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407 E Marion Ave # 103
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
(941) 621-4249
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Gerald Gillet

    Dec 13 2017 I had and issue . I ask Hal, to look at it He advice was 5 plus rating in my book
  • Scott Roth

    Dec 11 2017 You are an outstanding mediator!
  • Matthew

    Dec 10 2017 Best thing I did. Very professional and personal.
  • LED

    Nov 13 2017 Mediator Hal Wotitzky is experienced, professional and well respected in the community.
  • Walter Vazquez

    Nov 10 2017 Excellent service, highly experienced attorney. Goes above and beyond. My clients love him
  • Mark Martella

    Nov 10 2017 I have had multiple meditations with Hal. He provides a professional atmosphere and experience. He is adept at getting at the true motivations of a client and working hard to bring the parties together to a good resolution. I give him my highest recommendation without hesitation.
  • Don Mathews

    Nov 10 2017 Top notch mediator. Always enjoy the process.
  • Andrew Salzman

    Oct 11 2017 Hal did a great job with multiple parties and complex issues.
  • Don

    Oct 11 2017 Wonderful job on mediations and non binding arbitrations
  • Joseph A. Gugino, Esq.

    Oct 11 2017 Hal knows real estate and real estate related matters. Therefore his experience makes the process easier.
  • Zachary R. White, Esquire

    Oct 11 2017 My Experience with Hal was professional, efficient, and easy. Hal's presence and decorum radiates throughout the audience. And, if you listen closely you will recognize the following things: (1) Hal is extremely proficient at mediating matters, (2) Hal is very subject-matter knowledgeable and that he has a wealth of knowledge regarding mediation, and (3) Hal is a really fun person to learn from.
  • pamela keller

    Oct 11 2017 Hal is one of the most sympathetic people I know, which enhances the mediation experience. Litigants in the worst of circumstances receive understanding along with fortitude from Hal which benefits them in a difficult process.
  • Mike Martin

    Oct 11 2017 Hal Wotitzky is a great attorney and was a pleasure to work with. He takes time to listen to his clients and provided great advice and counsel.
  • Jason Goldman

    Oct 11 2017 Hal is an excellent mediator who keeps the parties focused while maintaining impartiality and a calm demeanor. I use Hal for private medications any chance I get.
  • David Oaks

    Oct 11 2017 Excellent mediator who takes the time to explain the process to your client
  • jcheekin

    Aug 28 2017 he can settle anything, no matter how impossible.
  • Scott Martin Roth, Attorney

    Aug 28 2017 Pleasant, professional and highly competent. An outstanding mediator.
  • Joseph lombardo

    Aug 26 2017 Friendly fast and courteous great to do business with 5 star foreshore
  • Derek Rooney

    Aug 26 2017 I have utilized Hal on numerous occasions and he has always done an excellent job in resolving disputes and managing expectations.
  • Norman Butwell

    Aug 26 2017 Working with Hal has always been great. Known him for years, and wouldn't consider anyone else.
  • Matthew Roepstorff

    Aug 25 2017 Hal always does a great job explaining the process and urging all parties to come to a fair resolution.
  • T Rankin Terry

    Aug 25 2017 One of the best in SW FL.
  • Paul Seusy

    Aug 25 2017 Mr. Wotitzky is highly intelligent, listens well, and communicates clearly. As a mediator, I recommend him without reservation. He has an excellent ability to communicate with people. I've mediated cases with him many times, including with people who stated they completely lacked interest in any kind of settlement and would leave the mediation at the first opportunity. He settles the great majority of cases I bring to him.
  • Brian Brunderman

    Aug 25 2017 Hal is a Gentleman in the truest sense of the word!!! need I say more?
  • Thomas Kosterman

    Aug 25 2017 35 years in claims doing everything
  • Dan Bussey

    Aug 25 2017 Hal is an extremely competent attorney, mediator, and personal friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Hal for legal services and his professional counseling and dispute mediation.
  • Louise Hanaoka, Esq.

    Aug 25 2017 Hal is a competent, experienced, and effective mediator. I have utilized his mediation services many times in the past, and will continue to schedule mediation conferences with him in the future.
  • Lance Ball

    Aug 24 2017 Mediator Hal Wotitzky has helped me settlement several cases. He listens to each party's concerns and explores possible solutions to achieve a workable resolution.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Aug 24 2017 Hal is a long time featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend his services.
  • Michael Dear

    Jul 02 2017 I retained Hal to mediate a civil case in which the parties seemed miles apart. He was professional, knowledgeable and understood the arguments both sides were making and would make in the litigation. Our mediation went long and he stayed into the evening to make sure we came together to resolve the case. Hal saved both sides in our case a lot of time, money and aggravation. I would recommend Wotitzky Mediation Center without hesitation.
  • Peter Rivera

    Jul 01 2017 Excellent experience. Hal's service and professionalism was much appreciated!
  • Tammy Graham Youngblood

    Jun 27 2017 Hal was kind, patient, and professional. He helped not only myself but both parties process documents that were lengthy and difficult to understand. His expertise expedited a process that could have taken a very long time. His practice made a very difficult time smoother.
  • michael bacigalupo

    May 26 2017 Service exceeds expectations. I have personal experiences and feel like our parties always received fair and reasonable treatment. True Masters of the Craft. Very Satisfied - Totally recommend.
  • David Raulerson

    Mar 03 2017 Hal is a very adept mediator even with intransigent parties. Highly recommend his services.
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