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Hank Cosby Real Estate knows buying or selling a home is a big investment, so they commit all their energy and knowledge to helping you make the most of this exciting time. If you're buying or selling a home in Powhatan or the surrounding communities, count on Hank Cosby Real Estate. Their time honored approach to real estate helps you see that These Roots Run Deep.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • FRG, Jr.

    - Aug 18 2022 Hank knew a lot about Powhatan and was friendly and patient in answering my questions. I am enjoying my home and thankful for his help. He gave me excellent recommendations of local contacts to help me after I moved into my home.
  • Richard C.

    - Aug 18 2022 Thank you Hank for what you did to sell my home. You took care of everything for me and guided me through the process. I hope to use your company again in the future. When I called you and texted, you answered me quickly. You looked out for my interests.
  • Elizabeth

    - Aug 17 2022 Hank helped with my home when it was a rental, and then he helped me sell it. His help was invaluable to me during the rental and especially in helping me prepare it for the market. He gave me great advise and was professional and prompt in taking care of the details. I was very pleased with his help over the years.
  • Clifford sidell

    - Jul 17 2022 Hands down the nicest , easiest people to talk to and do business with.
  • Ryan

    - Jul 14 2022 We have worked with Hank to buy and sell multiple homes. He is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him.
  • BWR

    - Jul 14 2022 Thankful for a great landlord who has been timely and fair.
  • Anita Berry

    - Jul 13 2022 Hank works well with his tenants as long as there's communication I enjoy being in his residents and he's improving the area amd.ot looks amazing
  • Jeff Garell

    - Jul 13 2022 Hank has to be one of the best landlords I've ever had. He takes care of his properties as if he's living there, is very responsive to any issues that crop up and is so easy to work with. Highly recommend.
  • Raymond Eggleston

    - Jul 12 2022 Great person to rent from overall just very satisfied for the years I've been renting from him
  • Richard Alan Oberlander

    - Jul 11 2022 Definitely positive. Hank and Patti kept me informed through the process. Found a buyer in only a few days, for $10K above my asking price. Would not hesitate to deal with them again.
  • D. Harris

    - Jun 15 2022 I've had 3 different companies manage my rental property. I regret Hank and Patty were the last company I found out about, but I know I won't need another company after them. They're excellent!
  • JSE

    - Jun 14 2022 Hank and Patty have been unfailingly helpful and considerate to us as we have dealt with them this past year. I would have no reservations about recommending Hank Cosby Real Estate to anyone.
  • Jeff Willett

    - Jun 13 2022 Hank did an excellent job on all fronts. I would highly recommend Hank.
  • Shannon Etheridge

    - Jun 10 2022 Hank and Kathy were awesome to work with! If I had any problems they took care of it immediately.
  • DL

    - Jun 10 2022 My experience so for is great.
  • SDB

    - May 16 2022 Hank & Patty are knowledgeable, super friendly, always available & responsive to our needs. I always recommend Hank Cosby to anyone looking in this area for their real estate needs.
  • Ron Johnson

    - May 15 2022 We have used Hank and Patti on multiple occasions over the last 20 years soon after arriving as a resident here in Powhatan. Returning for continuous service all this time is the best testament that I can give about their professionalism and knowledge. We have purchased and sold rentals, our own personal homes, as well as construction for sale homes and properties. We look forward to working with Hank and Patti on our next venture.
  • Lee Ann Timreck

    - May 14 2022 Hank and his team bring a deep knowledge of the local market and community, which were critical in pricing and preparing our house for sale. It was a unique property that required just the right buyer- and Hank found them in record time. The result was a happy seller and happy buyer- with all details smoothly handled.
  • Christal Ross

    - May 14 2022 I have used Hank's services on several occasions over the years, for both selling/buying and rental property. He is very responsive, communicates well, and is very helpful.
  • carla helmholz

    - May 13 2022 Hank and Patty were delightful to work with and very patient with my parents. It was an easy transaction.
  • Robin M Duncan

    - May 13 2022 Hank is absolutely the best! He is responsible & answers phone calls/emails in a timely manner. He is very considerate and sees your point of view. Patty, who works with him, is also very kind and helpful!
  • Cathy C Padgett

    - May 12 2022 I’ve had the pleasure to use Hank Cosby Realty twice, and recommend them. They are professionals, and so nice to work with.
  • Sandra Kemp

    - May 11 2022 Excellent!
  • Paulette Sides

    - May 11 2022 Ben and I first met Hank in 2019 when we were relocating to Central Virginia. Hank showed us a house in Powhatan, Virginia which we ended up renting. he was the most honest, caring, realtor we have ever met (not normally the case with real estate agents). When I would send a work order to him, it was promptly handled by Hank. One case when the owner of the property wasn't responsive on an urgent matter (our stove oven got locked) Hank reached out to his electrician and it was fixed within 24 hours. After 2 years of renting this property we decided to buy it. Wished we would have used Hank as our realtor. We will for sure use Hank if we should rent our property or sell it. Hank is not just a wonderful realtor to us but a friend.
  • Dale Ownby

    - May 11 2022 Hank's company has managed my rental with the utmost efficiency and made any interactions as smooth as possible. Would recommend to anyone who needs his services.
  • Randal Tart

    - May 11 2022 I own a single-house rental property -- the first such investment I have ever owned -- and, one day while telling a Powhatan friend about my recent purchase and plans to rent it, that friend said let me give you some great advice: hire Hank Cosby (whom I had heard of but didn't know) to find you a renter and manage everything for you. I took that advice and, wow, how happy I am! Hank has done a wonderful job for me. Clear sailing, unbroken, every day. I would definitely do it all, again.
  • Christine Harris

    - May 11 2022 Hank as been the most kind person i know as a realtor.He real genuine person and will help you fine your dream home or your cottage. He also has a wonderful assistant.Thank you Hank and Mrs. Patty They the nicest people that i have met i Powahtan. Thank you so much.
  • Shandell Harris

    - May 10 2022 Mr. Hank is an awesome landlord. I have never had a landlord who moves as quickly as he does to get things done. He is very respectful and very respectful to your needs, I can't say enough about Mr. Hank. AWESOME!
  • Kimberly

    - May 10 2022 Hank & Patty were able to help get my daughter into a home for her and her little one when they were in a pinch. Hank & Patty are very kind and helpful.
  • Matt McKosky

    - May 10 2022 Working with Hank has been a pleasant experience thus far. He is quick to communicate and has looked out for me by filling my rental home with a proper tennant. Thank you.
  • Denise Johnson

    - May 10 2022 Hank has always been a very good friend to me He has found me two lovely homes in Powhatan. If I ever had a problem he was always there to solve it no matter what it was. I highly recommend him. We have remained friends even though I no longer live in Powhatan. He is the best realtor
  • Linda

    - May 10 2022 Hank is always helpful, professional and goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend Hank Cosby Real Estate.
  • Kitty Sikes

    - May 10 2022 Hank Cosby Real Estate is wonderful to work with! They are respectful, they listen, they are very resourceful and they provide a supportive partnership. I highly recommend Hank Cosby and his team for your real estate needs!
  • Nick Garnett

    - May 10 2022 Hank was always prompt and very knowledgeable on anything we ever needed!
  • JM

    - May 10 2022 I've been renting a home from Hank Cosby Real Estate for about 2 years now and have had a great experience! Hank is VERY kind and has been prompt and attentive to all my requests regarding my home. I also plan to have Hank assist me in my next home purchase (when the market is better for buyers...lol!). I find him to be extremely down-to-earth and trustworthy. I'm very lucky to have found him!
  • Bev & Gail Butler

    - May 10 2022 Hank and Patty have managed our rental property in Powhatan for about 10 years.They keep it occupied and handle everything flawlessly. They are the best. Excellent people who do an excellent job.
  • Christine Johnston

    - May 10 2022 Hank went above and beyond in helping me sell my Powhatan home. I was an out of town owner and he handled the rental management (for a couple of years) for me perfectly. He has numerous contacts in the industry and even oversaw many repairs. When it came time to sell, Hank was the clear choice to represent me. I would 150% recommend him to anyone!!
  • C.D.

    - May 10 2022 Hank helped me prepare my home for the market and guided me through the process, taking care of all the details for a smooth and successful sale. I would recommend Hank and his team without hesitation. I am very pleased with my experience.
  • Harriette Jamerson

    Mar 04 2022 Hank is so caring and attentive to the needs of his customers. He goes the extra mile and more! Hank Cosby Real Estate is our go to real estate company in Powhatan County!
  • Jacob Stein

    Jan 28 2022 We are currently renting from Hank Cosby Real Estate and we can truly say that both Hank and Patti are an absolute pleasure to work with - very responsive, caring, friendly and overall fantastic property managers. From the very beginning they made the process super simple and even helped us find the house we’re in now which is everything we could have hoped for! 10/10 would recommend.
  • Seddie Douberly

    Aug 20 2021 Known Hank all my life ...great guy and will take care of you.

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