worth it. Your company lives up to it's name! Thanks to Dan & Caitlyn for everything you did! Kim & Ron ??
    • Dan Labow

      Jun 18 2023Thank you so much, Kim and Ron, for the exceptional review. Most of all, thank you for allowing us to assist you with your claim.
  • Roberta stern

    - Apr 13 2023 Everything was done in a professional manner.
    • Dan Labow

      Apr 13 2023Thank you so much, Roberta, for allowing us the opportunity to help you.
  • Franco Montecchi

    - Sep 12 2022 Dan is very professional and does an amazing job. He made the process seamless and fought with the insurance company to get us what we deserved. I would highly recommend him.
    • Dan Labow

      Sep 13 2022Thank you so much, Franco.
  • Seth Kwitko

    - Sep 08 2022 Dan was recommended to us by our neighbor. We had a broken pipe that ruined the floors and walls. Dan came in, explained the entire process from start to finish, and took all of the worry out of the process. He is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. Never once during the process did I ever feel concerned that things wouldn't work out. Having to deal with damage to your home is stressful enough, but having Dan on your side gives you one less thing to worry about. I recommend Dan to help you navigate the painful world of insurance claims.
    • Dan Labow

      Sep 08 2022Thank you so much, Seth.
  • Elise

    - Aug 30 2022 Dan and his team were fast professional and got us more money than we thought we would get.
    • Dan Labow

      Aug 30 2022Thank you, Elise.
  • Kristina Wolf

    - Apr 07 2022 Dan and the rest of the team were there every step of the way and went above and beyond in all they did. Dan was patient and knowledgeable in all areas. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know what I would have done. The entire team made a tough time a great experience and I was able to get a great outcome because of them.
    • Dan Labow

      Apr 07 2022Thank you so much, Kristina.
  • Clint Columbe

    - Mar 16 2022 We had a water leak inside of our house turned out it was our cast-iron plumbing Dan came out and was able to negotiate with her insurance company to get all of the damages repaired and we are very happy
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 16 2022Thank you, Clint.
  • Alyssa Liberati

    - Mar 03 2022 Dan is amazing! He works so hard to make sure you’re happy! Very communicative, you are never left in the dark! Thank you for everything!
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 03 2022Thank you, Alyssa.
  • robert siegel

    - Feb 17 2022 I would like to thank Dan and his team for all of their guidance throughout the entire claim process with our insurance company. Dan led the process and helped us find the leak, have the leak repaired and led us step by step throughout the claims process. Without Dan, We would have been way out of pocket for our repairs. Dans itemized claim with photos-backing up the claim documented everything that we needed to be made whole.
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 17 2022Thank you, Bob.
  • Antoinette

    - Feb 17 2022 Great great work from Dan and his team
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 17 2022Thank you, Antoinette.
  • Francine

    - Feb 16 2022 Dan and his staff amazing. They were very easy to work with him whenever I have a question, he responded immediately. Very knowledgeable, gave great advice and recommendations.
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 17 2022Thank you, Francine.
  • John M Sassine

    - Feb 16 2022 Very Professional; well done! Thank you!
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 17 2022Thank you, John.
  • John D

    - Feb 16 2022 Excellent work from Dan and team
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 17 2022Thank you, John.
  • Joan Faktor

    - Oct 16 2021 I was completely confident in the service I received & how well & professionally my claim was handled with Dan. His expertise was very apparent with each phone call & inspection.. A+ for me.
    • Dan Labow

      Oct 17 2021Thank you, Joan.
  • PC

    - Sep 30 2021 If I could give Dan more than 5 stars, I would. So glad I found him. I’m extremely grateful for all the work he put into my claim. He guides you and keeps you informed every step of the way. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in this business, but professional, courteous and tenacious. Dan is truly the one you want on your side when dealing with the insurance company! Thank you Dan and Bulldog Adjusters!
    • Dan Labow

      Sep 30 2021Thank you so much, Pam.
  • Ariel

    - Sep 29 2021 Dan was highly recommended and he was excellent! Without his help and expertise through this process we would have not gotten the claim we needed to fix our issue. As well he knew exactly what to do and how to communicate to the insurance company to make this experience a lot easier than it would have doing it on our own. I highly recommend using him for any insurance claim you have. It is well worth it!!!
    • Dan Labow

      Sep 29 2021Thank you, Ariel.
  • Ronni

    - Sep 10 2021 Never did I doubt from day one that Dan Lebow would not help me help my parents with their property damage claim. Dan is always professional, knowledgeable, he treats people with respect works hard and got great results for my parents. He is detailed in what he does and when it involves property damage you must have someone this Dan on your side. It has been 2 years since and needed something in fast order Dan did not hesitate to jump on it and resolve. Dan is worth every dime and then some for his giving my family peace of mind.
    • Dan Labow

      Sep 10 2021Thank you, Ronni, for your 5-star review and for providing me the opportunity to help your parents.
  • Izabella Boginsky

    - Aug 15 2021 Dan is a great adjuster, always answers your calls and gets the job done! Highly recommended.
    • Dan Labow

      Aug 15 2021Thank you so much, Izabella, for the great review and for allowing me to help you with your claim.
  • Barbara Weaver

    - Apr 13 2021 I can’t speak highly enough of Dan and his team. Dan was always easily accessible with quick responses, demonstrating his broad knowledge and expertise of insurance law. I highly recommend him. ??????????
    • Dan Labow

      Apr 13 2021Thank you so much for the great review, Barbara. And for letting me help you with your claim.
  • JF

    - Feb 25 2021 Dan was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me get my roof claim handled amicably.
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 25 2021Jordan, thank you for your review and kind words and for allowing me the opportunity to help you with your hurricane insurance claim.
  • Amaury

    - Jan 07 2021 On time always answers phone calls
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 08 2021Thank you, Amaury, for the kind words and for allowing us to help you with your claim.
  • C.S.

    - Jan 04 2021 Dan and his team were incredibly helpful in all aspects of the claims process. He helped explain the steps that were to take place, helped secure a remediation team, was present at each meeting with the insurance company, and negotiated a fair settlement which allowed us to get our home back to the condition it was in before needing to make a claim. I highly recommend Dan and his team.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 04 2021Thank you, Craig and Sydney, for the honor of allowing me to help you with your claim. These reviews of our work mean so much to us.
  • Amanda Rabah

    - Dec 31 2020 Great experience! Dan and his team helped me through every step of the claim process, and exceeded my expectations when it came to completing each step of that process.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 02 2021Thank you, Amanda, for allowing us to handle your claim and for your great review. I\'m glad we were able to exceed your expectations.
  • Bruce Rubin

    - Dec 29 2020 Dan is very professional and knew how to get our claim processed. His best asset is his communication and accessibility. We felt very comfortable throughout the process. Thanks Dan.
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 29 2020Thank you, Bruce, for your review and kind words. I was honored to be able to represent you for your claim.
  • jim blandino

    - Dec 28 2020 Insurance company only offered 20% of what Dan Labow and Bull Dog Adjusters got me. get people to work with. I called them BEFORE I called the Ins. company. I'd suggest you might do the same.
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 28 2020Thank you, Jim for the kind words and 5-star review. I\'m happy I was able to get you what you needed.
  • Lenore Nolan Ryan

    - Dec 28 2020 Top flight!
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 28 2020Thank you, Lenore. I always aim high and I\'m glad I was able to come through for you.
  • Alex

    - Dec 28 2020 Dan is the man! He took all the legwork out of it, and help alleviate some of the pain in what can be a very stressful time.
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 28 2020Thank you, Alex, for your review and for allowing me to work on and settle your claim for you.
  • Wendy McDonald

    - Nov 14 2020 I would highly recommend Dan if you looking for an adjuster. He is extremely professional and knows what’s he’s doing. Every question I had he was able to explain and make me feel comfortable thought the whole process! Don’t settle he’s got it back!!! Thanks again Dan we greatly appreciate you and all u have done.
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 14 2020Thank you so much, Wendy, for the great review. I\'m so happy I was able to obtain a great settlement on your claim.
  • Vicki Cohen

    - Aug 24 2020 I met Dan Labow through a referral from a friend. We needed an adjuster and he came highly recommend, so I called him. I was so thrilled that I did, from the very first phone call till the end, Dan was nothing but responsive, informative and helpful. He assisted in every detail from start to finish and ended up with a positive result. If you’re looking for someone like that, you must reach out to Dan ??
    • Dan Labow

      Aug 27 2020Vicki, thank you so much for the great review.
  • robert tates

    - Aug 11 2020 efficient pro service
    • Dan Labow

      Aug 11 2020Thank you, Bob, for the kind review.
  • Nikki Willis

    - Jul 16 2020 Dan Labow was absolutely amazing with my insurance claim. Insurance co originally gave me $30k which was nowhere near enough to fix the damage, so I hired Dan and he was able to get me $90k to repair the water damage that i had. He was always accessible for questions, responded quickly and always polite. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of help fighting insurance companies. My only regret is that I didn’t hire him sooner.
    • Dan Labow

      Jul 17 2020Nikki, thank you so much for the great review and for allowing me the honor of helping you with your claim. I am so happy that I exceeded all expectations.
  • Sarah Martin

    - Jul 16 2020 Dan was incredibly familiar with the insurance claim process and he fought for us to maximize our benefits and point us in the right direction. We would be paying a LOT more out of pocket if it weren't for his due diligence in figuring out all the details. He is also incredibly patient and follows through with his promises. Dan will be a part of our real estate team from here on out!
    • Dan Labow

      Jul 16 2020Sarah, thank you for the wonderful review and for allowing me the opportunity to assist you and Marcelo with your claim.
  • Harvey Spear

    - Jul 15 2020 Dan was wonderful. I would highly recommend him.
    • Dan Labow

      Jul 15 2020Thank you, Harvey, for your kind sentiments. And thank you for retaining my appraisal services for your insurance claim.
  • Harvey Spear

    - Jul 15 2020 He was wonderful. I would highly recommend him to everyone.
  • Marie Wayland

    - Jul 10 2020 I hired Dan LaBow after realizing that the insurance company was not going to play fair with me on my flood claim. Dan and his team of bulldogs took over, first inspecting the flood damage, then redoing the low, incomplete estimate proposed by the insurance company. Dan also handled all the communications, negotiations, etc. with the insurance, resulting in a fair settlement that will cover all my repairs. I recommend this team highly. Their fees are completely reasonable for the hard work they do on your behalf. There is no way I would have received, or been treated as well without this team of professionals at my side!
    • Dan Labow

      Jul 10 2020Thank you, Marie, for the great review. And thank you for entrusting us to help you with this claim.
  • Chris

    - May 28 2020 After attempting to handle my claim alone for months. I met with Dan and he took it completely off my plate and got it handled quickly and easily. If I ever have a claim again, Dan will be my first call.
    • Dan Labow

      May 28 2020Thank you, Chris, for your kind sentiments and for allowing me to adjust your claim.
  • ~Sabrina ~

    - May 08 2020 Thanks so much for taking the time to perform a thorough, carefully-detailed inspection The knowledge you imparted on me in the process was invaluable Greatly appreciative of Dan's expertide, attention to detail and recommendations ? *Dan Labow *
    • Dan Labow

      May 08 2020Sabrina, thank you so much for your kind sentiments for the appraisal services I provided for your claim. I'm happy we exceeded your expectations.
  • Jim DeSeno

    - May 07 2020 Dan is a true professional who did an amazing job helping to get our roof replaced. I would highly recommend his services.
    • Dan Labow

      May 07 2020Jim, thank you and Joan so much for the kind sentiment and letting me help you with your claim. I'm so happy I exceeded your expectations.
  • Lori Kasprack

    - Mar 13 2020 Hiring Dan was the best decision we made. He was able to maneuver through the red tape and stall tactics from the insurance company. We highly recommend Dan he is very professional and knowledgeable.
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 13 2020Lori, thank you so much for the kind words and review. And thank you for allowing me to help you and Jeff with your claim.
  • CR

    - Mar 03 2020 Dan fights for his clients to get the best result possible.
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 03 2020Thank you
  • Judith Seligman

    - Mar 03 2020 I am a claims adjuster and I can honestly say that Dan Labow is professional, and a top notch Public Adjuster. When I filed the claim with his office he was at my home the next day. Answered all my questions that I asked him. He always returned my messages within 24 hours without fail. His office is also very professional and cares about your claim. The insurance company tried to hold back my money not only with a hurricane deductible but also with incredible hold backs that you could not even start your repairs. At that point we also hired an attorney that worked along with DanLabow to file a CRN to show what they were trying to enforce was illegal. The outcome was that I received the money owed to me less the Hurricane Deductible. (by the way the insurance company had to pay the attorneys fee) The Attorneys name is Chad J. Robinson. Do not report a claim without hiring a Public Adjuster Preferably Dan Labow. You will be COMPLETELY SATISFIED!! ( I give him 5 Stars!
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 03 2020Judy, thank you so much for the glowing review and for allowing me the opportunity to help you with your claim.
  • douglas mitchell

    - Mar 03 2020 Thank you to Dan Labow for his knowledge and expertise. He put me at ease during the process and ensured everything worked out for my home. Awesome to work with! Thank you!
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 03 2020Thank you, Doug, for your kind words and for the opportunity to help you.
  • Lisa Grossman

    - Mar 03 2020 Dan was an absolute life saver for us. We had two back to back water damage claims, and navigating through the process was, to say the least, not an easy endeavor. Dan answered all of our questions, advocated for us the entire time, and provided information we could trust. He was able to get us the maximum limit on all the claims we submitted and was a pleasure to work with. We would recommend him to anyone who needed a public adjuster. Top shelf kind of guy.
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 03 2020Thank you very much for your review, Lisa. And thank you for allowing me to help you and Seth with your claims.
  • Adam Cohen

    - Jan 28 2020 Property insurance disputes can be very challenging without expertise in your corner. Dan Labow with Get Paid For Your Claim was enormously helpful to my family and assisted us in securing a great result. Do yourself a favor and call Dan to deal with a difficult insurer.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 28 2020Thank you, Adam, for your 5-star review and for allowing me to assist your family with their claim.
  • Chuck Farese

    - Jan 12 2020 Good job got us a great return on our claim
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 12 2020Thank you so much for the review and the kind words, Chuck. And thank you for allowing me to assist you with your claim.

    - Jan 10 2020 Mr Labow showed honesty and professionalism. I will recommend his services like the best.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 10 2020Thank you, Ricardo, for the kind words and for allowing me to assist you with your claim.
  • Eric Freiman

    - Jan 04 2020 Dan was easy to deal with and extremely responsive for even my silliest questions. He looked out for my best interest and ensured I was protected and informed at every step. He is extremely knowledgeable in the claims process and demonstrated his depth of experience at every turn.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 04 2020Thank you for the kind words, Eric, and for allowing me to assist you with your claim.
  • Chuck Farthing

    - Jan 03 2020 Dan was great from start to finish and this claim was long and grueling. He was always easy to reach by both me and council. I highly recommend.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 03 2020Chuck, thank you so much for the kind words and for allowing me to assist you with your claim.
  • Joan Williams

    - Dec 10 2019 awesome.he is the best.very thorough,great personality.
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 11 2019Thank you so much, Joan. I appreciate your kind words as well as your business and referrals.
  • Michael Nathanson

    - Dec 10 2019 I am a local Realtor and have referred Dan Labow to many of my clients. He goes above and beyond! He always makes me look great, and i truly appreciate that. When someone has an issue in their house, the first call they make should be to Dan. I know it would be mine...Highly recommended!!
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 11 2019Thank you so much, Mike. I relish the relationship we have forged and thank you for your referrals.
  • Randy J. Bring

    - May 23 2019 RE: Dan Labow-Get Paid For Your Claim After a water and mold incident in our home last year, my wife and I hired Dan Labow to represent us in our insurance claim with our homeowner's insurance company. Dan is a true professional who completely understands the process and was able to walk us through what for us was a very complicated and daunting process. Over the months we dealt with our insurance provider, Dan was always there fighting for every dollar we were entitled to per our policy. We recently resolved the claim with what we think was a fair and reasonable settlement. Dan was truly our advocate and saved us the time and stress of having to navigate this process on our own... Something we never could have done.
    • Dan Labow

      May 23 2019Randy, thank you for entrusting me with your claim. I'm very happy you were pleased with my services.
  • Tom Galatis

    - May 20 2019 Dan is the man!!!! As a relatively new homeowner, I was very concerned when my upstairs shower appeared to be leaking through my exterior stucco and into the garage.I didn't know what to do, who I should call, etc. So glad I connected with Dan as he walked me through the steps of insurance claim, met with my homeowners insurance claims adjuster and really fought for every dollar. You had my back and exceeded my expectations. And to anyone reading this review.....Dan Labow helped me GET PAID 4 MY CLAIM. I cannot thank you enough and will highly recommend to all of my friends and family.
    • Dan Labow

      May 20 2019Tom, thank you so much for the kind words and for entrusting me with handling your claim. I'm so happy I was able to get you the desired result.

    - May 20 2019 A business associate shared Dan's contact info with me when I asked for a Public Adjuster referral. Mr. Labow proved to be an honest, and hardworking Public Adjuster, who made me feel as if I was his most important client. I highly refer him.
    • Dan Labow

      May 20 2019Thank you, Michelle, for the kind sentiments and for allowing me to help you with your claim.
  • sofia muti

    - May 06 2019 very helpful and professional
    • Dan Labow

      May 06 2019Thank you, Sofia. So happy I was able to help you.
  • Wayne Todd Farenga

    - May 03 2019 exceeded every expectation
    • Dan Labow

      May 03 2019Thank you, Wayne, for allowing me the opportunity to adjust your claim.
  • Jen Holmes

    - Mar 09 2019 Dan Labow was awesome ! He is beyond helpful and his office is very efficient and courteous and everything was done in a professional, wonderful, stress free manner ! I would highly recommend Dan Labow and Bulldog Adjusters !!!!!!!
    • Dan Labow

      Mar 10 2019Thank you so much for the kind sentiments, Jen. I am so happy we exceeded your expectations.
  • Jhan Lennon

    - Feb 15 2019 Professional & diligent
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 15 2019Thank you, Jhan, for allowing me the opportunity to help you and Amy with the claim. And thank you for the introduction to my favorite new seltzer brand, Waterloo.
  • Bill Holmes

    - Feb 07 2019 Just when I was ready to give up , you guys pressed on and got me a decent settlement!
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 07 2019Bill, thank you for trusting us to press on and get you what you deserved.
  • Frank Stallone

    - Feb 06 2019 Dan, has a first class operation, he’s professional, prompt and very knowledgeable. I recommended Dan to family and friends. He is the best in the business and easy to work with. Frank
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 07 2019Thank you, Frank!
  • Stephen Linebaugh

    - Feb 05 2019 Dan was prompt, thorough, and experienced. We had an excellent experience throughout the entire process working with Dan.
    • Dan Labow

      Feb 06 2019Stephen, thank you for the opportunity to help you with your claim.
  • Tim Taylor

    - Jan 30 2019 Excellent
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 30 2019Thank you, Tim. I'm so happy I was able to exceed yours and Gayle's expectations.

    - Jan 30 2019 While not a direct customer of Dan's service, i am a professional who works in the insurance industry who has interacted with Dan on a number of claims. I have seen his work product, knowledge, commitment and skills on behalf of his clients. I have interacted with dozens of similar adjustment professionals and would put Dan at the absolute top of his field. There is no one I would rather have working for me.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 30 2019Thank you so much for the kind sentiments, Stephen.
  • Abby Cohen

    - Jan 30 2019 Dan assisted me in resolving a roof leak/repair problem. He visited my home the day I contacted him and was very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 30 2019Thank you so much, Abby. I'm glad we were able to help you.
  • Joe Santinello

    - Jan 30 2019 Dan is the best! He is Knowledgeable and professional, and works great with the insurance companies and keeps his clients informed.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 30 2019Thank you, Joe, for putting your trust in me to help you with your claim.
  • Lynda Brunache

    - Jan 30 2019 He did a great job for us ? Definitely recommend to hire him.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 30 2019Thank you, Lynda, for allowing me the opportunity to help you with your hurricane claim.
  • Justin Neelis

    - Jan 29 2019 Our experience with Dan has been great. He is very professional, always on time for appointments, persistent, well prepared, and most of all trustworthy. I would highly recommend Dan for any claim that you have with your insurance company.
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 30 2019Thank you for allowing us to help you with your claim.
  • sofia muti

    - Jan 08 2019 excellent - very professional
    • Dan Labow

      Jan 08 2019Thank you so much, Sofia. I'm so glad we were able to help you with your claim.
  • Llk

    - Dec 21 2018 Excellent!
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 22 2018Thank you, Laura.
  • Wayne Farenga

    - Dec 14 2018 exceeded every expectation
    • Dan Labow

      Dec 14 2018Thank you so much, Wayne. I'm glad we were able to obtain great results for you.
  • Steven Casper

    - Nov 26 2018 Excellent results. Would use them again. Dan was very professional.
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 27 2018Thank you very much, Steven. So glad I could help you.

    - Nov 20 2018 Was taken care of by everyone that handled my claim.
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 20 2018Thank you, Yicel, for your kind words. So happy we were able to procure a settlement on your claim.
  • Bonnie Shimel

    - Nov 12 2018 Dan Labow was extremely professional. He did a great job with our claims!!
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 13 2018Thank you, Bonnie. I'm so happy I could help you and Alan.

    - Nov 10 2018 Thank you for your assistance in getting my claim settled.
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 10 2018You're very welcome, Carolyn. I'm happy we were able to get it done for you.
  • America

    - Nov 06 2018 Very please with the outcome of my case,will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family...Great Job
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 06 2018Thank you, America. I am so happy we were able to help you with your claim.
  • Adrienne George

    - Nov 02 2018 From the receptions to each and everyone who came in contact with me all were extremely pleasant professional and most of all a GREAT DEAL OF UNDERSTAND being that my anxiety is past extreme. I felt the love inwhich each one put into their jobs. They assist all my needs by really listening and putting together an action plan for my extremely high level of anxiety. I definitely RECONMEND this office to EVERONE NO MATTER WHAT UR FEARS ARE THEY CAN HANDLE IT WITH COMPASSION. Adrienne George
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 02 2018Thank you so much for the terrific review, Adrienne. I'm so glad we were able to help you on your hurricane claim.
  • doris bisson

    - Oct 31 2018 problems with Universal Property after Wilma damaged part of our apartment and they would not accept our claim...Thanks to mr Labow, it ended up in a mediation to our entire satisfaction...thanks again Mr Labow!
    • Dan Labow

      Nov 01 2018Thank you so much, Doris. I'm so glad I was able to help you.
  • Alberto

    - Oct 31 2018 Excellent!!!
    • Dan Labow

      Oct 31 2018Thank you, Alberto.
  • Collin W.

    - Oct 25 2018 Dan was very prompt when other adjusters wasn't even returning phone calls. He went thru the property and even highlighted damages that I wasn't aware I had coverage for. He stayed on top of my claim until it was complete. He was recommended by my neighbor who was using him for his claim. That was the best decision I made this year. Thanks Dan.
    • Dan Labow

      Oct 26 2018Thank you so much for your review, Collin. It was a pleasure helping you get what you deserved.
  • Joyce Anderson

    - Oct 25 2018 Dan Labow was very professional and helpful with our claim. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
    • Dan Labow

      Oct 26 2018Thank you so much, Joyce. I appreciate the opportunity to help you and Jeffrey with your claim.
  • Mal a Daley

    Jun 28 2018 Dan Labow handled our claim very professionally and efficiently. It was a smooth and seamless experience for my family. With Dan's help, we got more than 10 times what the insurance company was offering. YES....more than TEN TIMES. He took care of all the details that could potentially be confusing to the average homeowner. We highly recommend his services.
  • Marcia Sommer

    Jun 28 2018 Outstanding performance, Dan Labow is always honest and professional on his work.Have done three claims for us He is always available to help you on whatever you need. Very fast resolving our claims with results much higher than our expectations. Highly recommend him.!
  • maryse bateau

    Jun 28 2018 A friend recommended me to use Dan Labow and I was not disappointed! He was courteous, attentive, and tended to my needs from start to finish. Upon first meeting with me, he took the time to fully access my claim and determine how he and his team could assist me in the best way possible. He consistently followed up with me to make sure I was ok with every step of the process. Customer service from him and his team are top notch! Even when my claim was denied, he assured me that I would have positive results . . . He was certainly correct! I would highly recommend Dan Labow in the future.
  • Angelina Miller

    Jun 27 2018 A shower pan leak did major damage to our bathroom and closet. Our homeowners insurance sent us a check for a paltry amount that would only cover about a quarter of the cost for repairs. Dealing with the insurance company is an exercise in futility, which is why we hired Dan Labow. His knowledge of the insurance business, how claims work, and what we were entitled to, were key components for us. Dan was our complete advocate and secured a 300{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} increase on the original pay out! Honest, professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy. Highly recommend his services!
  • Lindsay Staltare

    Jun 26 2018 Dan Labow did a great job on my claim. The process was very smooth, they did all of the paperwork & I was very pleased with the claim payment we received. I highly recommend their services.

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